I should warn you guys, though my setup does not have any flashy led lights or anything like that, and it is more on the scale of a middle aged man’s office desk and, if you’re curious, here’s a little low quality clip now from this clip right here You can probably tell that my setup is not very fancy. It doesn’t have a lot of led lights and it’s just very basic, but this is actually a pretty good representation for anyone that wants to get a budget set up i’m going to talk about the items. I have in an order of left to right and let’s get right into it. This is a little chinese hat now if it was actually made in china. I don’t know because i got this at disney world a few years ago, so i guess, hypothetically, you could say it’s fake, going from left to right. The next thing i want to talk about is this coke bottle from japan. I actually got this from my great grandfather, and a funny thing to point out is that the way this would be spelled turned into romaji would be, which is pretty much just to help the pronunciation for japanese people. Moving on. I want to talk about my microphone and this arm as well. My mic is a blue snowball and i got that the arm and my mouse pad for thirty dollars from a friend who was selling his setup. I probably could have bargained with the guy and got it for cheaper, but the guy needed money for his quote on quote dream car anyway, if you’re watching this shout out to grayson for letting me buy this stuff.

So next up is my keyboard and mouse. If you’ve seen one of my previous videos, then you know this keyboard is the royal clutch rk 61, with blue switches now for the mouse. This is the corsair harpoon rgb pro and surprisingly, this is actually the only mouse i’ve ever owned. Overall, no complaints considering this mouse is about 20 bucks. Next up is my headset, which is the corsair void pro stereo that i’ve had since about 2019 as well. Overall, a super, durable headset, but for obvious reasons, the in headset mic isn’t super crispy. Now i want to tell you guys about my monitors and webcam. My main monitor is a 32 inch. 165 hertz curved monitor for all you little gamers, i can’t say i recommend reason being is that a 32 inch monitor is extremely big when it comes to competitive gaming and 24 inch is what i recommend the most. The webcam i use is the logitech c920s and, to be honest, i rarely use it so that may or may not have been a waste of money. My second monitor is a 23.5 inch 75hz monitor i used to use when i was on console to be honest. I’M not going to link my monitors down below because they are really nothing special. All i’m going to say is do research when you buy anything, and i feel as if most of my subscribers already do, that considering on what my content has been in the past.

So if you have been paying special attention during this video, then you’ve probably noticed this little guy hanging out by my monitor. This is the wacom 472 drawing tablet, of course, i’m, not an artist myself, but i do use it when i play games like os. I also have a tablet cover on it, which is luffy from one piece, and i bought this mainly to protect my tablet from wearing down, and it also looks cooler. One last thing to mention is that the tablet came with a pen and that’s pretty much what i use instead of a mouse when playing o’s okay. We have finally made it to the far right of my setup and to start i want to show you this cool guy. I got this from my grandfather and i don’t really know a lot about the history or anything about this. For all. I know this could have been made by some random dude in new jersey, but all in all it looks really cool and i’ll probably keep it on my desk for a long time. So one more thing to show you guys is the final volume of naruto and i’m going to skip this segment. Pretty quick, because i don’t want to have a heated debate in the comments below on whether or not naruto is the best of the big three. With that aside, it’s time to show what everyone has been waiting for, this might be a touchy topic considering the price just went up to twelve hundred dollars, but with that aside, i now present the big nzxd pc.

Okay, this is 100, not necessary, but yeah there. You go, it just looks like a normal, everyday pc, but yeah as for why i have this on my desk, i don’t know, and the final thing in my setup is my chair and, to be honest, i do not recommend a gaming chair. Trust me when i say it’s not the most comfortable thing, and it is not the best for your posture either. If you want a great tip, get an office chair.