Now this mouse works with Windows, Mac OS Linux, Chrome, OS, iPad, OS and Android all in one Mouse, its pretty slick Im replacing this mouse. This is the standard Apple Magic Mouse and you can scroll between screens with two fingers. You can scroll up and down on it. You have the left, click and the right click. If you want it, but its really flat its really not that comfortable. If youre working on the computer a lot and the reason I havent replaced it because I didnt want to give up the functionability of it of being able to scroll through screens and everything with the Mac OS, this does it all. Okay, so well get rid of this and well stick with this one. So you can do everything with this that you can, with the Apple Mouse The Magic Mouse. Now here we go. I have Logitech pulled up and were going to go over all the functions of this mouse number one. We have the scroll wheel now the scroll wheel, its metal and right now I have it set up to where it clicks. Click, click, click, click like a normal Mouse, but its a magnetic click. So you can push this button right here and its smooth see its still spinning it just spins forever, Scrolls, all the way up, Scrolls all the way down so for whatever you want. If you want it to click and stop which I like, then you can click the button and it does it pretty cool number so that that goes over number one number two, the mode shift button number three, the thumb wheel.

The thumb wheel allows you to scroll sideways on pages, so say youre in say, youre in Excel or numbers, and you need to scroll sideways. You can scroll sideways with this wheel, its very cool number four and number five. You can set these up to do different things. What I have them set up for is to do copy and paste with one button copy paste with those two buttons right there. So you dont have to do the right click or do controls on your keyboard. Just copy and paste one button number six number six is where its at so its a button down here on your thumb. Now, if I press it, it puts you up here to your Dock and you can see all your different pages put it like this, but if I put it down well Zoom back out here where we can see it and I click it, you move you push Down on it with your thumb – and you can scroll through the pages with it, just like the Magic Mouse with the two fingers scroll on the Magic Mouse, I love it its very ergonomical. It feels really good in your hand. You can pair it to three different devices, so I now have paired to one use: push two three just push this button and it pairs to different devices, the on and off switch heres, the charging port. It comes with this charging cable USBC to USB okay.

It also comes with a Bluetooth dongle. You dont need it because well, I dont need it, because my computer has Bluetooth, so I dont need it, but if your computer doesnt have Bluetooth, then heres the Bluetooth dongle to connect the mouse. So, like I said you can compare it to three different devices. You just push this button and itll go to the next one. Now I dont have anything paired to two or three so theyre just blinking, but I have it pair to one which is this laptop, but you just pick it up push it boom move over to your next device Ill leave a link to this mouse. In the description, so you can find it, but I think its pretty nice Logitech MX Master 3s.