Here we go with a little review of the new decks on Android 13. on the one UI five. If you dont remember on the last video I I posted for the Samsung Galaxy s20 plus um, it stated that they made some uh tweaks to the Samsung decks. Now youve got to understand that I love Samsung Dex. I use it all the time. Um is actually replace my computer right now, so um lets just go ahead and look at some of the new features that have come up now. Im going to start off with a few things here, um, as you can see just about here, theyve rounded off the corners now and here this is its a really nice feature now. So when you go to um uh snap theyve got little all right its its its, not that bad, its its quite nice theres a little rounded Corners here. What you can do you can change now the opacity of the applications, so you can see up there. You can pin them see that you can change the opacity of the applications yeah, you can pin them okay and if you go into settings – and you go to taskbar now here – heres, where it gets a bit interesting, you can take away like you know the screen Capture thing you can take it away before now: thats gone, you can take away uh the sounds symbol yeah you can take away all of this stuff, just hear that or going slow to slowly one by one yeah and the navigation buttons, which I dont I dont Need are using my mouse uh.

You can also Auto hide the taskbar. Now you could do that before, but its now in the taskbar in settings in the taskbar section. The one thing I do like about this um Im Gon na Leave. I do use the screen capture, sometimes so Im going to leave that on, but everything else Im going to turn off um is the finder. The one thing I do like is the finder. Now, if you go down here, look at that now you can just type in anything. You want and Ill find it yeah Ill. Never forget you dont even know if theyre going to the applications anymore, Music, thats, a nice little addition, Music yeah – that things pretty much changed here, um a sort of rounded off Corners here, but thats about it in your folders um. Oh theyve changed. Look at that! Theyve changed the um, the symbols here, like the exit, decks and lock decks. They were completely different before um. Another thing that I think is absolutely amazing right now. What theyve changed? Is your notifications? Look at that see that now the ones that that arent um static? Obviously these two are and if youve got an antivirus that will be in the notifications, but the ones that you can actually get rid of instead of the clear button used to be down here now, its at the top, as well as As an X now. So you can just click on the X and it goes away.

Thats the uh thats, another new thing that theyve done also your quick settings have become a whole lot smaller, now its been much bigger. So these are basically your options that you have now and a little calendar thing here now. I do wish. I honestly do wish theyd put widgets here, so we can have some widgets see whats going on, but other than that Im fairly happy with this um its a nice little overhaul Ill. Show you a little trick when you go into Samsung Dex. You want to go down so you can set the default output, so your default output, like Ive, got um Ive got my two speakers. My speakers here my Bluetooth speakers, connected to my monitor. So whatever sound comes through. My monitor will come out through my Bluetooth speakers. So I set the default output once you connect Dex once Dex has started, I put I set it to the default output default audio output, so you want to switch that on so it will come out your monitor, as opposed to coming out lets say if youve Got the s20 plus S21 or your fold, or all that you would obviously have better speakers on your monitor or your Bluetooth speakers um yeah other than that Im fairly happy with Samsung Dex. I use it all the time, as I stated before its one of my favorite features of Samsung um. I do like this new notification. Look that Ive done here, its actually quite nice and these little overhauls that theyve done here, um, yeah, Okay, so add to home.

Okay, so you can add all right. So if you right click on your folder, you can add the actual folder to your home um. I dont think you could have done that before, but I will have a look um but other than that yeah. Let me select, so you can add a bunch all together, add to home, see that nice. What else is there lets go back into the settings and have another look so mainly the Samsung Dex um, okay, that hasnt changed applied in the supply Dart mode? Just for that, the app icon, badges – okay – we want that um. When I do you uh mainly use, because at the moment Im using the s20 Plus, oh Music, is the flow pointer to screen. So if Ive got it set up. Next, to my monitor, like if Ive got my fold three set up next to my monitor on my tab, S7 Plus, I use that as a second screen, so I can use it as a normal phone or whatever um and the mouse actually flows to the screen. So if you see here from lets, lets change it from left side of monitor, so it should logically go over to the side. You see it disappear there. Okay, I mean, but I dont want it on, because I dont really use the s20 Plus for deck so use it on mainly my tablet, 7 plus or my fold. My fold three more settings lets have a look here: oh wow, okay, so you can change the point of speed the wheel, scrolling, speed um.

You can enhance the point of precision. Thats been switched on by default; okay, so this is uh Mouse and track pad. So if youre using your phone as a mouse and trackpad, this is what youll have and lets have a look at the keyboard. More settings, thats pretty good, all right! Well, this was a little nine minute, video about uh, the new Samsung decks on Android 13. One UI five, I I I actually really like it its coming along really nice. They should add Ill, say it again. Samsung add some widgets add some widgets that make life easier. When Ive got stuff up here and Ive got my email, widget lets say: Ive got my weather widget um, but other than that, its turning out to be a nice little operating system to use and when youre, using something like along the lines of a um, s20 Or above s20 Plus z, fold, two three four um youve got top of the line: processing, speed and processing power. Sorry and youve got 12 gigabytes of RAM, so you could run anything uh even on my tab, S7 plus, which has got six gigabytes of RAM Im running an emulator to play. Playstation 2 games on and it just runs so smooth and your YouTube runs. Fine. Really. Nice anyway, this was Cyprus, real tech review, with a little uh review of the new Samsung Galaxy on Android 14. and one UI five. I hope you enjoyed that if you do please like And subscribe and share and comment down below – and let me know what your favorite feature about.

Dex is thanks for watching and have a nice day.