You will notice that these macs only come with this. On the side, this is usbc on the other side. We just have this. These were your headphones, but that’s about it, there’s, nothing more! That goes into your mac, so that’s. Why, when it comes to accessories, we need this. This right here is an adapter. This is what you need to plug it in right here on your mac, so on the side we’re going to need to plug it there, and then we have this hub where we can plug in usb sticks or external hard drives. Without this most of your hard drives, you will not be able to plug them in unless they have a cable for usb c, but most external hard drives at the moment, don’t so that’s. Why we need these hubs or if you just want to buy something more simple? We do have these, so these guys are pretty simple same thing: they’re, not hubs we just plug them in on the side as well, and then we can just plug anything right here. Extra hard drive or anything like that, including if you guys have an iphone older iphones, which don’t have usbc you will need an adapter to hook it up to your mac. So this is the type of adapter that you need: it’s, just a regular usbc to usb adapter, okay, so that’s how they look like they’re, really cheap they’re about three to six dollars. These little guys and this one here it’s a little bit more expensive.

This one’s about 10 bucks or so but it’s definitely worth it to get one of these instead of the little guys. Just because, like i mentioned, we only have two spaces right and, if you’re thinking about charging up your mac and having other stuff hooked up to it at the same time. Well guess what, in order to charge up your mac, you’re gon na need to plug it. In right here to one of the sides, your charger so that’s, one off and you’re only gon na have one left in order to plug anything in and that’s when this comes in so really you’re. Only gon na have one space left over because over here, you’re gon na charge, your computer i’m gon na show you something else. This is, if you guys would like to plug in your mac to any monitor. You would need something like this now. The same thing goes: if you guys have an imac, for example, new imacs also have usbc, so you could plug this in usbc and then this is to hdmi, so hdmi cable will go directly to your monitor. So this is the type of thing that you will need for that these are just different adapters. This one’s also pretty cheap. This one’s about five bucks or so now again, if you want it’s, want to go cheap, just make sure when you’re buying one of these, that for sure they have to be usb 3.

0 don’t buy the older versions that have 2.0 that’s way too old. There’S, a lot of stuff that requires 3.0 nowadays, so don’t buy the cheap stuff buy. One of these also would like to mention before you buy a mac, whether it’s a macbook pro or a macbook air, any of the new ones. You always have that usbc, but keep in mind if it’s an m1 that you’re buying with that special chip, not all your programs might run on them. Okay, so just make sure that your programs are actually going to run and if you guys have any professional software, um just go to the website and check out. If that software is compatible with the new m1. Because you might end up just returning the mac, because it’s not compatible at all, for example, for you streamers out there that, like to game, play and connect capture cards such as elgato, which is one of the most popular ones. At the moment that capture card is not compatible with the new max m1s. You might see some people using it at this point in time, but it’s not perfect. It glitches. It comes pixelated or it doesn’t work properly. It cancels it’s just not there and even on their website does states that it’s not fully compatible yet so, although it’s been a few months, they still have not made all the software compatible with m1s and that’s the fault of actually the software developer, not really mac.

So just keep that in mind before you go out and buy a new m1 mac. Also, if this is your first mac mine, i don’t have a video showing you guys, the manual for actual mac. So you guys know how to handle it, because it is way different than windows and there’s, a bunch of programs that are also still not compatible with macs and there’s only compatible with windows as well. Although, yes, we can install windows on a mac anyways. That would be it for this really quick video. If you guys have any comments, questions you guys can write down here in comments, area, don’t forget subscribe and rate.