So if you’ve been enjoying the taba 7 plus series, please do drop this video a like and go check out my other videos on the tab. I will leave a link somewhere up there, hopefully um to the playlist, so you can get all the information you need about this tab to see if it’s right for you or not and yeah without further ado let’s get on to it. So, firstly, let’s just define what i mean by multitasking, because a few of you have been asking about how many things i can have open at once, and you know how efficient is my time working on the tab. So the way that i define multitasking is essentially how many tabs can i open on the tab, which will allow me to efficiently get through work and um without the tab, slowing down or causing any glitches or anything like that, and you know, do i feel that There’S a need for me to open up other tabs on my computer and you know, is it possible for me to get everything done on the tab, so my main users, with the tab, if you guys didn’t already know – is i’m a medical student at the university Of edinburgh, so a lot of my work is to do with note taking, but especially this year with video calls and zoom and teams etc. So i’ve been having to open video calls and notes, and powerpoints and team tasks all at the same time on the tab and most of the time i’m, not using my pc, along with my tab when i’m in a call.

So i have to get things out on the tab quickly and you know, share my screen and so on. So that’s gon na be my main usage with the tab so i’m just going to show you guys some demonstrations first of all about how you can get the most out of your multitasking on the tab. How you can get multiple tabs, open and duplicate tabs is another important thing that i also want to go over, and hopefully you guys will see how great the tabs been for all of my tasks – um at least and then maybe persuade you guys to give it A go as well, so there are a few ways that you can actually open multiple tabs on the tablet so i’m, just going to show you a quick demonstration before some of my actual practical uses, so um easiest way that i normally use to be honest is For example, i have samsung notes open here and let’s say i don’t know i have um my university um stuff over here. Then you can see here that i, when i go into this little tab here, then you can see if i hold and click on one of the apps it says gives me some options. So we have an open in split screen view. We have open and pop up view, so i normally do open in split screen view and when we do that we can choose the other app from our mostly used apps and you can see now.

I have a nice split screen, but you can actually open up to three apps so for that we can do um this little sliding thing at the side here and really utilize the big screen that we’ve got so, for example, if i want another samsung note open At the bottom, which is quite common to use duplicate apps then all i have to do is to click and hold it and then drag it to the bottom. Like that and now i’ve got um so let’s see. I have three tabs open here. As you can see now you can actually rearrange these tabs by clicking on the three icons either here or here so over. Here i can um click it, and it can show me that so now that’s been rearranged like that and um. I can rearrange it more. If i like, i could do that and i can swap these two guys around as well. I’M, pretty sure. So i can make this bigger. I can make it um, you know, can move it up here or um. Sorry, there we go that’s, how you stop it so now, swap them around and um. You can make it bigger or smaller, depending on um. What you’re doing – and it gives you that lovely flexibility of having three tabs open on this lovely 12.4 inch screen? Okay, so that’s pretty easy enough having two tabs open in a non pressured environment where you’re just kind of getting on with notes on your own.

But i want to show you guys where the tab really excels and that’s, mostly when i’m, in a call, and i have to bring things up quickly. So i want to show you a quick example of a real call that i had this week and um. I hope you guys can see the extent to which the tab helped me on this call Music, so Music Applause, Music, Applause, okay, i also want to show you guys how a word document looks when it’s in a multi screen mode. So, for example, here if i’ve got word on that side – and i want to have some notes open with that so open in split screen view – i will go into samsung note and you can see here that word kind of functions on its own here and i Can do my sort of typing over here, as you can see, can zoom up on it and i can have a whole other note open right here and it’s. A nice combination very useful comes in handy quite a lot. Okay, so that was all about multi screening. Just on the tablet, but i want to show you guys how you can take your productivity to the next level with this tab now i’m, not talking about samsung decks, that’s going to be a whole other video, but i just want to show you how you can Use your tablet as a second monitor, so you can see here that i’ve got my computer open right here and i’m going to show you guys how you can use your tablet as a second monitor so on the tablet here.

All i’ve done is connected. The charging cable to the usb type c to usb cable and i’ve connected it to my pc. If you want more information about my setup, please do go and check out my note taking series part one, and that will tell you all about the stuff that i use. But anyway, all you have to do is on the tab here. Um, all you need to do is drag down and you need to go and find um. The tab called second screen now, once you click that tab it’s, going to um put out this kind of signal. Almost so let’s connect the pen back up, and i want to show you on the computer now. So this is just a windows pc and over here at the side, there’s a button called connect. Now, when we click connect, it’s going to search for devices and as you can see here, it says my galaxy tab 7 plus now, when i click on that, what it’s going to do. It’S now connected my pc screen to my tablet, so you can see that i’ve now got my pc screen open on my tablet as well. So this is useful, for example, if you’re having a video call or something and you want to share screen and so on. You can do that through there so i’m going to show you an example. So if i just open up internet here, you can see that we’ve opened it up here, but i can actually drag it on to there and you can see that my mouse is working over there as well.

So if i want, i can actually full screen that – and i have my mouse – is working and i’ve just connected it through um that usb cable, so another example, so over here i’m back on this screen so say i want to have. I don’t know anki open here, so anki is just going to open up on to my pc and then um that way, i’m going to have two apps open on two different screens. So you can see here and key is open here and let’s say. I also want to move anki over to here, so i can actually have a little multi screen going on here. So now, i’ve got two tabs open on the tablet say i want to have. I don’t know maybe i’m gon na do some editing, so maybe i’m gon na have a whole editing. Tab open on my pc and it’s gon na have something else searching over there. So you can see the productivity limit is endless and unlimited so um. I thought i’d show you guys this cool little thing and it really does help and it’s all for free that’s. The biggest thing. So all you need is your charging cable, the tablet and um your pc. So, for me, this setup has been an absolute godsend and it’s been working out really nicely all right guys, so that is going to be the end of the video. I hope that you have enjoyed and seen how much you can get out of just a little 12.

4 inch screen, and i hope that you guys can see that it is really efficient to work with, and i can have so many tabs open at the same time And it works really smoothly. I think that’s, one of the main things for me that it’s not actually slowed down so in terms of future videos with the tab there’s going to be a six month and review coming up very soon, along with a samsung dex tutorial. Slash review as well i’m still kind of working on that so there’s. So much exciting things still left to do with this tab, and i really do hope that i can bring out more exciting content for you guys, as always.