Actually, my fault here, i'm running about seven times here on chrome, stringing, music at the moment, running skype, various other applications and switching between the tabs. Anything is pretty quick, now promesse and actually isn't the fastest. When it comes to browsing here on an atom chip, there can be a bit of slow down. I stutter when scrolling it's, not about at the moment but there's a video here in this one embedded video and this isn't 1080p resolution it's the maximum that the hdmi up can actually output, because the display itself is running through display port on the tablet and the Hdmi port is what you've got for output, so Jenny be it's, not too bad. This monitor actually supports a lot harder than that and supports 1440p. It still looks fine and if I show you right here on and start mean you're going to engineer this flora, it took you must much faster browsing or through internet explorer, and the Metro mode is very smoothly very fast. It is quite good, especially on the tablet. This is just a desktop down at the moment multitasking. How much can it should run at the same time? I want to push it too much, because it only has two gigabytes of RAM. Remember I it it's fine, switching between apps here running streaming movies, different tabs it's, not a problem. You just don't want to push it too much. My ram usage at the moment, chrome is notorious for eating up ram so probably quite high.

I have twenty percent round free agent in its use, so I think that's coming out on the video, so there's a lot. You can do with this two hundred dollar tablet. Okay, you can try and even really push it now and try and learn a 4k video. Probably won't play smoothly actually know that it is playing fine that's, a 4k movie there and I'll show you oops there we go I'll show you that it is indeed a 4k video. I think this is going to come out it's too far away. That is a 4k video, sorry about that digital zoom. Just using a galaxy note 4 at the moment to record this.