So a lot of you know msi is a gaming laptop manufacturer and those who follow them know that theyve been making mobile workstations for several years, which is certainly a natural crossover, because youre still talking very powerful laptops with dedicated gpus and fast cpus, and all that Right so theyve also been getting into business laptops of various form factors, including one that you dont see. Many of so this is a 16 inch, convertible with nvidia, rtx, graphics and a very bright ips, 16 by 10 aspect, ratio, qhd plus display supporting pen and touch. If that sounds interesting, keep watching because were going to look at it. Now now there arent many direct competitors in the oversized convertible windows laptop market. The hp spectre, x360 16 inch could be won as h35 cpu and an oled display option, which is certainly intriguing. Asus makes a few models as well, but really not a lot of them and im, not sure when we first saw laptops like this several years ago. Everybody was like excited because for people who are buying these for art illustration, that sort of stuff wanting a bigger screen was a thing, but then people realized that these are also kind of big and heavy too. So this is two kilograms, which is 4.4 pounds so youre talking a heavy load youre, definitely going to be using this as a tablet on a desk or on your knees, or something like that. The display on this is certainly the high point is quite bright.

At 446, nits and again, 16 by 10 aspect ratio, which is very popular and pretty wide color gamut youve got full p3 and a full srgb 90 of adobe rgb, so thats. Something a lot of folks want to see too 2560 by 1600 resolution. It is quite glossy it supports pen and touch, and the pen we have an msi pen that they sent along with us im, not sure if its included or not its microsoft pen, protocol 2.0, otherwise known as entry technology and its certainly adequate for taking notes. It. Wouldnt be my first choice for fine art kind of stuff for those who are real digital artists, the line quality, isnt superb, compared to the best options out there like surface laptop studio or an ipad pro and an apple pencil thats, where they are wacom cintiqs. But it certainly gets the job done for those who have to do photo, retouching and again for note taking and performance on. This is confused, shall we say so. We have nvidia rtx, graphics, rtx 3050. On our model. You can also get a 3050 ti, thats, pretty good for this class of machine, but then its paired with a intel core. I7 11th gen 4 core ultrabook cpu, the 28 watt. U series cpu! So you have a not very fast cpu! I mean its okay, its just not an h series like youve seen a gaming laptop or a mobile workstation paired with some pretty decent dedicated graphics.

So this kind of reminds me of the whole feeling torn a bit when it came to something like surface book which did the same thing. You had a ultrabook cpu, but decent mid range upper mid range graphics inside so you know who you are and what you need to do right. So, for those who are doing adobe premiere, the gpu is going to help, but also a faster cpu would help if youre doing photoshop. This is perfectly adequate. The gpu acceleration is certainly a welcome thing. If photoshop doesnt really need a lot of cpu power and even todays ultrabook cpus are quite strong performance for 2d artwork. If youre doing blender it depends on which render engine youre using what sort of stuff you know, because some can use the gpu. Some can use the cpu again. Those of you who are pretty experienced in that stuff will know what it is youre looking for just keep in mind that it is a little bit of a parts mismatch which is something that we do see sometimes in convertibles, particularly the larger ones we tested it And the benchmarks that youll see were on performance mode, which does boost performance and ill say one thing from their gaming heritage: msi really lets it run and rip. So the cpu core temperatures will get high if you keep it in performance mode and run benchmarks or do very demanding things and the fan noise will be quite audible.

Itll remind you a little bit of a small gaming laptop if you put it in balance mode. Its much quieter and the performance is still pretty good on this, so probably most people are going to want to go with balance mode versus performance mode. Just for the heat and the noise. The surfaces – and this is a cnc aluminum chassis dont – get that hot to the touch, so that parts quite good its a big enough chassis to help with that for wi fi, we have killer wi fi its wi fi 6e, with bluetooth, 5.2 thats good. We have a fingerprint scanner. The keyboard on this is interesting, um it it does have a number pad, but its kind of a small number pad, because this 15 to 16 inch size laptop. You know its not that much room for it. They didnt want to make the other keys smaller, which is understandable, and the right shift key is truncated, the arrow key up arrows to the side, so for those of you who might have trouble adjusting to that up arrowing instead of hitting the shift key youll youll Adjust the keyboard is backlit and white, it has decent tactile, feel a little on the soft side. So for those of you like resistance and crispy keys, not so much, but the key travel is pretty good. The track pad behaves. Well, i find the surface a little bit slippery, so its a little harder to control, because your finger wants to slide a little bit, but the width is perfectly fine on it.

The height is fairly short, though, so its only roomy in one dimension, port centers are pretty good and geared towards people who are in the content creation world. We have a micro sd card slot. We have two thunderbolt 4 ports, one of which will be used for the charger and youve got two usb a ports, so yay, no dongle life right there and, of course, a headphone jack, so thats not too bad. The charger is a 90 watt charger. Its not particularly compact, but – and we have an 82 watt hour battery inside so its battery capacity for a laptop this size and given the fact that we have a very powerful cpu on board and not two power greedy gpu, our rtx 3050, for example, is a 40 watt model, so its not very high wattage 3050. battery life on this, if youre doing light, tasks and youre running on the integrated graphics, which is iris, xe, can be pretty good. You can get six hours out of this, even though its driving a pretty large high resolution display, if you are doing more challenging tasks like blender or adobe premiere or even playing a few games on this, which you know you could, if theyre, not particularly cpu intensive, Go more for the gpu games or for online competitive games. Those typically are less demanding. Obviously, youll get much less than though to get inside you unscrew, the phillips head screws. The two in the front are shorter, keep track of that when you put it back together and there is one under massage dreaded factory seal sticker, which in the united states, will not void your warranty.

If you open it up, supposedly its just there to let you know it, hasnt been tampered with metal cover and the internals two fans for cpu and gpu, pretty good heat pipes. I have to say thats how they let this thing run to the max right. Ram is soldered on, unfortunately, so get it with the amount of ram you want, but pretty much on the market. The only one im seeing is a 32 gig option for sale, but thats pretty ample, so thats fine, our m.2 ssd is here its nvme and its pci e4 and the drive itself actually is a pcie 4 drive. So the benchmarks are quite fast on that thats. Nice theres our killer, wi fi card, which actually uses intel hardware, wi, fi, 6e, again good stuff speakers here are pretty good size and they sound pretty decent theyre pleasant enough for watching movies, theyre, not bad by your average windows, laptop standards and, of course, the battery Over here taking up the area under the palm rest and nice and far away from the heat sinks and such so, hopefully it wont ever start bulging from heat. Like some gaming. Laptops have been known to do in the past, so thats. The msi summit e16 flip a very large convertible ultrabook with reasonably powerful, dedicated graphics. As you might imagine, thats an interesting and unique combination got a touch. Screen got a pen support, so i dont think theres a super lot of people looking for this sort of laptop but theres, probably enough of you out there that are and if you are well its a solid choice, a kind of pricey one, though at two thousand To twenty three hundred dollars, im lisa from mobile tech review be sure to subscribe to our youtube channel for more cool tech videos and thumbs up.