This – is the first convertible laptop that msi has released in over a decade? What made it so unique to me, or not so unique if you really think about it, is the resemblance to the spectre x360 like this is a product that’s entering the business market and the way that msi is doing it is by targeting hp. It has that same copper and black design. The copper trim going around the entire laptop it even mimics. The x360s gem cut corners it’s a very light laptop around three pounds, making it very easy to carry around. It has good i o with a usb port on the left, two thunderbolt four ports, which can also offer power, delivery and fast charge the device and then on the right side. You have your audio jack. You have a covered micro, sd card, another usb port. This is just type c, and then you have a kill, switch for your webcam. The laptop is using a metal chassis at cnc milled. The top of the lid is black, so you are going to see a lot of fingerprints when you touch the top. The good news, though, is that it does come in a white version, so you can totally get that. Instead, if you don’t want to see fingerprints, there is a bit of flex on the top of the lid. I don’t think it’s too concerning, but i know a lot of people might find that frustrating.

The hinge system is interesting, it’s, nice and stiff. As soon as you open it up into a laptop format. Then it gets fairly loose once you start flipping it 360 degrees. Once you get back to the tablet portion it tightens up again, i would have loved a little bit more consistency throughout the entire process. The keyboard does have a bit too much flex. I also found the key travel distance to be a little bit on the mushy side, it’s, not terrible, but i would have loved a little bit more actuation force when i’m pressing down on the keys typing on. It, though, is great, like the keys, are all a great size and i didn’t have any issues when i was typing documents. There is a nice big, horizontal touchpad it’s, using windows, precision and it’s, very accurate fingerprint scanner to log you in quickly, and you also get a webcam and ir blaster to use windows. Hello. If you want to use facial recognition, unlike some other companies, it does come with a stylus in the box it’s using the same sort of writing technology, mpp 2.0 for less delay or or less latency. When you’re writing on the screen, it’s the same sort of technology that hp uses with their pen, i found writing notes and and drawing sketches to be fantastic on it. I don’t know if this is great for artists. I need an actual artist to use it to give their input, but for note taking and quick sketches, it feels great you can’t charge it wirelessly.

You have to use a usb type c cable to charge it, but you can just use the type c cable that’s used to charge this laptop overall msi does include a nice strong, magnet on the left hand, side of the laptop to hold the pen i’d say It’S a little bit stronger than the magnet that the surface pro uses. The 13.4 inch display is 16 by 10, which i personally prefer for productivity, and i think a lot more people will appreciate the vertical space. It has pretty good color accuracy, so i’d feel confident doing design work on this. The only thing to note is that the average brightness is pretty mediocre, there’s a lot of other laptops at this price point that get a bit brighter. The speakers are on the bottom of the laptop they’re two two watt speakers, they’re okay, they have decent sound quality, let’s compare to the macbook pro, so you guys can see the difference for yourself. The other thing that msi is promoting is the noise canceling, microphones and it’s supposed to remove the background noise when you’re in a meeting. Now i did a test using the air conditioning at my office. It works a little bit, but you can still hear the air conditioning loud and clear i’m going to stop talking for a second and we’re going to find out if these noise, cancelling microphones do a good job of blocking the air condition. Noise msi is shipping.

The first sku, with the i7 and 16 gigabytes of ram a 512 gigabyte nvme pcie gen 4 ssd. The 13.4 inch display for around 1600 performance wise in most tests that only use the cpu it stays in line with the competition doesn’t matter. If you’re running, cinebench or synthetics, or if you’re, compiling cold cold code with mozilla firefox, it performs fairly well. The only problem i have with this laptop is when you’re using the integrated gpu and the cpu at the same time. The cooling system inside of here cannot keep up the whole laptop locks up. The power limits, get reduced to three watts, like three watts for the cpu, which reduces the clock speeds from about 2.2 gigahertz to 200 megahertz. I don’t think i’ve ever seen that happen on any laptop in the past four to five years, so msi either has a quality control issue, a software update that they need to push out, or it could just be my specific unit that’s having the issue heat wise, It’S, okay, you know, like i didn’t, find it to get too hot. You know. Msi is pretty conservative with the thermals by reducing the power limit, so the thing doesn’t overheat, there’s different modes. You can choose from whether you want to be in silent or balanced mode, but i mostly ran my tests in high performance mode now, if you’re using high performance mode, the fan noise will get over 50 decibels. If you want to stay around 45 and a bit lower you’re going to want to keep it on balanced and if you want it under 40 you’re going to have to use silent or battery mode now, the internals are very interesting because there’s only one thing you Can technically upgrade and that’s the nvme ssd? I said this is fast and i mean it’s really really fast.

Ram i’m, assuming is soldered onto the motherboard, probably on the other side, and you have two fans to cool the integrated cpu and gpu the battery’s, pretty big. For a laptop this size around 70 watt hours, i was getting about 10 and a half hours of use using high performance mode, but if you lower it down to balanced or super battery, you can expect that battery life to be increased significantly wi fi card is Soldered onto the motherboard, but it is wi fi 6e. So if you buy a router that can support it, you should have better transfer speeds. Look. This is a sixteen hundred dollar laptop and for twelve hundred and ten dollars with the exact same specs, you can get the hp spectre x360 without any of those performance issues. In fact, even if you were to spec the x360 with a 4k oled display, it would still be 200 dollars cheaper than this. The problem is there’s too many little issues and a major performance issue for me to really recommend this product right now. If msi can fix it with software updates, i’d be super happy to revisit it.