This card certainly stands out from the crowd, with its own unique, take on value performance, ease of installation and generally all around fun with an msrp. That is only a few dollars. More than an amd, radeon, rx, 6700 xt and yet comes with premium features such as generally relaxed attitude towards maximum board power draw and when combined with a factory overclock of 26, 22 megahertz and new twin froster, 8 cooling solution means that this is no reference card. Crammed into a pretty package instead it’s a fire breathing pixel eating beast tailor made for 1080p and 1440p gaming, goodness msi also promises that the rx 6700 xt gaming x can offer buyers a higher performance 6700 in a compact form factor that is also whisper silent. There are three things that you’ll notice when you pick up this graphics card for the first time. The most obvious is how pretty this card is. The combination of a nice soft backplate with understated graphics in a top fascia that is also not overly top in its design. The next is, if you have ever used or worked or installed other rx 6700 xts is that it is surprisingly compact nature of this card. Measuring in at only 11 inches in length, this bad boy is only half an inch longer than the reference amd, 6700 xt and yet it’s clocked way way higher than that. This is extremely important, because half an inch or two inches of less length may not sound.

Like much, but it can really make a difference between a card fitting inside a mid tower case or not with that said, msi could have made this card even more compact, as her top plastic does overhang cooling array by almost three quarters of an inch. The last thing that you’ll notice upon picking up the car for the first time is its weight. This is a hefty card, nearly 10.5 ounces heavier than an amd reference, radeon 6700 xt hidden, underneath that plastic top and dual fan combination is 5 precision. Machined heat pipes in what msi calls the core pipe configuration. These heat pipes are, in turn, cooled by two, rather large cooling arrays, in which, in turn is cooled by the new torx fan. 4.0 95 millimeter fans. This combination is what msi calls their twin froze 8 cooling system, and it is impressive. Let’S look at the fans. Msi has clustered them into five groups of two with the end of each fan connected to the end of the upper blade in its cluster. This significantly reduces flex and overall stress on the fan’s plastic and as an added bonus, it results in an actual, quieter fan. During our gaming session, the default’s fan profile was whisper quiet, while also keeping temperatures well below 70 degrees celsius, with the excellent heat sinks and pipes. This small msi gaming x, 6700 xd has a vertical ton of cooling potential. Now that is pretty much the classic definition of overkill in a good sense, let’s dive deep into the physical aspects of this card.

The 6700 xt is a three slot card. We usually expect a support bracket to help keep the car from sagging with time, but none was included in the box. The reason no antisac support bracket is included is because msi has baked it right into the card itself, making it extremely sturdy. When it comes to connectivity option, msi is opted for the box standard configuration. That means three full size display ports, which are all dpi 1.4. A compliant and a single hdmi, which is 2.1 compliant now let’s, look at the performance. This card may indeed come with 12 gigs of rather fast gddr6 vram onboard memory, and it also may indeed come with a factory, overclock and excellent custom cooling solution. So if the large 1440p on the front of the box did not make it clear, the rx 6700 xt is not really going to excel at 4k resolutions, but simply 12 gigs of good vram simply means that the memory capacity is not going to be a bottleneck. The real bottleneck at higher resolution is the 192 bit wide bus even nvidia, and the 360ti have moved away from 192 bits and gone for 256 bit buses. This narrow ish bus is the achilles heel of all 6700 xt. As such, there was and is nothing msi. Could have done about it now let’s jump in right into the charts and showcase you what this card is capable of doing so: Music, Music, Music, moving away from the gaming performance thanks to msi’s excellent cooling, we hovered around 71 degrees celsius when performing our benchmarks.

Not only that our fan noise also did not go above ‘ decibels, so we were highly impressed on what msi has done with this card. We also measured the card power consumption to be roughly around 504 watts under load and 135 watts, while idle, no matter how you slice it. The radeon rx 6700 xt is pretty much tailor made for the average pc gaming enthusiast, who has not gotten into the 4k. Keeping goodness put bluntly, it out muscles nvidia’s rtx 3060 ti in non rt enabled scenarios, and it can even give the rtx 3070 a real run for its money, though the lack of dlss and fsrr abilities is the real killer. Right now, when it comes to ray tracing, yes amd promises that the fidelity fx super resolution is coming, but right now the amd rx 6000 series is severely handicapped when dealing with ray tracing enabled games. While we certainly are not living in a perfect world, a world where msrp actually meant something, the reality is that the amd radeon rx 6700xt was intended to slot in between the nvidia rtx 3060i, and also the rtx 3070 on price as such, if you can find It for less than say the msi geforce rtx 3070 gaming x. You should absolutely buy it, but these days it is more of a case of what is in stock and buying whatever you can find that will meet your needs. The msi radeon rx 6700xt gaming x 12g, really has improved our already high personal opinion on amd’s radeon rx 6000 series, in other words, if you’re not overly interested in ray tracing at darn near rtx 3070 performance at rtx 3060 ti prices means that the rx 6700 Xt demands to be on your short list, and this base concludes my review.

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