1 inch digital photo frame, no SD card, no problem. This has about 32 gigs of internal storage to load up thousands of pictures. Some photo frames have a flimsy stand that can easily topple over, not in this case its built. Without being bulky, the exterior also has an aesthetically pleasing look and the screen is bright. Colors are vibrant to enjoy photos or even videos. There are speakers to listen to your videos as well, and they do get pretty loud. This has mostly everything Id be looking for. In a digital photo frame, hey hows it going guys after owning this. For about a year, I can safely say that this is one of the better tablets that Ive owned its definitely really nice, its held up really well after a year uh. One of the things that I was concerned about initially was the fact that there werent that many ports, but as you can see, theres one USB port, One USB C Port, one HDMI port, along with a 3.5 millimeter head, millimeter, headphone jack and the ethernet port. Then, on the other side, theres two more USB ports, its hard to get that camera angle down sometimes but yeah, two more here ones, USB 3.0 on the other side does have USB 3.0. I ended up just using the the USBC Port more often than I thought, and this was actually more than sufficient. I didnt need too many of them, but I ended up using up pretty much all of them when I need it at certain points and theres.

Really. No wear and tear everything is held up pretty well. The other thing that I was concerned about, or I had a big problem with – was kind of just the airflow and ventilation. It just got super hot, and that was my biggest complaint before that it got really hot and it was warm to the touch too, especially when I I was gaming after like lets, say 15 to 20 minutes. The keys got really hot. The quick solution to that was just getting a keyboard and an external keyboard, which is what I use when I, when Im on my desk, because I I have this like far away and so that hasnt been an issue since and Ive had Ive gained for, like Hours, maybe so I dont have much of a concern anymore for that. The air or the fans do get pretty loud in the back, and that was my biggest gripe or my biggest concern, and I thought that that it was overheating or something to that point, because it got super loud thats, actually not the case. What happens with this laptop is that its just a poor airflow, I want to say, thats, really what it comes down to and because and thats kind of just an unfortunate thing, but thankfully that doesnt cause it to overheat or anything like that. I was just overthinking or just a little too concerned more concerned than I should be, and one solution to that is just getting a laptop stand like this one that I have here.

This one tends to have like a couple rubber tacks here, so that it stays in place, and I thought that that was this was actually pretty useful here. All things considered its pretty straightforward kind of a minimalist look, and it does raise it by an angle which I dont mind, because it makes it easier to look at the look at everything. Also, most importantly, is that it helps with the ventilation down here because since its raised a little bit its not completely flat it, it could help with the air intake and ventilation or airflow. So I thought that this was kind of useful to have something like this. Now, in the past I did own an MSI gl66 laptop and that that actually the problem with that one was that the keyboard went bad. For some reason, some of the keys started to not work anymore. Im, not sure what happened there. The only small issue with this one is that sometimes this these lights wont turn off right now. I can change it to breathable and then change it change, colors whatever it might be, and then I can turn it off right now, but sometimes it just stays stuck there Im not sure why kind of a small thing really but uh during the daytime. I just feel like I dont need it again. Small thing, no problem whatsoever, theyre, just a small group trackpad is – is Pretty good. Overall, I have no complaints, its pretty responsive it hasnt really messed up on me.

Granted. I dont use this as much. I mainly just use an external Mouse, and I actually hooked this onto like another monitor another larger monitor, instead of having just this one, because I feel like this screen is just a little too small, 15.6 inches. For me, at least so I put this on a 1440p monitor a game at 1440p, its capped at 60 FPS with that monitor. But when Im not gaming on there, I can game on here and I can sometimes get like at on Call of Duty, Modern Warfare. I tend to get like a pretty good frame rate, its above 100, its usually at like 111 to 120, or something along those lines. I cant get it at 144 FPS consistently, though, and thats kind of a bummer. I think its because I thought that getting an i7 Intel Core i7 uh CPU would be more than sufficient. I wouldnt have any problems, but thats, not the case. I think its more so the the GeForce GTX, uh or RTX GPU might be holding it back. A little bit this mobile version, so thats kind of a bummer for something on for games online Counter Strike. It tends to work a little better. Of course, if you adjust the graphics a little bit more, I guess. If I had minimum graphic settings I would get 144 FPS more consistently with with uh Call of Duty and and then other games. I think I checked out Witcher 3, the wild Hunt that got a pretty smooth frame rate, usually around 60 FPS.

So I havent really noticed so theres really no delays on those type of games. Again, I you have to the graphics have to be set to like medium, the medium settings and at 1080p I thought I was gon na get like I would be able to play at Max settings, but I guess I was wrong with that one, unfortunately um so Gaming but Im not going to say gaming is really terrible or anything because again, I use a monitor that has a 60hz refresh rate, usually for most of the time. So if I want something more um, I cant say that this is a the best choice because Im not getting a consistent, 144 FPS its nice to have that screen on there. Speaking of the screen, it does tend to run pretty well, but it does get too bright. I mean, I think, its like it has the average brightness for a laptop or monitor Ive, gotten a golden gaming chair compared to the other ones that Ive seen. So the speakers are pretty good. They dont get too loud, but theyre decent enough and then watch videos at 1080p is just whatever I wish it was a little brighter um. I really cant complain too much because you know thats what Id expect on a laptop at 1080p. Really it came down to gaming at 144 Hertz and unfortunately, I wasnt able to accomplish that with this, maybe at lower graphic settings, if thats what I really needed, thats, where I would have really stuck with, but at 60 FPS, I I usually just got 60 FPS When I was playing on my monitor, that was no problem whatsoever.

Speakers are good. I think I already mentioned that they get decently loud and in terms of battery life Im, usually able to get about like three hours of on screen time before needing to recharge this thats uh. That can sound like kind of a bummer. I think when I was at like Starbucks, it worked pretty well for like three hours or so, and I was just doing basic tasks more just web browsing and and typing up some documents, and it worked pretty well so the basic Stuffs, the basic things it does. Pretty well, oh, and how can I forget the most important thing that Im using this for most of the time is not gaming but its actually video editing and for video editing. This thing is a beast: everything runs just fine smoothly, no problems whatsoever as well as multitasking. It does a pretty good job, so I havent noticed any issues there, no delays, really. I have noticed that at certain points it did crash. I think very seldomly though, but thats also when I was gaming, not when I was uh video, editing, um and thats, just kind of a shame, its unfortunate that that happens. I have to do a hard reset, but besides that I I can get everything done, that I need to gaming at 140. 144 Hertz is just not really worthwhile, in my opinion, Im not from what I was expecting at least, but if Im able to play at minimum settings or the lowest graphic settings, then this is worth considering.

Otherwise I dont know I probably look at something else, but overall, just from owning owning this for a year Im satisfied with it. It gets the job done of what I needed to, which is. Can video editing browsing the web because there is 16 gigs of RAM? Let me see how much is being used up right now, so let me see if I can just open that up real quick, so the CPU right now is barely being used. Uh, the ram is getting filled up its already at 10.1, gigs thats, quite a bit, but when I go to uh to Chrome, Ive got like 10 or 12 tabs open here, its quite a bit. So with that – and I I dont know, if uh, if its eventually still running in the background, sometimes it is okay, now its not so were fine there, discords running and maybe a few other things but yeah Chrome is, is the main thing thats taking up a Lot of RAM so nonetheless, I think that this was uh. This was pretty decent for what it was uh, four and yeah after one year, I could say Im pretty satisfied overall. So in 2022 I paid about fifteen hundred dollars for this before taxes and I did get six percent cash back with my Amazon Prime rewards Visa signature card and by the way, if youre in, if you already have an Amazon Prime membership. If you are a Prime member and you dont have the credit card get it, you get five percent cash back for everything even for this purchase.

It doesnt have to be prime day whenever you purchase something as of right now, you do get five percent cash back. So Ill link it down below to get the prime card, and I think you get like an extra like 150 150 when you sign up to use it, and you also get interest free options too, like you can pay a hundred and four dollars a month for 12 months for this, and as you can tell that this is a little bit cheaper now its 1200 1252 at this point, so it has gotten cheaper um, I wont say that its its worthwhile. I think the prices will probably continue to keep coming down, mainly because uh, the inflation inflation has come down and these gpus are becoming more and more available, as well as the Next Generation. So assuming that Trend continues and the Bitcoin having hasnt started. Yet when that starts, I think theres gon na there might be a surge in pricing again, but until that happens, I think that this is a decent time, but well probably, I would probably wait until like around Black Friday. This probably comes to be around eleven hundred dollars or even about a thousand, I think thats when its worthwhile but Id love to hear what you guys think in the comments down below.