Choosing one. In this detailed comparison Ill look at pretty much everything to help you decide which laptop you should get., Starting with the specs. Both of these laptops have the same 10th gen Intel i7 10710U CPU, which is a 6 core 12 thread. Cometlake chip. Theyve both also got the same Nvidia GTX 1650 Max Q. Graphics, though, with different power limits along with 16gb of memory in dual channel. However, the memory speeds are different.: They both have an NVMe M.2 SSD for storage, but sizes of disk and memory will vary when buying.. The screen is the first major difference as per the name. The Prestige 14 has a 14 inch screen, while the Prestige 15 has a 15.6 screen.. Both laptops are available with 1080p or 4K options. Network connectivity is also the same. Both have WiFi 6 and Bluetooth 5, but theyre both too thin for an ethernet port.. Both laptops are also available with different specs. You can find examples and updated prices linked in the description.. They both have an all metal design and mine are both carbon grey. However, different colour options are available.. The lids just have a very subtle MSI logo in the center, and there are blue trims around the edges of both machines, so very similar design, aesthetic. Build quality felt pretty good with both. However, Id give a slight edge to the larger Prestige 15.. The Prestige 15 was about 410g heavier than the 14, when comparing the laptop only rising to a 440g or almost 1 pound difference when including the 90 watt power bricks and cables.

, As youd expect due to the different screen sizes, the 14 is smaller in width and Depth, however, both are the same thickness when closed. This changes. When you open the lid of the Prestige 14, the back of the laptop raises up a little putting it on a 5 degree. Angle., This lift up design is not present with the 15.. When we compare the panels, my Prestige 14 has both higher brightness and colour gamut. However, its not really a fair comparison., Both the Prestige, 14 and 15, have 1080p and 4K options, but the 4K panel is higher quality in both and my 14 happens to be 4K, while my 15 happens to be 1080p., If youre looking at either for photo or Video editing Id suggest going for the 4K option. Backlight bleed was pretty similar with both laptops. I never had any issues when viewing darker content with either, but this will vary between panels.. Both laptops can bend the screen right back 180 degrees, then by pressing the F12 key. You can flip the screen around to show the contents to someone in front of you.. Both worked fine sitting on my lap. However, the Prestige 15 did feel better after a while, as the back groove on the 14 kind of digs into your legs compared to the flat base of the 15., They both have a 720p camera in the center above the screen. Interestingly, the smaller Prestige 14 has IR for Windows, Hello support, but this is missing in the 15.

. This is what the camera and microphone look and sound like on the smaller Prestige 14 and then on the larger Prestige. 15. Things are just a little bit. Better. Screen flex was pretty similar with both laptops. However, the 15 was a little sturdier. As the lid looked just a tiny bit thicker. There was less chassis flex for the 15 when pushing down on the keyboard. This mostly seems to be because of the lift up design of the 14. When its open up the back is only held up by a couple of small rubber feet, so there are less contact points, but realistically I had no problems using either.. Both keyboards are the same no numpad on either so the keys, arent, small and cramped.. I measured them at the same size. The key layout is the same, and they both have 1.5mm of key travel.. They both have 3 levels of white key backlighting, which illuminates all keys and secondary key functions.. I liked typing with both keyboards. However, I will give a very small edge to the Prestige 14. As that slight 5 degree, incline of the keyboard felt a little better compared to the flat Prestige 15. Heres, how the keys sound to give you an idea of what to expect. Like the keyboards. The precision touchpads also seemed to be the same. Theyre, both the same size and click down anywhere. You press. Theyre, both wider than most other laptops. It was nice to have more space and the palm rejection of both seemed about the same.

If I accidentally touch it. While typing its ignored., They both have a fingerprint scanner in the top left corner, and I found this to work quite fast with either machine. Fingerprints and dirt were fairly well hidden with both laptops and both were easy to clean, as they have the same. Smooth finish. Lets check out IO differences. Ive got the Prestige 15 on the bottom and Prestige 14 on top. On the left. Both have two USB 3.2 Gen2 Type C ports with Thunderbolt, 3 and DisplayPort support and both ports also support Type C charging., The Prestige 14. On top has a MicroSD card slot, while the 15 on bottom has a HDMI, 2.0 output and 3.5mm audio combo jack. On the right. The Prestige 14 has its 3.5mm audio combo jack, and the 15 also has a MicroSD slot.. They both have two USB Type: A ports faster, USB 3.2 Gen2 for the 15 and slower USB 2.0. On the 14.. On the back, we can see the rubber feet on the top Prestige 14 that come into contact with the desk when opened. While the 15 has air exhaust vents., When the lids are open, both laptops exhaust air below the screen, otherwise theres nothing going on the front of either.. Both are also all metal underneath and there are air intake vents towards the back.. The Prestige 15 is opened by removing 11 Phillips head screws, while the 14 has 7 Phillips head screws. However, I found the panel on the 14 a bit harder to remove.

. There are quite a few differences between them inside.. They both have the battery down the front and a WiFi 6 card and thats, where the similarities end.. The smaller Prestige. 14 only has one fan for cooling compared to the two in the 15.. As the Prestige 15 has more space, its got room for two M.2 storage slots, while the 14 only has one.. The Prestige. 15 also has two memory slots for DDR4 memory supporting user upgrades, while the 14 has LPDDR3 memory soldered to the motherboard and cannot be upgraded.. The two speakers are found on the front left and right sides.. Listening to both side by side. I thought the 14 sounded better, possibly, as the speakers are raised, a little off the desk when the lid is opened.. The 15 was louder at max volume, but this resulted in some vibration in the palm rest and the latencymon results were decent and similar with either laptop.. The Prestige 14 has a smaller 3 cell 52Wh battery, while the Prestige 15 has a larger 4 cell 82Wh battery.. The Prestige 15 was lasting much longer as a result, more than double as long in the gaming test and over 9 hours in the watching YouTube test compared to the over 5 hours from the Prestige, 14. Now lets take a look at thermals.. Both laptops were tested in an ambient room temperature of 21 degrees Celsius.. Both laptops allow you to set the performance level between three different profiles through the Creator Center software, which, from lowest to highest, are eco comfort and sport.

Modes. Weve also got the option of enabling cooler boost to set the fan to maximum speed.. These are the CPU temperatures of both machines, while under combined CPU and GPU stress tests with Aida64 and Unigine Heaven. Well check the GPU results shortly. So for now just keep in mind. These are CPU only results, but for combined loads. Temperatures vary based on the mode in use, but for the most part, the Prestige 14 was hotter in more instances than not.. These are the CPU clock speeds during these same tests.. The Prestige 15 is performing ahead of the 14 in all of these results.. We can see why this was the case when looking at the power levels of the CPU., The Prestige 15 is able to use more power, so its expected to run hotter, but also perform better as a result of these higher limits.. When we look at the GPU results for these same combined, CPU and GPU workloads, the Prestige 15 was hotter until we set the fans to max speed. Either way the GPU temperatures were pretty close. Together. The GPU clock speeds from the Prestige 15 were way ahead of the Prestige 14, though its almost on a whole nother level and youll see this backed up in the gaming benchmarks. Soon.. The Prestige 15 is able to hit its 35w limit even in combined CPU and GPU workloads. However, the Prestige 14 has harsher GPU caps.. The 14 can run up to 30 watts in GPU only loads, but if the CPU needs to get used like for video, editing or gaming were looking at much less performance.

Heres. What were looking at in terms of Cinebench R20 scores from both machines with the best sport mode and coolerboost enabled.. The differences are quite large, considering both laptops technically have the same CPU with the Prestige 15 scoring 23 higher at stock.. The Prestige 14 has a lower power limit which prevents it performing as good, and this is because it has less cooling.. More power equals more heat, so a higher power limit would probably overload it. As for the areas where youll actually be putting your hands at idle. The smaller Prestige 14 was around 10 degrees warmer than the 15., With the stress tests running the wrist rest in the 14 was noticeably warmer. However, the rest of the chassis seemed to be pretty similar. Heres. How fan noise sounded during these tests.? The larger Prestige 15 was silent at idle. However, the single fan in the smaller 14 was still audible.. Interestingly, the smaller Prestige 14 was louder in all of these tests, regardless of the mode in use.. This must be down to it having just one fan inside, so its got to spin faster to do what two fans at slower speeds can do in the Prestige 15.. I suspect many people will be looking at these laptops for video editing, so lets compare Adobe Premiere export times. As the prestige 15 is capable of performing much better, as we just saw its completing this task much faster than the 14. Next let's compare some games.

. Although these arent advertised as gaming laptops with 1650 Max Q, graphics Id expect them to handle gaming., Both laptops were tested in sport mode with coolerboost enabled for best. Performance. Fortnite was tested using the replay feature and we can see straight away that theres a massive difference in performance between the two laptops.. The Prestige 14 was barely usable at minimum settings, while the Prestige 15 was hitting higher average FPS. Even at max settings. Dota 2 was tested playing in the middle lane.. There was less of a difference at low and medium settings. The Prestige 15 was still better, but the difference is much larger at high and ultra settings. CSGO was tested with the Ulletical FPS benchmark, so the exact same test was done on both machines.. The 14 could still hit 100 FPS at low settings. However, even max settings on the 15 was significantly better.. Overwatch was tested in the practice range and once more, quite a large difference between these two laptops, with a huge edge to the Prestige 15.. The much worse performance on the Prestige 14 is because both the CPU and GPU have lower power limits when compared to the larger Prestige 15.. When gaming, the GPU in the Prestige 14 caps out at 15 watts half of its 30 watt limit, while the Prestige 15 runs up to its 35 watt limit consistently., The 14 did initially run ok for the first few minutes, but after a bit, the performance is Capped heavily to what Im showing.

These are big differences, and this is a great example of why you shouldnt shop for a laptop based purely on specs, as on paper. These look about the same.. Ive also got the overall and graphics scores for 3DMarks Fire Strike and Time Spy benchmarks.. Unlike the games, the performance in these tests was much closer together. Granted the 15 was still ahead.. Ive tested storage with Crystal disk mark. The 1TB SSD in my Prestige 14 was performing much better than the 512GB drive in the Prestige 15, but this could vary by region and will depend on what drive you buy. It with. The Micro SD performance was quite similar with both laptops.. Now, for the final difference, the price., You can check updated prices using the links in the description. At the time of recording the MSI Prestige 15 with similar specs to what Ive tested here goes for 1400 USD.. The Prestige 14 is also available with the same specs, but with 1080p screen for the same price. Ive tested the more expensive configuration with double the storage and 4K screen, though, however, it is possible to get both for about the same price.. Finally, lets summarise the differences and similarities between these two machines to help you decide which you should get. Due to the screen size difference. The Prestige 14 is smaller than the 15. However, both have the same thickness.. This means that the 14 is also lighter. So it is a bit more portable.

Comparatively, however, I wouldnt say the 15 is exactly heavy. Theres, a big difference when it comes to performance.. The power limits in the prestige. 14 are capped much more harshly when compared to the 15., Even though they technically both have the same processor and graphics. The Prestige 15 comes out far ahead, whether that be in Cinebench Adobe, Premiere, video exporting or even just gaming.. The 15 is absolutely capable of gaming and can play most titles well at lower settings, while the 14, on the other hand, struggles with less demanding games.. Of course, neither are gaming laptops, but I think this helps demonstrate the performance differences.. The power limit difference seems to be due to the cooling.. The Prestige 14 has one fan and less space, so they cant allow it to run with higher power limits, as that would probably result in overheating.. The 14 also ran a bit louder, both at idle and when under load. I guess, because that single fan has to run faster to keep up with the two in the 15., Although the temperatures werent too different internally during my tests, the Prestige 14 felt much hotter to the touch under load.. The Prestige 15 also has a huge advantage in battery life, as the chassis is larger, it can house a larger battery and the results from the 15 were nothing short of impressive.. The 14 was still decent, but the 15 was next level.. Speaking of the internals, the 15 has more upgradeability.

Its got two memory slots for DDR4 memory, which you can change. While the 14 has LPDDR3 memory soldered to the board, which cannot be upgraded, so you have to buy it with what you need from the start.. The 15 also has two NVMe M.2 slots for storage, while the 14 is limited to one again due to space constraints, but both have WiFi 6.. The 15 felt better to use on my lap due to the flat base as the 14 rises up. When you open the lid, the back kind of digs into your legs a little over time., The 5 degree incline with the 14 was preferable when typing, though, and it seemed to contribute to better sounding speakers as well., The IO was better on the 15. They both have two Thunderbolt 3 ports, which support Type C charging, a 3.5mm, audio combo jack and a MicroSD card slot.. The 15 has HDMI 2.0, which the 14 is missing and, although both have two Type, A USB ports, the 14 uses slower 2.0, while the 15 uses faster 3.2 Gen2.. All things considered, I think the Prestige 15 is a better option, given theyre available at essentially the same price.. It performs way better has better IO, more upgradeability options, better build quality and better battery life. Its not really all that much bigger or heavier than the 14 Id only consider the 14. If you really need that extra level of portability and dont need to constantly run resource heavy applications.