Yet, despite their best attempts, they have not found much success in the non gaming domain. I don’t mean to spoil the forthcoming review, but the msi prestige – 14 evo – that i have with me right here – is a pretty decent, thin and light machine with a few imperfections. First off, i am particularly fond of how portable it is weighing just 1.3 kgs and with a slim form factor. I could simply pop it into my backpack and almost forget that it’s there in the first place, considering how this is one of the biggest selling points of this machine. I would say that msi has nailed the portability aspect. It also comes in an all metal build just like its predecessor and hence it does not attract nearly as many smudges either. Also, thanks to its subdued blue accent throughout the edges, it adds to a bit of flair now it’s, not a convertible laptop, but you can push the hinge to a straight 180 degrees like this you’re. Also getting a special hinge as msi calls it. It raises the device, by 5 degrees for more comfortable typing experience and a more efficient cooling solution talking about cooling. As expected, it has a single fan solution with pattern intake vents on the bottom and the exhaust hidden in the hinge itself. Similarly, the port selection on this thing is pretty decent as well. You get two usb type c connections on the left, both of which support displayport, thunderbolt, 4 and power delivery charging.

You will find a usb 2.0 type, a port on the right, alongside a micro sd card reader and a 3.5 mm mic, slash headphone jack combo, now jumping to the display side of things, it’s a standard, 14 inches fhd ips panel msi says that it covers around 100 of srgb or 72 percent of ntse color space and from what i can tell its color reproduction is pretty decent content, looks sharp and vibrant enough to not distract you from the task at hand. The company also mentions that the prestige 14 equips a low power panel for a better battery endurance regardless this 300 nits panel does not get very bright in a daylight setting with plenty of ambient light. You will struggle to see the screen content even at max brightness. However, for indoor usage, this screen’s elimination is more than sufficient. I also have no complaints regarding the viewing angles here. I could not notice any sort of screen bleeding either. Moreover, it also inherits anti glare coating, so using it in room filled with multiple light. Sources has been no problem, but seeing how this is a business and productivity grade machine. I wish msi had gone with a newer 16 to 10 aspect ratio rather than sticking to the old 16s to 9 standard moving on i’ve enjoyed tapping on this laptop. So far, its chiclet style keys are well spaced out and are almost impervious to any degree of rattles 1.5 mm. Key travel still remains my personal favorite and the prestige.

14 evo’s keyboard embodies the same travel distance as a result. I’Ve had very few mistakes throughout my time. On top of this, its five degree hinge has also amplified the typing experience. I did notice slight flex in the keyboard chassis, but only with a significant pressure, so nothing to worry about as expected. These are backlit as well, and you can choose from three levels of illumination, although if i really had to nitpick the one thing that i would have done differently is separate the function and the right control key another one of prestige. 14’S 40 is its ultra wide trackpad. On top of its sheer size, this trackpad is silky smooth to touch anyway. This glass trackpad has integrated, left and right keys as well, while they click well enough. I just wish the key distance was a little shorter. It also gets pretty loud and the key travel distance makes it feel almost plasticky other than that. This trackpad handles multi finger gestures, including the pinch to zoom perfectly. I also rarely encountered any instance of accidental touches and msi deserves a pat on the back for this. But what i do not appreciate is the fingerprint sensor that is integrated into the trackpad itself. On top of creating an ineffective dead zone, its placement is pretty awkward too also. Sometimes, it feels to recognize your finger altogether if it’s, even slightly sweaty or wet for your video calling needs. Msi has installed a 720p ir webcam on the top.

However, there is no dedicated privacy shutter here, which is a little disappointing. Oh and this one’s windows, hello, certified 2. So you have a couple of secure authentication options here: okay, as for the webcam’s quality, it looks strictly average, but i think it’s passable for a laptop um. The footage comes of grainy and the subject looks a little soft too, and in addition, its audio pickup is not anything exceptional either. The prestige, 14 evos audio quality is also ok ish. It has a bottom firing, stereo speaker setup, whose left and right separation is not half bad and even though it does not get quite as loud as you’d want, i feel it to be adequate for an average sized room listening to it at a full volume. There is hardly any distortion to be heard and with a keen pair of ears, you will be able to enjoy some detail in the audio as well. Nonetheless, don’t expect an immersive listening experience as you would have with high end laptops, though okay let’s, finally get into the performance side of things powering the msi prestige. 14 evo, is the latest intel tiger lake? U processor! Our review unit has the core i5. 1135. G7 cpu inside, which has been paired with 16 gb of ddr4 ram and 512 gb of m.2 nvm epc, ie gen, 4 ssd. This particular variant goes for around eleven hundred dollars in the us, but it’s a bit expensive here in nepal, retailing at one lakh.

Seventy thousand value rupees for more raw power msi also sells a core i7 variant in terms of upgrades. There is not much that you can do here, since the ram is soldered onto the motherboard. Thankfully, if you don’t find 16 gigs enough for your use case, there is a 32 gb option as well. Unfortunately, msi does not ship either configuration with a dedicated gpu. Here, however, with the spacious 16 gb ram at play, i am yet to encounter any memory management issues. This device can keep things intact, even after switching back to an app after leaving it idle for a while weirdly enough. I did encounter a couple of instances when the laptop refused to wake up after automatically going to sleep. Therefore, i’ve had to force restart the device to get into it. Moving on, i am pretty impressed with its pci egen 4 ssd apps, install and open up quickly. Here, just look at the crystal disk: smart score: nice isn’t it i clocked my routine applications like adobe photoshop cc 2021 and libreoffice writer to open at an average of 8 and 2 seconds respectively. However, the biggest issue about this laptop is its thermal solution, which, for me, is a deal breaker. It heats up quite easily and quite fast too, so for something that is meant to be used in the office or during meetings. It forces you to turn on the loud fans every now and then, and because of the heating issue.

Keeping my hands on the keyboard chassis would be a challenge even with the fan working at full speed. The laptop does not cool down as quickly or as much as you’d hoped for coming to battery life, i would say it’s pretty average. It has a 52 watt hour battery, which sounds fairly large for a 14 inch laptop, but the best i could squeeze out of this machine was around six hours, with the lowest number clocking to just four hours. I would keep the screen brightness at around 50, while mostly using chrome, so yeah, not the best battery life for an ultrabook charging up. The battery is pretty quick, though using the 65 watt ac adapter, this laptop climbs to 75 percent in an hour, while getting 200 percent takes about 50 minutes more to enhance battery health, there is also an option to stop the charge at 50 or 70 percent under The msi center for business and productivity Music, so wrapping it all up the msi prestige, 14 evo’s excellent portability is ultimately haunted by its lackluster thermal performance and an average battery life for a laptop that costs well over a thousand dollars. These shortcomings are well just too big for me to make a recommendation. I think there are plenty of other better ultrabooks at this price range. I recently reviewed like the asus zenbook 14 or the hp nvx 360., so that was all for our full review of the msi prestige.

14 evo we’re, coming up with a couple of other laptop reviews as well.