Well, it seems like there is finally a good option for the buyers, as this desktop from msi takes care of most of the important aspects with variants having mid to high end specs. This is a performance oriented desktop. No doubt about that. Also, the trident x comes in a slim form factor and though not unusual msi has done well to put so many high performance components in such limited space. The one we have here comes with the intel core i7 processor paired with a geforce rtx 3070 video card. A 32 gigabytes of ram one for bit of ssd storage and, on top of all these excellent connectivity too you’d think that such mouth watering specs would cost a fortune and, while slightly on the expensive side of the scale, these rigs are not overpriced. Also, the warranty and quality hardware that you’d be getting makes it worth it over building a system yourself in which you’d still have to put in the extra effort and time in this video i’m going to unbox the msi meg trident x boxes and show you what’s Inside it, the msi meg trident x come in this box inside at their others boxes, including the pc itself. Music. The meg trident xs front panel has a usb type, a and a usb type c port, both version 3.2 generation, one supporting 5gbps transfers, a usb 2.0 port and separate microphone and headphone jacks. The motherboard provides for more usb type, a ports thunderbolt 3 on a usb type c connector, a 2.

5 gbps ethernet jack, an optical audio out and five additional audio jacks line in line out microphone in center and rear surround regardless you’ll want to connect any video devices To the dedicated graphics card, the geforce rtx 3070 features three display ports and one hdmi video out connector Music. In this box you will find Music, hdd, cable, msi, clutch gm 11 mouse Music power, cable, quick, start guide and warranty card the msi gk30 gaming keyboard Music. This box is for the tempered glass, Music Applause, Music Applause, Music.