Well, let’s see how this performs at the lowest spec models: Music, so there’s the pc and it looks like we have a little box here. Oh it’s, a keyboard Music, and this is our pcc. So as advertised in australia, the pc comes with a keyboard and mouse combo. This is the vigor gk30 gaming keyboard, and this is the gm 11 gaming mouse, the small box. Oh so, the documentation is stored together with the mouse. Maybe i’ll have a quick go through of these peripherals in this video too, and last but not least, the msi infinites gaming pc itself whoa. This guy is a little heavier than what i expected. Okay, the pc finally decided to come out, but how about we go through the peripherals first, it is truly a pleasure that msi included a gaming mouse and keyboard into the pc box. Well, that’s good news for us because we don’t have to waste any money on buying peripherals well at least the compulsory ones. Okay, so the keyboard is quite heavy, but definitely is lighter than the black widow elite keyboard that i’m using right now, i’ve already unboxed and have a quick overview of this razer black widow elite keyboard on another video. So make sure you guys check that video out too link will be in the description down below and some okay, so the keyboard is definitely made out of plastic, but it’s actually quite rigid. However, when i flex it, you can hear that little clicking sound, which is quite strange.

You can tell this – is not a cheap peripherals. Very impressive. With msi, though, i did some research and the keys on this thing appear to be mechanical membrane, like switches which is just like a clicky mechanical keyboard, but it is a little quieter and mushier i’m, not quite sure what mechanical membrane feels like. But the clicking experience on this thing is pretty decent to me Applause. Furthermore, this keyboard has all of the rgb lighting effects. Show your colors with msi mystic light in six different zones clearly indicated hotkeys. Let you control the led effects, brightness and speed without having to install any software using the msi dragon center. Software offers more detailed control and additional customization whoa. This is some serious stuff offered by msi here, but i will not replace it with my black widow elite keyboard since it’s a much better choice. One thing i didn’t like about this keyboard is the position of my hand when i’m, using it my hand, is getting tired after a few minutes of using the keyboard due to the angle of my wrist constantly having to bend up to reach the keys. Well, what about the gm 11 mouse that’s included in the box? First of all, it is really light, but i don’t really like the clicking experience much since i’ve been used to using the alienware mouse honestly it’s up to personal preference. Do you enjoy using a fast clicking and a soft touch mouse, or do you prefer a premium feel and a loud clicking? Let me know in the comment down below what you think build quality.

It is definitely plastic but it’s pretty sturdy to me. Dragon logo printed on the front and back and it does light up when plugged in the gm 11, comes with seven different lighting effects that you can adjust based on your preference. Simply by clicking the scrolling wheel, button and cursor speed, you can change the effect. You have the steady, breathe wave radar horizon ripple reactive and can be customized in the msi dragon center. So there is our free msi gaming keyboard and mouse combo. I think this is a very solid set of peripherals that gives a gamery rgb vibe, regardless i’m, still going to stick with my alienware mouse and razer keyboard since it’s better, in my opinion, okay, moving on to our msi infinites, this isn’t, the smallest pc msi, ever Made but it’s definitely packed with some really decent power. The one i got here is the lowest model equipped with the core: i5. 10. 400 f gtx 1650 super 8 gig of ram and 512 gig ssd. I strongly recommend you getting the lowest model 2. Anything above that, like the core, i7 gtx 1660, all the way up to rtx 2060 will not be ideal. Why isn’t the stronger the spec, the better and more powerful gaming experience you’ll get well, it is, but to an extent i don’t think there should be much difference between gpu powers on those variations due to the power supply or the psu is limited to 350 watts.

Nvidia recommends the system to have 350 watts of power supply for the gtx 1650s to run at its full potential. The gtx 1660 super recommends to have 450 watts. Therefore, any gpu higher than the 1650 super, its performance will be limited due to the insufficient power supply, and no, you cannot update the psu because it has to fit in such a small case. Okay, let’s get all the specs out of the way for the appearance. The msi infinites is very compact and nothing cool and special. Besides that it has msi signature, dragon logo and a stripe of rgb line running down. I think the rgb lights is customizable on the dragon command center. On the side of the chassis, we can see the gpu through these holes. The holes are made to dissipate all the hot air inside out talking about cooling, this pc uses the silent storm cooling, which essentially split the cpu and tpu into two different chamber. This results in better thermal, but it still runs decently, quiet, i’ll, test its performance and cooling in a second. The feel of the pc is actually very pleasant too. Beside the front made of reflective plastic, the rest of the pc has a sandy feel on it. For i o we have one usbc and usb port on the front with headset connections on the back wall. I don’t know who could need this much audio connection, anyways four usb, a lan port, one hdmi and another two usb a so.

The gpu has a display port, a hdmi and what a dvi port anyways if you’re planning to play games and want to achieve a high frame rate, make sure you plug the display port on the gpu to the monitor for moba and some fps type of game. The literally msi infinite spc can easily run those titles at 180, fps or above in csgo and ballerina. At 1080p. Movements in game are very fluent so make sure you have a 144hz or above monitor, to keep up with the pace with this pc. For the aaa title, that’s, where things get a little laggy and struggles to retain above 60 fps for specs in this pc, i mean the price justify its performance right, only equipped with the core i5 8 gig of ram and gtx 1650. Super wouldn’t. Surprise me at all, if this struggles to run aaa’s title, i have tested watchdog legion and the results aren’t that great with the medium to low setting. I am only able to achieve a consistent 60 fps or below going from a 240hz monitor to playing games at 60fps is a really big jump back and very noticeable regardless. It is still playable, but you don’t get the best experience with the expensive machine, though, for them, i was shocked at how this pc can retain frame rates so well, while only staying at 7 degrees maximum after an hour of playing cs, go the frame rate retained At around 180, while cpu temperature never hit 70 degrees, fair noise is definitely impressive too.

It is almost unnoticeable when playing games or editing videos. Well, msi’s, silent store, cooler is definitely not a gimmick. Opening up the pc is actually pretty easy. All we need to do is remove two screws in here and open up the chassis when you push backwards and slightly bend the case to lift it up, but be careful. There is a factory seal on one of the screws i actually broke mine to show you guys the quick teardown of the pc. Here we can see the msi custom itx motherboard on the opposite side is the cpu. So here is a free ram slot and now ssd slot, which you can also update in the future. It’S pretty easy. You just have a sodium ram, just install it in the freeze slot. I recommend installing another 8 gigabyte ram that can run in dual channel over the other chamber. Here is our gpu 1650 super and our 350 watts power supply. During my investigation, i can see that msi uses two copper heat pipes to improve thermal rather than just the normal fan cooling method. Getting so intrigued. I decided to open up this gpu to have a clear sight of the cooling system. By opening several screws, i managed to log myself in there unplug the pin and push it down that’s it. We can see two copper pipes on the gpu on top and the one on the bottom. The cpu also has two pipes, plus normal fans, calling preventing throttles there’s our pre installed ram and wi fi six card whoa.

Definitely some decent custom cooling there by msi. They call it silent storm cooling up. There is the hard drive i just installed. Another four terabyte drive for extra storage it’s, pretty easy too just plug the connector align with the hard drive. So, for me, this msi is a good budget pc that can get you straight into gaming, but to the extent, with the introduction of the 30th rtx gpu makes these guys less appealing to many users who are seeking for piece of technology that can keep up pace With modern standards in 45 years time, well there’s my review on this msi infinite spc, make sure you guys like comment and subscribe.