Lets check it out in this initial. First look and see whats on offer. Ive got an engineering sample here, as the GS66 hasnt officially launched. Yet so things could be a little different compared to the final product which isnt yet available at the time of making this video., The GS66 is all matte black with a metallic finish., The design is cleaner. Looking compared to the older GS65 in my opinion., The lid just has a subtle, MSI logo in the center near the top, and the interior is all matte black too. Underneath has the same metallic finish with air vents towards the back.. Unfortunately, Im not able to go in depth into the specs or share performance numbers at this time, so make sure youre subscribed for the upcoming videos that will cover all of that information.. Looking inside, though theres some great news, unlike the older GS65, the motherboard is not upside down, so its much easier to access the memory and storage for upgrades.. There are two NVMe M.2 slots, two memory slots for dual channel and it comes with Killer WiFi 6. For cooling. There are 7 heatpipes and 3 fans Ill, probably do a whole dedicated video to GS66 thermals to cover this in depth so again make sure youre subscribed.. My unit does have a MUX switch, so its possible for the user to disable or enable optimus, which is great to see.. The bottom has the large 99.9Wh battery, which is the largest legal limit for a laptop and something I hope we start seeing more of going.

Forward. As Im still in the early days of testing and because battery tests take multiple days to complete, I wont know how well it goes until the upcoming full review. Video. MSI also noted the hinge improvements that have been made with this generation. Many people. In the comments of my previous video mentioned, hinge issues in the past with older models, so its great to see. Theyve made some improvements. Again its still early days and without using the machine long term its difficult for me to say how well these changes help. But as far as I can tell, it looks like weve got some solid metal hinges.. The screen in my unit is a 1080p 300Hz panel, but theres also a 4K, presumably 60Hz option.. I wouldnt be surprised if theres also 144Hz or 240Hz with 300Hz. At the top end, but well have to wait and see. Colours and contrast seem good with this panel, however, brightness is down a little from the 300 nits Id like to see.. Even with top end. Hardware, though, were probably only going to see frame rates high enough to utilize this 300Hz in esports titles. Theres, a camera above the screen and its got Windows. Hello, support.. The keyboard has been nice to type with so far. However, my engineering sample apparently has an older design.. The GS66 that will ship to customers will have a wider left control key with the function key on the right.. There are front facing speakers just below the keyboard on either side and so far they sound quite loud, but otherwise pretty average quality wise.

. The precision touchpad is quite wide and so far has worked. Well. Ports on the left include power, input, Type C, Thunderbolt 3, with 4 lanes, HDMI, 2.0 output and USB 3.2 Type, A port.. The right has a 3.5mm, audio, combo jack second Type C port, though just USB 3.2. For this one, two more USB 3.2 Type, A ports and 2.5 gigabit ethernet facing the preferred way.. The back just has air exhaust vents with more on the side that has the two fans. I wasnt able to charge the GS66 while running with Type C. However, it does have up to 100 watts of power delivery for charging other devices. MSI list the weight as 2.1kg, though mine was closer to 2.2 and with the 230 watt power brick and cables for charging the total rises to over 3kg.. The dimensions are on the slimmer side for a 15 gaming laptop. However, its a couple of millimeters thicker than the older GS65, which I think was a good move as the chassis, seems more solid as a result, and realistically, I think under 2cm, is still a great place to be got. Ta have some room for cooling after all. Aside from specs Im sure you all also want to know pricing and availability.. Unfortunately, I dont have that information at this time, but should have more details by the time I put together the full review. So far. The GS66 is looking like a nice improvement over the older model in terms of the features on offer.

Again, I cant share any performance numbers at this time, but Ill have videos on the channel covering gaming performance, thermals and more once thats possible, so until then make sure youre subscribed for future tech.