Basically, i will say what i don’t like things on which you have to pay attention before buying. First, i was planning to get a desktop like laptop to use for a gaming and video editing, but after contacting the stores, as they tell me, that the gpu is limited to 95 watts, which makes it much slower than i expect. In a few days, i found the mci with ftx 3070 130 watts variant as next level of performance for only 200 euros more for the same price. You could get rtx 3070 only in ace stuff by gpu tdps. That is limited to 95 watts. It makes it much slower and basically made on the one level with rtx, 3060 and tough looks cheap because of its full plastic body, and i bought mci let’s. Go back to the laptop. The lid is made from metal really nice to touch this place. Nearby hinges and the rear part is made from mud. Plastic fillings are worse, but still the cash. The bottom is made out of plastic. It feels much cheaper than the lid here. Also, you can see the ventilations and then cooper pipes inside many lakes, around half of centimeter high power. Brick is fine in size, not so big, as for 230 watts it’s, not so bulky its usual size, 15 inches laptop comparison to macbook pro 13.. Of course, it’s much smaller and thinner, but also much less powerful. A laptop easily fits 15 inches backpack.

Together with the power brick on the sides, you have only usb and mini jackpots, as well as charging indicator other ports. You can find behind charging port hdmi, rj45 and usb type c. You can charge the laptop only with the proprietary charger you can put. The plug inside it’s cool charging port location is controversial, it’s good that it doesn’t disturb me on the sides, but it makes the plug bandage. It can break the cable inside after some time. Unfortunately, usb type c charging isn’t supported. I tried with a macbook charger and another 65 watt, but it didn’t work in bezels 16 below mad full hd screen 144 gear cool for games. The keyboard doesn’t bend feels rigid keyboard. Is nice it’s not loud? I enjoy it. A numpad is absent buttons on the right side disturb a bit. Sometimes you can miss click. When you wan na click enter, you can set the key backlight in any way you want. There are presets or manually, you can choose a color for each key separately. Touchpad is fine, nothing special plastic, surface it’s, quite responsive you can click only lower part of the touchpad fine for temporary use, but better to change it to a mouse as soon as possible. Speakers on the sides – laptop sounds horrible short example. Here, Music, there are a few pre installed scenarios for laptop performance, but i use on the extreme performance it’s working the best and also there is an option for extreme ventilation.

Fortunately, useless laptop is powerful. You can see gaming performance for some games and terminals on this channel. In short, it is enough for most of the games on ultra settings. Of course, i don’t like too much view attempts, but gpu terms are looking fine. One notice laptop is loud like most of our laptops in the regime of x extreme performance. It is not comfort to play without headphones. Here we go like the most of the powerful laptops battery life is quite weak. In the best case, i could achieve three hours of battery life in regime of super battery, but is it worth buying it now let’s see they are represented 11th generation of intel processors as well as version of gp66 visit and there’s. Also a 2k screen option. It has 11 generation, a7 is much faster than i7 before, but it costs 200 euros more and in this category you have any more options. For example, lenovo is ryzen cpu and support of usbc charging more ram and bigger ssd for the same price or asus strix. With 300 gears screen, but let’s go to our laptop, i think it is still a good option since it’s often discounted to 1500 euros – and there is no other option for such specs – you can get maximum samsung with rtx 3060.. So far, i think it’s the best specs price ratio. I i’ve had no problems with the laptop for last four months, no problem with software with hardware.