However, despite the size difference, the laptops are otherwise very similar, starting with the specs. Both have a quad core Intel 7700 HQ CPU with 16 gigabytes of ddr4 memory wearing at 2400 megahertz. They both also have an MDOT 2 SSD for the operating system, 256 gig for the 17 inch and 128 gig for the 15 inch there's. Also an additional 1 terabyte hard drive for extra space in both for the graphics. Both have an nvidia 1060, which powers the 1080p wide view panel. However, the 15 inch laptop has a 60 Hertz screen, while the 17 inch has a 120 Hertz screen. So in terms of specs, both laptops are very similar, with the exception of the refresh rates and SSDs. The overall design is also basically the same. The lids are a black, brushed metal and feature the MSI logo, while the insides are a great brush plastic with SteelSeries RGB keyboards, underneath they're in similar air intakes, which exhaust air out the back from both the left and right corners in terms of bio, starting on The left, both epic Kensington, lock, Gigabit Ethernet port USB 3.0 type, a port HDMI port mini display port, another USB 3.0 type, a port, a USB 3.1 gen2 type c port and 3.5 millimeter headphone and mic jacks, so they're both exactly the same it's. The same story on the right both have a USB 2.0 type, a port, a built in SD card reader and the power input in terms of screen quality.

I found the 17 inch model actually reproduced, colors a little better than the 15 inch. As mentioned, one of the key differences between the two laptops is that the 17 inch one has a 120 Hertz screen, while the 15 inch one has a 60 Hertz screen, but we'll see later in the benchmarks that this is mostly pointless. As the gf7 2 VR is a 17 inch model, it's larger in weighs around 500 grams more and as you'd expect. It takes up more space that extra size and weight surely means a bigger battery and better cooling right. Both laptops have the same 41 watt hour. 6 cell battery I found this interesting and that the 17 inch would have a larger one, but this wasn't the case with a screen on half brightness back or end ups, disabled and just watching YouTube. The 15 inch model lasted for two hours and 17 minutes, while the 17 inch lost it's slightly less at 2 hours and 6 minutes, while playing The Witcher 3 and medium settings and kept to 30fps. A 15 inch lasted 35 minutes, while the 17 inch lasted 37 minutes. So he could say that Bertha fairly similar in terms of battery, which is to be expected, as they have the same battery in very similar hardware specs. As for the cooling and noise, while testing with an ambient room temperature of 25 degrees Celsius at idle, the 17 inch laptop was actually running a little warmer, despite in theory having more cooling space.

Both laptops were also producing about the same amount of noise at 37 decibels, and I can hardly hear both the comparison is with the temperatures at idle on the keyboard area. Looked like. We can see that the 15 inch laptop is just a few degrees warmer. Despite the internals being cooler with the CPU and GPU, both under 100 lowered, the temperatures were is quite a lot with both CPUs maxing out at 95 degrees Celsius and throttling around 20. The GPU on the 17 inch is a bit warmer too again, showing that overall is running warmer, despite in theory having more cooling space. Both laptops were also making about the same level of noise at 54 decibels in general. We can see that the keyboard area of the 17 inch laptop is getting a bit warmer, but they're not far apart. I'Ll only include a few game benchmarks here, as they both have the same specs and the results aren't. That far apart, all numbers shown are the averages of three runs, starting with the Witcher 3. We can see that the 15 inch gf6 2 VR is little ahead in all instances. Shadow of war is fairly similar with a smaller gf6, 2 VR again slightly ahead of the larger gf7 2 vr. The battlefield 1 results are much closer together at all setting levels. We almost got the exact same 1 lower frame rates, while the averages aren't far apart watchdogs 2 was also fairly close together.

However, interestingly, in three of the five tests, the larger gf7 2 VR came out ahead if you're off to more detailed benchmarks of either laptop check. My full review videos in the description I've said in the past that the 1060 is a great sweet spot for 1080p 60fps gaming on high settings. This is why I don't really understand the 120 Hertz display on the 17 inch model to reach frame rates that higher you'd either need to be playing less resource, intensive games, all the games i've tested on the lower settings and even at lowest settings. We can see that we are only able to get around 90 FPS anyway, if you're, fine, with that or plan on playing less demanding games that can get up to 120 FPS on a 10 60, then by all means go ahead. But personally, if I was getting a 120 Hertz display, I'd probably be looking at a laptop with the 1070 as a minimum to better take advantage of the higher refresh rate, at least in the games, that I test and play the SSD in the 17. Inches larger and file start offering over double the write speed compared to the SSD in the 15 inch model and is also 256 gig compared to 128 gig in the 15 inch. Now perhaps the most important difference, the price in Australia, the 15 inch gf6 2 VR is 1916 Australian dollars at the time of recording, so about 1500 u.

s. dollars, while the 17 inch gf7 2 VR is two thousand two hundred and thirty seven dollars so around 1750. Us dollars so when it comes down to it, you're paying around 300 Australian dollars or 250 US dollars extra to get a better SSD and a larger screen at 120 Hertz, which I'd argue in many cases you won't even be able to take advantage of unless you're Playing less demanding games so, if you're doing that, you would need to decide if the extra 300 is worth it to you to get this as otherwise. The laptops are essentially the same in terms of specs design, battery life and cooling, with the only other key difference being the 17 inch model also weighs around 500 grams, more potentially making it less portable so which of these 2 MSI laptops. Would you know spec the smaller G of 6, 2 VR or larger G of 7 2 VR personally, I'd. Probably go for the 15 inch, but let me know what you guys thought down in the comments and leave a like on the video.