Rf, the thin GS, 6 5 or more budget friendly GV 6 to model I won't, be focusing on those too much here check the links in the description, if you're off to full detailed information on any of those models. What did get me interested here was the new GE 75 and the GF 6 3, as I hadn't previously had the chance to test either of them out, and quite a lot of you guys have been asking me to review these ones in the comments, if that's Still something you want to say, then let me know, starting with the J e75 raider laptop it's got your usual until i 78758 6 core cpu, with nvidia 1070 graphics, so same specs as the GE 6. 3 radar. Although the GE 7 5 has much thinner bezels for its 17.3 inch, 144 heads display so quite interesting, and I really hope I get the chance to review this one later. The GF 6 3, on the other hand, has Nvidia 1050 TI graphics. So it comes in at a lower price point, but still gives you the same 6, core 8750 H, CPU and again interesting. That we've still got the thinner bezels here. Hopefully, this is a trend that continues moving forward, like I mentioned in my gigabyte, video I'll be looking up for packs. Teals and msi also have up to 500 off selected laptops at stores such as em wave, con computers, scope, tech, msy and PC case gear.

Here in Australia, so a pretty good discount if you're looking for a new MSI gaming laptop check the links in the description for those deals. Just in case you still haven't gotten enough. Msi laptops at PAX there's also a table with four models set up in the Nvidia booth that you can play on, including what appears to be the GS, 6 5 and some seventh gen, but still powerful GE. Six three and Titan models: they've also got some giveaways happening from time to time at the Nvidia booth too, so worth checking out. If you like, free stuff that's. All I had time for at the MSI here at pax. Australia, 2018 again nothing new, but it was good to get a brief chance to use some of the models that you guys have been asking me to check out and with any luck. I'Ll have some full reviews coming in the future, so be sure to subscribe.