So for today’s video we will be sharing with you a review of the computer setup that we use for my online work and for keisha’s online classes. But before we proceed to that, i hope you could click on the subscribe button and hit the notification bell on the side. So you won’t miss out on any of my videos if you’re interested to find out what our computer setup is. Please keep on watching. This is our workstation here at home. This is where my mom posts, her blog articles, edits her photos and even her youtube videos that are uploaded on her youtube channel. This is also where i attend my online classes. This is my monitor, keyboard, mouse webcam and my headphones with the microphone. If you’re wondering where’s my pc well here it is this – is the msi cubic five. This computer fits in the palm of my hands, it’s, really tiny, yet it’s very powerful as well. This mini pc is aimed to the consumers who just wants to work at home, who attends online classes like me and for the people who simply just wants a small compact, pc and also good news to the kids like me, because you can play games here like Roblox among us plants, vs, zombies and others. Some of you might be wondering why not use a laptop or desktop instead of ms iqb5 definitely laptop, will be the top choice if you need to work lightly.

Every time you go out, but since most of us can go outside because of the current pandemic working on a tiny screen and a small keyboard will not be comfortable in the long run and as i’ve said earlier, many of us are forced to work online and Our children are asked to attend their classes virtually instead of the usual face to face setup that they used to have before most people cannot afford, or they don’t have a space for a desktop pc in their homes plus when you are not techie it’s, not that Easy to set up a desktop pc and that’s when the ms iqb5 comes in handy. All you have to do is to plug it and it’s ready to use with that said. Let’S go with the important details here are the specs. Ms iqb5 runs on 10th gen core i5 with an integrated graphics that can run 4k uhd. You can also choose the core i7. If you want a better cpu. It also has 8 gigabytes of ram 500 gigabytes ssd. You can also upgrade these easily thanks to the easy access at the bottom of msi. Qb5 rom can be upgraded to 64 gigabytes. It also has a lot of ports on the front side. You got ports for the headphone out mic in usb 3.2 gen, 1 type, a usb 3.2 gen, 1 type c at the back. You have the hdmi, 1.4 displayport, 1.2 ethernet two times usb 3.

2 gen, 1 type, a 2 x usb 2 point type, a and thanks to that, we can attach a lot of devices. Like my hard drive, my usb my microphone ring light and i can even charge my cell phone like what i used to do with my normal desktop plus. This also has a bluetooth function, so we can use a wireless mouse keyboard and even speaker you can use any display with hdmi like tvs and monitors. Sometimes, when you want to watch on a bigger screen, we can just simply connect it in our tv with this. I can watch my favorite cartoon series on netflix and i also get to play online games while lying down on our bed. Another great thing about the msi qb5 is that it is mountable to a monitor. It is designed with a mini size and support standard ves amount. You can mount this at the back of the monitor and make the pc completely invisible if you are using a lot of applications or watching web pages. Msi kibi 5 allows you to do and view more since it can support dual monitors with the hdmi and dp ports for the display that we use my best option. Is the msi pro mp242 monitor with the built in speaker? That, of course, will take up less space and there will be no more additional wires. You know when you’re a mom, you want more space on your desk, so you can put your other stuff and, as for my daughter, she’ll have more space, so she can put her notebook and she can jot down her notes, plus with the built in speaker.

She doesn’t have to wear her headphones. All the time here are the specs of msi pro mp242. One of the features that i like about this is that it has the msi anti flicker technology, a stable output. Current for the monitor is provided it will protect. Children’S immature eyes and also help against dry ice and eye strain. It also has a less blue light technology that will block and absorb the blue light generated from the screen and shield your eyes from a harmful effect of blue light. As we all know, the energy of blue light may cause damage to our eyes, not to mention to our children’s eyes, plus it has an anti glarous play that makes viewing more pleasant and also reduces eye strain. It has a wide viewing angle, so you are sure that everyone can clearly see the screen from any side when discussing and sharing with your family and friends, it has 1920 by 1080 widescreen monitor that can fit two windows. In the same time, this is best whenever i have deadlines and i need to multitask. With this feature, i get to finish my work easier because i don’t have to switch tabs it’s, also perfect for my online classes, because i can freely listen to my teacher and take down notes at the same time, without the need to switch tabs. The msi pro mp242 supports the standard ves amount. You can mount the msi qb5 to the back of msi pro monitor to further save space when it comes to its price.

Ms iqb, 5 and pro mp242 monitor are definitely more affordable. So if you have to set up different workstations, you can definitely save more if you will use this setup overall. Msi qb5 is an extremely portable and efficient system that delivers a full desktop experience, it’s also a great substitute or alternative for a laptop in a home office. An online schooling environment it’s an answer to parents like me who are not that techie, because it is pre built so therefore it’s very easy to use and very easy to set up. So now let’s ask keisha about her experience with the msi qb5 and the mp242 monitor. So, first of all, this computer boots up really quickly and when i open it in the mornings, it just opens up in a few seconds. So technically i don’t have to worry about being late anymore. Second of all, this computer makes my workstation look neater, because the pc is really tiny. It fits in the palm of my hand and it’s. It consumes lesser space than normal pcs, like those big ones. Third of all, you can do split screens and you can have two screens in your monitor at the same time because, like for example, your teacher is like hello class, please open up a jamboard or something, and you can just use split screen. You can have two screens, you can see your teacher here and your classmates here and you can have the jamboard here, so you don’t have to keep on switching tabs overall.

This msi qb5 and this monitor are really convenient, especially for me during online classes, because they’re really easy to use. So overall, i really recommend this to other kids. So if you’re thinking of buying a new pc or a laptop, i definitely suggest you to buy msi qb5 and its monitor. Because, out of all of these reasons, i’ve said – and my mom said in this video they’re all super true. I really seriously love this computer. So much and i literally recommend it so if you’re thinking of making the switch or if you want more information about the msi qb5 and the mp pro 242 monitor, i will be putting the link of their website here. That’S, all for review of the msi qb5 and the pro mp242 monitor. Let us know in the comment section down below if you would like this as your home schooling setup or as your parents online work. If you like this video, please don’t forget to give it a thumbs up and share this video to your family and friends. Thank you so much for watching this video. I hope you guys enjoyed it. This has been mommy k and keisha.