Z16. This baby is claiming some pretty serious horsepower here and i’m going to take it all with me today on the go, editing, photos, editing, video and seeing how it performs. First, here are some sexy shots and some stats edited with the laptop it’s kind of like Music inception Music. First things. First, i got ta turn on for the very first time and uh load. All of my programs on here i’m gon na use, lightroom photoshop and i haven’t really decided if i’m gon na go with premiere or davinci resolve we’ll see what i feel like doing. I don’t think i turned it on that’s, not the power one that’s, not the power button, that’s the power button. Now i know you guys have seen me use other laptop products in the past and not even pcs, but believe it or not. I was born on a pc and my brother’s a software engineer, so he built some of the best pcs that i have ever used so i’m excited to get back into the pc wow. The color is sexy. You got ta get this. You know you got ta, get this it’s a rainbow it’s a rainbow all right, downloading lightroom, photoshop premiere davinci resolve. Now we wait all right and we’re good and i got ta go so. The first thing i’d like to do is get some 8k raw footage going, which i got thanks to the canon r5. In fact, that’s.

What you just watched so let’s do some editing and some speed tests, wow, okay, well you’re playing the thing as a content. Creator i’m sure you want to get up and take your laptop to a nice little coffee shop and sit there and work and be able to go and travel and have everything that you need right there. But for me, yes, those things are great. Yes, i travel and need to take my work with me, so hopefully, this computer is going to be able to keep up with me with all the fractioned part of my editing that i have to do in between the rest of my life, so welcome to boss. Babe mom edition super sexy right. Isn’T, it cool. Do you like the colors, see the colors, so i ended up exporting 15 raw files about 20 megabytes, each and here’s how long it took for them to export out of lightroom. I was able to really easily mess around the lightroom photoshop. Of course, i really enjoyed the touch screen on this computer just gave me a whole nother element of being able to tangibly interact with my content and anything i can do to get my hands off. Just the keyboard is always nice, so i did enjoy that. I also really put this thing through the ringer holding it true to the statement about being able to handle 8k raw video footage. I did that i put it into premiere pro and i’m, not going to say i watched it back smoothly, but it did handle it and then i was able to export it.

Three minutes of video footage took about this long to export. So that was definitely a lot, but it’s come to be expected with 8k raw footage and a lot of it three minutes of it. It does have a pretty powerful fan, which you can hear right now. It gets a little bit warm, but i don’t think you need a cooling pad or anything like that. So it’s handling the heat pretty well. I don’t know that i would recommend editing true 8k raw video on any given laptop i’m editing with the proxy would probably be a little bit better. So did this laptop pass the test of being able to go around with me throughout my day throughout my fractioned work time that i have on any given day between the things i want to do for myself having to do with kids having kids kind of jump On me, as i’m working on this laptop, it definitely did. It was able to come with me work with me, quick, quick, start up and shut down and, of course, handle all the video and photo files that i gave it. My name is vanessa joy. You can hit like and subscribe here. Let me know: are you a pc laptop user? Do you think this is going to be powerful enough to do the type of creator, content or gaming, but it is meant to be a creator laptop.