This is the msi creator: z16, its a sleek premium high performance laptop, aimed at creators from a brand thats, known primarily for its killer gaming laptops. Circling around the z16s lunar gray, aluminum case, you can see that its quite thin with nicely machined edges theres, a decent selection of ports, including usb c thunderbolt, 4 high speed, usb type, a and a micro sd card slot, in other words the kind of ports. The creators would be looking for theres, no ethernet or hdmi, which gaming laptops are typically equipped with. You can always buy usbc dongle if you need either of those connections. Looking at the bottom of the laptop case, you can see an emphasis on venting and airflow thats critical on a high powered laptop thats, this thin and its something ill talk about later. My review unit has 32 gigabytes of ddr4 ram and one terabyte of nvme ssd storage. They can be upgraded, but youll need to remove the bottom, remove the motherboard and then flip it over to access the slots. When you open the display, it raises the back of the laptop slightly. This improves ergonomics, improves the audio from the quad speakers and it helps airflow. The keyboard is pretty special, its the worlds first to use mini, led rgb backlighting. You can see how fine a gradient and coloring that allows the keyboard lighting can be customized using steelseries engine 3 software from the stickers you can see. This is equipped with an octa core 11th generation intel core i7 processor and an nvidia geforce rtx 3060 graphics card.

But whats the golden ratio sticker about gaming laptops usually have a display with a 16 9 aspect ratio, but the creator z16 has a 16 10 aspect. Ratio 1610 is close to whats called the golden ratio, thats a number that shows up frequently in art, architecture and mathematics. In addition, the 1610 aspect ratio allows for 11 more content to be shown on screen. The display is a 16 inch, qhd plus ips. True pixel touch display touch screens are another rarity in the gaming world. This one absolutely pops its big bright crisp. It has a 120 hertz refresh rate and it offers 100 dci, p3 color coverage and its factory calibrated so its ideal for creators. Its also pretty amazing for streaming video, despite its creator focus. This is a very capable gaming laptop with that processor and graphics card combo. I ran cyberpunk 2077 with raytracing at ultra and it was buttery smooth. However, there are several issues when it comes to packing. This kind of power and a big display in such a thin form factor in my office background noise was running around 34 decibels. But if i do something intensive on the creator, z16, its cooler boost trinity plus cooling system, with three fans and five heat sinks kicks into action and that can get fairly loud here. You can see it hitting 62 decibels, which is getting into air conditioning territory. The bottom of the case can also get uncomfortably hot. The other issue is battery life.

Msi put a big 90 watt hour battery inside to help eek out more time away from an outlet, but when streaming 1080p video with power settings and better battery life, i maxed out at about 5.5 hours of use. If you push it with gaming or compiling video that battery life is going to be significantly reduced, fans can be annoying at times the case can get hot and battery life isnt great, but most people who choose this laptop are going to work at a desk plugged. In so battery life and case warmth become non issues, they probably wont push the processor and gpu all the time. So fan noise is likely to be just an occasional irritant and theres a lot to love about this laptop that display and the keyboard are both pretty amazing and theres, something to be said for packing. This kind of performance in a sleek aluminum case thats only 1.6 centimeters at its thickest youll, find all the top brands in high performance and gaming laptops, including msi at best, buy to learn more about the unique msi creator.