Some of you might have heard about this laptop, and you might be wondering if this is the laptop for you and Ill be giving you my review on it from a programming standpoint as well as a few other things that I might just review as well. Like the sack it comes with and whatnot lets get started, foreign so lets first take a look at this, so this is basically the bag. They want you to put the laptop in when you take it out, so it has a nice very nice inside. I would actually enjoy being in a bed that feels like this. Its a very nice inside it feels very expensive, which this laptop is uh on. The screen is the price. If you want to know the price for this laptop but yeah its, not cheap, but youll notice, with the laptop its worth every price, every penny every cent, even anyhow 18 zips up and you carry it like a bag. Very very nice. As you can see nice bags, it also has a lot of space. Okay, not a lot of space, but it has space. So you do have some space you can use here. It goes in pretty deep, so this one is like a full hand. Deep, as you may have seen, and this one is okd – and here this is usually big enough to fit my phone, which Im recording with so I cant show you but uh.

This usually fits my entire phone, so its pretty decent. I would have preferred a way. I could put this over my shoulder like with this Acer bag. I got years when I first got my laptop, my very first laptop and you see its a nice bike, its a lot of space here at the front. It has space for things on the inside. A lot of space, I would prefer the bag like this, primarily just because it has like this strap here which you can use to carry it around and if youre in a Polish country third world country like me, then its also nicer to have that around you. Instead of carrying it by hand, because then its a lot more difficult for someone to gram and run theyll have to point a knife at you, not the best image to have anyhow so thats. Just the only complaint I have here is the fact that you cant put it over you. You have to carry it like this, but it does feel pretty premium when you do lets actually take a look at the laptop thats. Why we are all here now. This laptop I have is running both Linux and windows, because most of you will probably be using this for Windows, and here we go so as you can see as Windows 11 on it, pre installed and whatnot. So, as for the specs, it has an Intel i7 that is about 3.

5 gigahertz up to, but it can be boosted up to 4.7. Gigahertz has 10 cores and 12 threads. A 14 inch display 1080p 16 gigs of onboard Ram, which I believe means you cant just upgrade it uh 512 gigabytes, pcie 3.0 times for NBA me SST, basically just means it goes very fast and its 512 gigs and well get your USB ports later has Wi Fi 6 LED backlit keyboard. This I dont know if you can see that, but this was the make or break for me. I needed this backlit keyboard is so great. I would never ever work with it again at night. I work with my laptop. I dont even use my desktop at night anymore. Keyboards that has backlit is just the best cool, so thats about what you can expect from this. So that kind of tells you everything from an input perspective, its okay. It does have a USB type c. I believe I dont know the seven types of USB, a normal USB HDMI headphone jack, very important to me. A charging LED, so it is, it shows you if its charging or not it has a little charging port as well. It also has an SD card slot, which is appreciated and two more USBS you can use on the bottom youll actually see it has a lot of ventilation here, youll notice, with the specific structure they chose for this laptop and Ill get you the cons of the Structure as well that here at the very bottom, theres a little vein a little Airway.

So if youre, using this on a Surface like this theres enough space there for the air to go on all the other sides, you might actually hear it going a little bit loud, because the fans are just kind of like that. Now, before we get to the actual programming aspects and battery life and stuff, like that, one thing I do want to show you is the MSI Central pro software that comes installed with Windows. On this, its actually very neat, I dont, like the recent update, where they actually remove the option for you to manually, set how loud your fans should be blowing, which is something I really wanted to show in this video, but they need updates it. And then I couldnt check out this video anymore, But Here, For example, we have the user scenario, and here you can decide what you want. The AI can decide for you or you can say you want high performance, but high performance means very loud or you can have balanced or you can have silent and Silent means, hey fans, just cool down and well get very hot, and they have super battery, which Will extend battery life a little bit? Oh wait, never mind here we go here, we go so here. I can actually show you because here I found it again. They just hit it away this time and I can show you how loud the fans can get at maximum or generally, you wont get this loud, but this is how loud it cant get.

This is about as loud as they do get. You might actually not hear it, but it can get very loud. Let me just say that, but generally its silent until you start working on it, and then you just hear just most of the time, but its okay, so its not very silent unless you put it on silent mode and take note most of these settings here, they Do stick even in the Linux situation. So if you tell your battery, it cannot charge past 30 as an example – and you tell it in here and you delete Windows, then youll be a little bit screwed, because then your entire laptop wouldnt ever be able to charge more than that. So it does sit. It down or it does change the settings down on a very low level. Just take note of that. So, depending on the operating system you use, it will always be the same. Speaking of setting your battery life here, you get like a little choice. You can use you have the AI charger which switches between these three states, depending on what it thinks is best. He has best for Mobility. If you like me and you go out of your laptop and you need it to always be at Max, you have the max amount of power you can use from it. So you need a lot of time from that battery. Then you have basement Mobility. You will be able to get out of this use it for a couple hours and whatnot.

Then you have balance, which is actually what I would recommend you to use. Even if you are more Mobility person, because this will help keep the battery living longer. So the balance will keep the battery from going over 80 percent, so it will never charge more than 80 percent. It will start charging once its under 70 percent and then base for battery is, if you dont ever go out. If youre more someone who just keeps the laptop on charge. 24 7, then you just dont care about you. Dont go out or anything base for battery is actually great because it stops charging at 60, meaning it never goes over it and it starts charging when its under 50 percent. This means it tries to keep your battery at the optimal amount continuously because for those of you dont know, if you charge your battery to 100 and drain it down to zero percent, constantly thats going to really lessen the battery life in total. So over five years you wont be able to the amount of hours out of this that you would have been if you were to just keep it. So if youre, someone who doesnt go out a lot based for battery is best bang for buck and you also have Smart priority which prioritizes resources depending on what it sees you using and here it optimizes here. It says they dont have a lot of free space, but I actually do its just because I have Linux installed.

I also have certain Diagnostics, support and whatnot, but this is what I want to share its just a very nice software Center or a not software Center. But MSI Center and I actually really love it. I do recommend, if you get this to use that, because it can really improve your state of using your laptop experience wise its pretty fast youll, not really run into any performance issues. Unless you know 16 gigs of RAM isnt enough for you, the CPU is great. You wont ever really need an issue or run into an issue of that either. So definitely the CPU wont ever hold you back. The GPU is in Iris X e GPU, which I think is good. I dont really play a lot of games on my laptop because I primarily use this for working coding, so I need to play a lot of games but Im assuming that is good enough to maybe play the latest Spider Man game as an example Im assuming so Dont quote me on that cool now lets talk about battery life because thats probably going to be the main downside of this laptop. It doesnt have a great big battery. I use about 20 to 30 percent of the battery each hour now, thats, usually because I could with it so it does go down a bit faster. I use vs code. I run the software that should be running because I do web developments. I run a server.

I use my browser constantly and all of this, so it does take up a little bit more resources than what you would generally use Id say if youre not coding, if youre just using it to watch YouTube, videos and whatnot, you could probably get a solid five. Six hours out of this laptop before it dies from battery life, if you code with this laptop or if you do work, if you work with this laptop, I would say, expect three to five hours. Depending on what work you do so the battery life isnt great, depending on how hardcore youre being on the laptop? That is one downside you should take note of – is the battery life its okay, but it does last for how long you need it to in general. If you can go if youre, okay with five hours of battery life, then youll be good with this now, this laptop is actually fast enough to alter on Mac OS. So if you install Mac OS, it will run it. I also have Mac OS on this laptop and its pretty good, its, not very its, not slow, its, not sluggish. It runs okay. So, basically, if your developer, this laptop is actually very good because you can run Mac OS, you can run Linux, you can run Windows, you can run PSD, you can run basically any operating system. You want and all of its side, little operating systems along with it, which you can use for development development, but its a good laptop overall, and I would actually recommend this laptop to a any programmer that is looking for a nice laptop.

It also has dedicated buttons to mute yourself, as well as to disable the webcam, which I didnt trust buttons. So I just closed the webcam with a piece of tape anyways, but you can turn off the wavecan with the buttons and you can turn off the microphone with the buttons. You add your backlits, which is also controlled by buttons. You even switch they escape with the Escape key. If, in an escape, you can switch what these does so now, theyre just if buttons, but if you press F and escape again now it is the actual functional buttons. So this will change brightness. This will turn the LEDs on and off. In fact, if I do that, youll notice its actually just pressing f8 now, but if I do this its working with the buttons, the trackpad is also responsive and nice has a nice click to it, as you might be able to hear, and why not lets actually Show an example of the webcam, so this is an example of a recording and you should be able to hear my voice and it also seems to have an LED that flashes when you have something recording which is very nice. So if someone is recording youll be able to see with that led or you should be able to see and yeah. I hope this sounds pretty good and lets stop now its like 1am in the morning when Im recording this, because I saw that the Linux one was a little bit weird, so Im just also recording one on Windows, because I know with EVO configuration it was made To be with windows, so the sound and stuff might be a bit better coming from Windows lets hope it is see you tomorrow pretty good laptop 10 out of 10 and would recommend thank you for watching.