But just how well does it perform in games? Ive tested it in 20 different titles and compared it with other gaming laptops to show you the differences.. All testing was done with the highest performance mode and coolerboost enabled for best results. Microsoft. Flight simulator was tested in the Sydney landing challenge.. This is quite the resource heavy test, but high end settings weren’t too terrible medium was much better, though, while the low end preset was just below 60 fps. Death Stranding was still able to run above 60 FPS, even with the highest setting preset in use, and there Was hardly any measurable difference between maxed out and the default preset either. Red Dead Redemption 2 was tested using the games built in benchmark tool and its not possible to run the test at ultra settings due to the 4gb VRAM limitation of the RX 5500M graphics, though Medium still got us above 60 FPS. Battlefield 5 was tested in campaign mode. This one was playing fairly well even with the highest ultra setting preset, which was still able to average above 60 FPS, then only minor additional gains, stepping down to the high preset. Control was tested with RTX disabled as thats not currently possible with the 5500M.. I dont think this game needs mega. High frame rates to enjoy and medium settings were just under the magic 60 FPS point and playing well. Shadow of the Tomb Raider was tested with the built in benchmark. High settings were needed to surpass 60 FPS, while the lowest preset boosted this over 100, but well check out how other laptops compare with the Bravo.

In this title and more soon. Apex Legends was tested with either all settings at maximum or all settings on the lowest possible values as it doesnt have predefined setting presets.. It was playing well with max settings, though minimum settings would make better use of the 120Hz panel, where even the 1 low is near the screens refresh rate. Call of Duty. Modern Warfare was tested in campaign mode with either max or min settings for the same reason.. It was still going fine at max and was around the 60 FPS mark again, while minimum settings would give us 1 lows, above even the average of max, if you prefer, smoother gameplay. Fortnite was tested with the replay feature and as a less demanding game the highest Epic, setting preset was still above 60 FPS, though medium settings would push this above. The screens 120Hz refresh rate while low settings moved even the 1 low near this point. CSGO was tested with the ulletical FPS benchmark and high frame rates were possible without any problems, as is typically the case from this test. Dota 2 was tested playing in the middle Lane with bots again no problems at all, even at higher setting levels with these esports titles. Overwatch was tested running through the practice. Range. Max settings was still above 100 FPS, though ultra pushed the 1 low to around the screens, refresh rate. So again, no problems at all. Rainbow Six Siege was tested with the built in benchmark using Vulkan, again high frame rates, even at the higher setting presets.

So no problems here, either. Metro Exodus was tested using the built in benchmark for some reason. The extreme preset kept crashing so I wasnt able to collect data for it, but based on the 32 FPS at ultra settings, it probably wouldnt, be great. Monster Hunter World was tested running through the main town.. The 1 lows arent far behind the averages, so the results should be fairly consistent and high settings was above 60 for the 1 low, while low settings could best take advantage of the 120Hz display.. Borderlands 3 was tested using the games built in benchmark, and there was a pretty large difference between medium and high settings, so probably worth sticking to medium for that big frame rate increase. Assassins, Creed Odyssey is another that was tested with the games benchmark and 60. Fps was possible with the high preset a fair result. Given the game. Doesnt need a super high frame rate to play.. The Witcher 3 was playable at ultra settings. Even the 1 low was near 60 FPS, but there was a substantial boost to be had by lowering just one level to high settings which, in my opinion, still looks great anyway.. F1 2020 was tested with the games benchmark tool and it sees a similar behaviour where lowering down one level from max offered a nice boost. In this case, high settings would push the average FPS above the screens refresh rate., Far Cry. New Dawn was also tested with the games benchmark.

Ultra settings was still above 60 FPS, though this seems to be a more CPU heavy test, so the 4600H might be holding up. The score. Now lets take a look at how the all AMD Bravo 15, compares against. Other laptops use these results as a rough guide only as they were tested at different times with different drivers. Ive tested, Battlefield 5 in campaign mode at ultra settings, and the Bravo 15 is highlighted in red.. This is only the second 5500M laptop Ive ever tested and despite the GPU reporting as running at a lower power limit compared to MSIs Alpha 15. The Bravo is a fair bit ahead of the Alpha, probably due to the CPU difference. As we know, the newer Zen2 options obliterate the older 3750H., Either way the 5500M still seems to sit in between the 1650 and 1660 Ti options on the Nvidia side.. These are the results from Far Cry 5 with ultra settings in the built in benchmark.. This test depends more on the processor, which probably explains why the Alpha 15, with the same 5500M graphics, is further below now.. Interestingly, the 5600M in the Dell G5 SE was just above it with the same processor. I suppose, due to the GPU mattering a bit less in this test. Again, though, the Bravo 15s 5500M is in between the Nvidia, 1650 and 1660 Ti options. Shadow of the Tomb Raider was also tested with the games benchmark tool with the highest setting preset.

The 5600M. In the G5 is now 27 ahead of the 5500M, as this is a heavier GPU test. Let me know if youd be interested in a video comparing those two graphics options.. The Bravo was just three frames ahead of the Alpha with the same GPU, so that CPU difference matters a bit less here compared to Far Cry 5, at least at these higher setting levels. Overall, the 5500M is certainly capable of delivering a good gaming experience. Just expect medium to high settings in more demanding AAA titles. If you want to maintain 60 FPS averages, though, as weve just seen, it of course depends on the game.. The 120Hz screen in my unit has a 22.3ms average grey to grey response time. So not a great result, given we need an 8.33ms response time for all transitions to occur within the refresh window. Ive got a link in the description. If you need an explanation on what all these numbers mean. Its one of the slower results, when we compare it against other laptops, but similar to a number of other, more budget friendly gaming laptops and hey at least not as bad as the far more expensive, razer Blade stealth at the top.. I hope this has been useful. I wasnt able to get this laptop in Australia, so I had to buy it and ship it over from the US with my own money., Shout out to the Patreon members who help me cover popular models.

Like this, that you all want to see Ill leave a link in the description if you want to join us in discord or check out some behind the scenes videos. Anyway. Let me know what you thought of the MSI.