And it is available only on the orbex direct store before we head into ken’s scenery, we’re, going to be checking out the default scenery fares to show you what the airport will look like when you load it into your simulator and then we’ll be jumping quite quickly Into ken scenery, to show you how much he has improved this airport so, as you jump into bryce canyon airport here in the usa, you’ll notice the absolutely fabulous surrounding mountains and canyons, and it does state on the world map that you have two runways. In fact, it’s showing currently that bryce canyon airport only has one asphalt runway runway, zero, three and two one measuring in at a generous 2254 meters and you’re, probably thinking that well that’s, quite a big runway for this size airport. This is only meant to accommodate general aviation and a few business jets um, but it was actually designed for emergency landings or any incidents that would occur between denver and los angeles. In fact, that did happen to an md 82 aircraft back in 2000 october 6th. To be precise and it had to actually land at bryce canyon airport, and so the runway was designed to hold larger aircraft, but just having a quick look at the default scenery, you’ll notice, the 2d satellite imagery is rather bad in this area. In fact, this airport has around, i think, five or six buildings in total. You can actually see them in the 2d satellite imagery down below there as we fly past and the historic hangar here at bryce canyon airport, with the lovely big um, bryce canyon airport font, logo on the roof is just depicted by this rather square utility.

Hangar type building and it’s not the best, looking default airport. So with that being said, let’s jump right into ken scenery. This is um in cooperation with orbecks who distribute to it on the direct store, so let’s jump in right now and see how much he has improved. Bryce canyon airport, welcome back to bryce canyon airport here in utah, usa and i’ve loaded into the orbec scenery, which has been developed by ken hall and we’re gon na see how much he has improved this airport. Well, just look at that isn’t that fantastic. You can clearly see the massive improvement to this scenery. The airport looks more alive now, the apron taxiways we we have the real buildings. Now we don’t just have flat 2d images, and we have that lovely historical log hanger which we’re flying over just now. It looks fantastic. You can see that obex and ken have put some really great details in this airport. Already the textures on each individual building, which we’ll have a closer look in just a moment, look really stunning. The you can see the grains in the wood, for example, in this timber and log, and also um some brick in there as well, and it looks really really great the little other textures of the stairs and lights and also the fuel tank in the field there. Just add to the realism, in my opinion and it’s hard to take your eyes off the historical log hangar there, the bryce canyon airport, on the top there and massive lettering, this the wood steps or the stair ladders.

There actually um a really nice bit of detail onto the roof and even with me getting close to these hangers, the texturing is pretty good. I mean look at this one. For example, you have pits bits of wood, um chipping off on the sides. The weathering effect is great. You know, i do love me weathering effect on the buildings um and again. Actually, the performance is pretty good as well same as the default series, which is very, very pleasant to see. We also have some custom vegetation being added to this airport scenery. You can see that orbex and ken have actually modeled this out. Building here looks like a house and one lives quite close: maybe the owner or someone who works there, caretaker, possibly um, but the cars and the drive so they’re definitely home. I just love that now we have all the proper buildings and you can see that there’s a lot of retexturing being done to the groundwork. The 2d satellite imagery is being replaced, the taxiways, the apron and the runway have all had a nice coat of paint and there’s a lot more static aircraft on stand now, making the airport feel a lot more alive so reading through the key features of bryce canyon Airport, we have a meticulous depiction of bryce canyon airport in utah, handcrafted, pbr, 4k textures and uhd modeling, which is fantastic. The performance i’m getting thus far is perfect and no complaints there beautiful custom aerial imagery, which, yes, it looks a thousand times better than what we got before.

Certainly, we saw a lot of um bad 2d satellite imagery from the the bing image, the bing um satellite imagery, which was um not so good, uh, stunning countryside, location, which yeah it’s uh, the the canyon; sorry, it says, canyon, sir no country, sir. We have countrysides in the uk here, but we don’t have many canyon sides. In fact, we don’t have any kind of insides, um, lovely mountains and canyons. In the background of this airport, it looks fantastic completely um completely weathered influenced ground poly, which um looks great. I may show you what it looks like in the snow for once may do that, for you, it’s got a sloped runway as well, um to obviously better have the gradient and the elevation of this airport we’ve got the historical um log um hangar cabin rather we’ve Got both actually the hangar looks fantastic, dynamic and immersive nightlight and which, obviously, we will go into in just a moment. It’S, a perfect base for exploring national parks of the south west of the us close by we’ve got bryce canyon, zion grand staircase and the grand canyon we’ve got um vegetation to suit this particular area area and elevation created with the assistance of the airport management and That’S, absolutely fantastic: i do love when creators developers get into that kind of research, it’s really amazing to see um. So yet the airport management um helped with extensive ground photography, so that’s really amazing, perfect for short flights to las vegas and salt lake city, and this is from the acclaimed developer, ken hall.

So just showing you the airport from above here, you can really appreciate the upgraded ground textures. They look a lot better than the default ones. Certainly, and you can see the all the different bits of colored concrete. You know the difference, the imperfections and the cracks even from this height the bits of moisture building up on the aprons there below where the cessna citation is – and it just looks stunning i’m – really impressed the transformation from default into this paywear scenery is extensive, it’s, a Really great job from obex and ken hall, and that brings me on to something very, very interesting as we cut away just for a moment from this video before we take a look at the night lighting here at bryce canyon, i’ve, teamed up with orbecks to give Six people a chance of winning their choice of products from the orbex direct store, that’s right, yeah, we’ve, we’ve, teamed up and we’ve said anyone. You can pick anything from the catalogue there, even the partnered sceneries so um, for example, the new this isn’t a partner scenery, but the new brisbane, um city packs, is fantastic. I’Ve flew over there a few times between making videos for you guys. You can pick that if you like, or you can go ahead and get the bryce canyon airport scene, if you like i’m, giving six people a chance to win um, so that will run now. It is open head to the link in the description below you will need an orbex account it’s free to sign up.

So again you from that link. Um from the link below from the bryce canyon airport link. You can sign up for the orbex account if you are lucky a lucky winner. I will be needing the email address that you’ve signed up for the orbex um account. For so i can get the product unlocked and you can download straight from there very, very easy easy to enter the giveaway easy to sign up on the obex. What what can i say, it’s a simple giveaway and hopefully um you guys win and good luck to everyone that enters i’m. Sorry that was a really muddled, um cutaway, but i’ve never done a cutaway before for a competition um, so yeah there we go and good luck to everyone who enters the orbex giveaway. So it is now time to check out bryce canyon airport at night time. So let’s roll back our clocks to 1am and see what the guys at obex and ken has been able to accomplish with the night light in here so it’s now, 1am at bryce, canyon, airport and a lot of ground crowd tonight must be a busy night here. At the airport um you can’t help but notice the lovely light rotating lights on those ground vehicles, but the airport, even though it is situated kind of in the middle of nowhere in brice canyon, you can see the apron edge lighting, the taxiway edge lighting and a Bit of the runway lighting off into the distance and the area where the buildings are is pretty well lit.

We will just get in closer to have a look and see what it looks like up close. So i think the main area here of bryce canyon airport is very well lit. We have lights on the side of the hangers, the cabin off into the background. There is nicely lit and it’s just not in your face over the top light and, as you can imagine, this airport won’t have intensive night light and it’s, not an international airport. It’S got the apron edge lighting, the blue ones, look fantastic and this log cabin here. The brick and the wooden, the tiles, are all lit up where the lights are, and it just looks fine. It looks really really well done in fact, and getting down low. You can appreciate it a bit more. You have like a spotlight on kind of um a base there that is illuminating. The um pathways out onto the apron um, the lights beaming down to the side of the building. There seems to be no interior light in just the lights that are on the outside of the wall of the the building itself shining down, but it still looks really really good and i’m um, actually very keen to see what it looks like around the log hangar. So let’s have a look there now and isn’t that an airy scene, you can see the clouds illuminated by the night sky almost and you can see the back of that cessna uh citation jet there and it looks very, very cool.

I think i think the night lighting is really well implemented in this airport and just look at the lighting on that log hanger. It looks fantastic and he is partially an interior, so let’s pop inside and see what it looks like inside there and it doesn’t seem to be any interior lighting and this seems to be a runway um, an apron edge lighting just there in front of that aircraft. In fact that looks like a custom static aircraft and it looks like a piper. It looks like a maybe a pa28. Possibly uh could be wrong actually, but it looks uh. It looks pretty good sort of cloaked in darkness there. Actually, it looks really good. This fluorescent sign for the av fuel they have fuel, looks really really nice. Please ignore those weird cars coming in and out and deciding that they don’t actually want to fly off on the airport today, but it was like that in default scenery, something that the senior developers actually can’t change. I believe um, which is a shame, i hope, to see that um change in the sdk for developers to do what they like with the uh traffic and the taxiway edge lighting and the runway edge lighting, look fantastic here at bryce canyon airport. Overall, i think the night lighting is great. I think it’s very well implemented not over the top, and it doesn’t need to be it’s a really really great location to do some vfr flying and flights to nearby canyons and cities, even it’s, a really nice airport.

So, just to give you an idea of what bryce canyon looks like in the snow it’s, not something i did. I did in my older videos back in the day and back in the day it was last year anyway um. This is not something i do often but um. I think i will in this video just to show you what the snow cover looks like at bryce canyon. So let’s have a look at that now so yeah it looks pretty good um. You can see that the apron, taxiways and runway all clear of snow, which i would imagine would be more realistic, certainly would be gritted and salted for the aircraft to resume normal daily operations. You can also see there is bits of a snow gathering in front of the log hangar and just further over before the taxiway um emerges from the apron. It looks perfectly fine, i can’t really um say it looks bad it. It certainly looks like where snow would cover, certainly the grassy areas and the rock and the surrounding areas um, but on the apron this would all be treated. I would imagine so. The airport can run uh with its, as i say, with its daily operations um. It looks great can’t really complain so just before i head in and show you a before and after montage to give you a really good look on the differences and the improvements made from the default scenery. Just to let you know, as i said before, performance is pretty good, no difference in the default scenery.

The performance i had in that and the airport clocks in at around 1.49 gigabytes, which i think is perfect. It’S um a small airport, but i think the level of detail in each individual building is is more than possible: it’s it’s, pretty good, actually um and yeah. This um probably has been a bit more of a shorter video than usual because of just the size of the airport um, but sit back and relax it’s time for a practically geek before and after montage feel free to pause in the individual sections. If you’d like a better look and let’s get right into it, so that was bryce canyon airport from orbex and the acclaimed developer ken hall, who has been able to give you this airport in stunning detail, you can grab this from the orbex direct store. The link will be in the description below it’s priced in at australian dollars. It’S 1’1 us dollars in euros. You can grab it for 11.55 and in the british pound sterling it is nine pounds and 97 pence. If you have enjoyed this video, please give it a big thumbs up and please consider subscribing to the practically geek channel for more videos. Just like this remember, the orbex giveaway is now live.