The surface pro, for example, is a laptop tablet. Pro hybridish thingy that kind of competes with the ipad pro, for example, but it kind of doesnt anyway. Today we have their latest iteration the surface pro 8.. This thing is rocking some pretty cool specs, so we have an 11 gen core i5 1135 g7 processor. We also have 8 gigabytes of ddr4 ram. Additionally, we also have a 256 gb salsa drive, which is configurable to higher amounts past that we also have intels integrated iris, xc, graphics. We have a wi fi 6, as well as bluetooth, 5 adapter on board. And yes, this is a 13 inch fully touched captive. Display today were gon na see all the tricks. Microsoft has up its sleeves to make the surface pro 8 a competitive buy for you or, if there just really isnt anything in the back to begin with. As always, if you enjoyed this review, make sure you hit that like button its up to my channel, it brings a smile and genuinely helps me grow. Thank you, starting with a real, quick unboxing. As you can see the front side of the surface, pro 8 box has the actual image of the device itself in the color. You opted to get it in on the back side. Youll also find the technical specifications and general information about the device. Now, once you remove the plastic wrapping set the box down it, glides in this really smooth and subtle fashion, almost reminds me of apples, packaging style.

Now inside you have your key player, which is, of course the pro 8 is in this interesting high quality wax paper. Remove that and heres this gorgeous piece of glass and metal, but more on that in a quick minute past that you have two additional boxes so open the long box. First inside the long box, you will first and foremost find microsofts iconic surface charger. Now this is a 65 watt charging adapter, and it also has this really interesting, usb bypass, which is nice to see. Now it is a proprietary charging, pin its microsofts own surface charging, pin its trip safe, cool stuff. Now you also, of course, have a standard wall outlet, charging cable piece past that we make our way to the smaller box now inside here once you open it its pretty flat, so it should give you a hint as to what it is its just microsofts. Quick start guide, warranty, information and regulation, information, stuff, youre, probably never going to read the surface. Pro 8 is undoubtedly a beautiful piece of hardware. Everything from that expansive 13 inch white glass display from one edge to the other on the front of the device to that premium, metallic exterior on the back side holding it all together, just feels so nice and seamless, and not just that at just approximately 1.98 pounds. The surface pro 8 is such a featherweight device. This thing will hardly put a dent in the overall weight of your commute backpack.

Its just really well thought and has supreme portability in mind the surface pro 8 is a pretty busy laptop. So, on one side you have the power, slash, wake button, you have to thunderbolt 4 usbc ports and of course you have the surface charging port. On the other side, youre going to find the volume rocker, as well as the good old 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, the top side, not much to see, but you do have a two tone design. This is likely because, where the wi fi six, as well as bluetooth antennas, are hosted, youll also notice. These sides, in the top of the device, have a bunch of fence. This is, of course, for air circulation to keep the device running nice and cool. The bottom of the device is where youll find the surface magnetic connection port, and this is of course you want to get the additional or optional, shall, i say, surface type cover and connect it. I did not get it personally this time because i dont think its worth the price its being sold at its expensive and it isnt anything. I personally need id rather just get a case for the device itself from amazon but thats. Another topic ill talk about later. On in the video making our way to the rear side of the device, we have that same composed metallic frame and youll notice towards the top side is where you have the 10 megapixel camera right.

Next to that you have the dual microphone system and yep. You also have the iconic microsoft logo now microsofts gone with a mirror like reflective surface over here. It just looks really nice, although it is a bit of a fingerprint magnet. I also love the fact that, just like all their other surface tablets, you have a kickstand built in and the bottom half its really practical, simple and it keeps your laptop in a stable, yet upright position. The display on the surface pro 8 is definitely one of its biggest assets, so you have a 13 inch wide screen with a resolution of 2880 by 1920 or 267 pixels per inch. Additionally, you have a refresh rate that goes all the way up to 120 hertz. Making everything look so smooth youll also be happy to know that microsoft has a nice touch system on board, with a multi touch 10 point system. Basically, that means touching. This laptop feels good, no inappropriateness intended now in terms of color accuracy. This is a pretty vivid display, so you have a 100 srgb rating or a 72 dci, p3 gamut range, generally speaking, while not the most colorful or color accurate display in the market. It definitely is great for photo or video activities or any other color sensitive activities. Now microsoft has a peak rated brightness of 450 nits with this display, which basically means this is more than enough for any indoor or outdoor setting. Although keep in mind, you have a super reflective display here, which means often youll find yourself maxing out the brightness to compensate for the glare the camera on the surface.

Pro 8 are top notch, so the front facing camera is 5 megapixels and it can record footage up to 1080p. So, generally speaking its really nice, it does great in daylight settings and surprisingly well in low light settings as well its better than like 95 of laptop webcams out there. Now the rear camera has a pixel count of 10 megapixels and it can record 1080p or 4k footage and, honestly speaking, its actually really crisp and clear. I was genuinely impressed at just how good these cameras are performance on the surface. Pro 8 is highly inconsistent and kind of all over the place. So on one side, general tasks like lets say web browsing or word, processing or general productivity are going to work seamlessly and exactly as intended. But when you start doing actual prograde activities like lets say photo editing or 1080p video editing, youll notice that at the beginning, or initially the workflows super smooth, but very quickly into the workflow. When you start adding multiple layers, theres frequent frame drops in the editing timeline running times can become quite slow, and this is simply because the device just cant keep that laptop class processor cool enough in that super small and sleek body heat dissipation, essentially same thing goes Over with gaming, so it can run games like gta 5 at its native resolution, at a steady 30 frames per second, but then out of nowhere youll get these occasional frame drops, which again are the direct result of thermal throttling going on the device and the fans Are just going wild, so, yes, casual gaming is possible, but this is definitely not a thats intended for gaming.

The surface pro 8 is definitely a hot tempered device. So, under hypothetical peak loads, this device can hit a average surface temperature just beneath 48 degrees celsius, making it uncomfortably hot under more realistic, sustained loads, like lets, say youre doing long term photo editing. Itll stay around the 42 degrees celsius mark, which is still relatively warm and definitely above the average under even less loads like low loads like doing general productivity, youll stay around the 25 to 26 degrees celsius mark, which is again above average, its definitely a pretty warm Device also in terms of fan noise, you can hit a maximum of around 44 decibels based on our tests, at least, but this is usually for short periods of time. A couple minutes at most now youre probably noticing a theme over here. The thing is the surface: pro 8 has a laptop class i5 processor. It also has intels integrated ios xc graphics, but it has a super slim and sleek body simply put the surface pro 8. Just cant get rid of the heat fast enough which results in you know: heat, buildup and ultimately thermal throttling to you that appears as reduced performance. So if you are going to be buying this device for heavy workflows, thats, definitely a consideration. You want to keep in mind battery life on the surface. Pro 8, unfortunately, is another disappointing element. Microsoft claims you can get up to 16 hours with typical usage. I have no idea what that means, because in our test, at less than 50 brightness web surfing, as well as watching a couple of youtube videos, we got less than 10 hours on a single charge.

If you do anything remotely demanding like photo editing that drops for around five hours and if you do any sort of casual gaming on here that drops well below the two hour mark the variation between the 10 hours we tested versus the microsoft claim of 16 hours Is borderline close to misinformation, so definitely not the best element of this device. The speakers on the surface pro 8 are cleverly integrated on the top vents of the device. Now, with that said, i found generally speaking with such a small device, its pretty loud and also its very clear, at least up until about 75 volume range. If you go any higher than that, though, you do start hearing a little bit of distortion. Have a quick, listen for yourself! The final thing i want to talk about are the optional accessories. So to get the surface slim pen 2, you have to dish out another 130 bucks and to get their signature keyboard. Another 180 bucks thats insane its a lot of overhead cost. Yes, the signature keyboard is a great design. It kind of serves as a protective case as well, but theres, nothing about it that streams. 180. Microsoft should have significantly subsidized that, given how expensive the surface pro 8 is to begin with, and the slim pen is a very niche item. So unless you have a specific use case, you dont need to get that as an optional accessory. Its most definitely not worth its price for general productivity, starting at 950 usd and going all the way up to 2400.

For the top i7 configuration the surface pro 8 is a expensive device, definitely intended for the premium segment. You do get a cutting edge, design, top notch, build quality and a very practically and well engineered device. In general, you also have a great display with a decent resolution: amazing color accuracy, great brightness and great touch functionality as well. I also appreciate the fact that the device has what i consider to be generally good speakers now. A lot of things holding this device back first and foremost, include its lackluster performance for a device that has the word pro in it. I just cant justify that because well turns out putting a full size. Processor in such a small device has consequences, which usually means any heavy duty. Workflow like photo video, editing or even casual gaming, suffers in the form of frame, drops or just poor performance in general, and you also get frequent thermal throttling that makes this device uncomfortably hot at times. Also, the fact that you have lackluster battery life, especially when comparison of the competition is inexcusable just 10 hours. I expected more from microsoft. Now, with that said, the surface pro 8 is still a great general productivity device. So if thats your use case – and you just want a really well feeling and built device – go for it. But if you are actually using this for heavy duty workflows, you may want to consider getting a standard laptop because youll get better performance at cheaper price.

For the same configuration or you may want to look at the competition like the ipad pro with its far more efficient m1 processor, for example, but thats my honest, take on the surface pro 8.. Let me know what your thoughts are. Let me know how you like this review.