My name is roderick and welcome to this channel seek right tech reviews. I will be your host narrating. This video seek right. Tech reviews provides consumers like yourself with tech, product knowledge and consumer education on future trending and current state of the art technology. If you are looking for an unbiased examination and review of any tech item that can help you decide what to and what not to spend your money on then this is the place for you. If you are new to the channel, then sit back and enjoy the video. If you are visiting us again and haven’t joined the srt community. Take a moment. Click the like button to help the channel reach more viewers, click the subscribe button and turn on the notification bell. So you’re notified when a new video is posted. We post new videos on saturdays. This video examines surface, go, to’s, features, components, cameras, security, connectivity lists its pros and cons, and then i will render my overall rating and review Applause. The surface go. 2 features are one 10.5 inch touchscreen with a 10 point. Multi touch pixel sense display. The pixel resolution is 1920×1280 2.. The s pen, mouse and keyboard are all sold separately. Three, the cpu comes in two versions: intel pentium gold, 44, 25 y or the eighth general intel core m3 processor. The graphics card is intel’s, uhd, graphics, 615, processor, 4.. The operating system is windows 10 home in s mode. If you desire to exit out of s mode watch the video indicated by the info card in the top right corner of the screen or click the link in the description box for more details, 5.

, the camera features 5mp front facing camera with 1080p skype. Hd video calling and an 8mp rear camera with autofocus 1080p hd video recording 6. battery life. For this tablet, slash pc is 10 hours when using strictly wi fi. When using the lte advanced service, it is up to 10 hours. Other notable features are one year limited warranty, 90 days of free technical phone support, 12 months in store and technical assistance, one free training session to transfer data and optimize performance and a 30 days free trial of ms office Music. 365.. The security package for the surface go to is quite intricate. The front facing 5mp camera features, windows, hello, face authentication with enterprise, great protection and trusted platform; module tpm, firmware enterprise grade protection, equals file level security that secures important documents, no matter where they travel, including mobile devices. Enterprise grade protection ensures that the end user’s productivity, isn’t, hampered curtailed or disrupted in any way the productivity of their work gets done and in full compliance with the organization’s timeline and deadline trusted platform. Module tpm is a specialized chip on a device that stores rsa encryption keys, specific to the host system for system hardware, authentication the components of the surface go to are one. The ram can either be four gigabytes or eight gigabytes, depending on your choice. At the time of purchase, the ram will be soldered to the motherboard, so there are no upgrades two. The internal storage can either be 64 gigabytes of emmc drive or 128 gigabytes ssd.

Depending on your choice. At the time of purchase, the internal storage will be soldered to the motherboard, so there are no upgrades. Three dual studio microphones are installed along with 2 watt stereo speakers with dolby audio 4., a qualcomm snapdragon 4g lte advanced x16 modem. Now let me briefly discuss the four configuration variations for which the surface go. 2 comes in. First format is with intel pentium 4425, why processor, wi fi only with 4 gigabytes ram and 64 gigabytes emmc drive the price point for this model is and 99 ‘9.99. Second format is with intel pentium 4425, why processor, wi fi only with eight gigabytes ram and 128 gigabytes ssd drive the price point. For this model. Configuration is 549 us dollars and 99 cents. The third format is with intel core m3 processor wi fi. Only with eight gigabytes ram and 128 gigabytes ssd drive the price point. For this model. Configuration is 629 us dollars and 99 cents, and the last format is an intel core m3 processor, with qualcomm snapdragon’s lte advanced x16 modem, eight gigabytes ram and 128 gigabytes, ssd drive. The price point for this model is 729 us dollars and 99 cents again with each of these system configurations. Both the ram and internal storage are soldered to the motherboard. Hence no upgrades in these regards the choice you make for the price point you’re willing to spend. Consider all your options as well as the technical data before you in this video Music here are the connections for the surface, go to one: a 3.

5 millimeters headphone jack 2., usb type c, 3.1 gen 1 supports 5g pbs transfer, speed charging and video out 3. surface Connect supports charging and docking 4. micro sd xc card slot 5. optional, lte advanced, sim slot 6. surface go type cover: connector 7 bluetooth, 5.0 technology, n8 wi fi equals 802.11. A slash b g n, slash ac x, Music. The pros 1. very good screen size equals 10.5 inches 2.. Very good display 10 points. Multi touch touchscreen with 1920 by 1280 pixel resolution, three buyers: choice of four system configured tablet: slash pc, excellent 4., good security protection package; 5., very good expandable storage, size up to 1 terabyte micro, sd xc car 6. good battery life equals 10 hours. The cons are one windows: 10 home in s. Mode option to exit out of s mode is available. Owner’S choice, watch windows, 10 in s mode review, details in the description box below 2. ram, not upgradable. You have to definitively decide and choose your amount of ram at time of purchase 3. internal storage, not upgradable. Again you have to definitively decide and choose your amount of storage base on system configuration at the time of purchase 4. no hdmi or ethernet ports installed. 5.. No s, pen or bluetooth, keyboard included. Note considering the price point amounts for each of the four system. Configured options, including a properly system configured and compatible s pen at the least, should be the norm rather than the exception to show real quality commitment to patronizing consumers.

More often than not making items like the s pen and even the keyboard separate purchases apart from the device, especially when a buyer has already invested so much price and dollar wise. It is consistently viewed as a capitalistic price gouging tactic of businesses to further satiate their average of monetary greed in the guise of profits at the expense of their patronizing consumers. I give the surface go 2a b minus rating on the strength that this two in one tablet pc is designed to be a portable mobile business work device. My review points are one. I would encourage an owner user of this device contingent on their choice of the system purchased to execute a few things: a exit out of s mode based on the type of cpu, gpu and potential ram internal storage and the added advantage via the sd xc card. Slot able to hold up to one terabyte storage user has the strength of the cpu gpu battery life and storage options to run windows 10 home version straight b. I would recommend to set owner user to invest in mcafee antivirus software through the microsoft store and install it as their primary antivirus, malware, spyware and phishing protection package 3.. I recommend this tablet pc for business niches, such as a graphic designers, visual communications, artists, social media marketers. These business men and women certainly need to execute my suggestions in point number one to give them the maximum depth and breadth of this tablet.

Slash pc’s capability and functionality at their fingertips b, financial service sector personnel who rely upon ms office 365 heavily to meet the rigors of a demanding industry and need to build reports, presentations, reviews contracts, data analysis, charts as well as secure and protect client, sensitive data information Security protocols are a premium. That’S should be easily satisfied with device. Physical access, security via windows, hello, facial recognition, software coupled with mcafee antivirus security protection. Software, see other niche markets to name a few. That truly would benefit from surface go to as their primary business tech device, youtube content creators, real estate contractors, property managers, property developers, utility companies, florists event planners product salesmen and women e commerce, businesses just to select a few 4.. Should you decide to make this tablet? Slash pc a business tool and asset plan and strategize the full depth and breadth of its use for your business and make a conscious and serious decision on your comfortable outlay expense for the system configuration you need to be successful and profitable in your business. The surface go to can be a versatile workhorse that can provide some decent years of use easily when you know and understand how it can meet your needs and service. Your business. If you found this video helpful, informative and provided you with effective, useful product knowledge, please hit that, like button click, the subscribe button turn on the notification bell and join the srt community. I post new videos on saturdays don’t, forget to check out the description box for all the links, peripherals and accessories mentioned in this video.

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