Now it’s been over a year that we are in quarantine, some of us and we have been doing zoom classes, um teams and other communication. Why is it communications now? Kids themselves have been suffering a lot because a lot of these microphones are not made for kids heads pretty much or adjustment of the actual receiver or the actual mic itself, so this case it’s a little different. These are actually made for kids and are really good. I’M very very impressed with what they can do now, it’s supposed to help to help the kids out it’s a safe audio that’s, pretty much what it does, and this is perfect for those of parenting out there and, if in in not just for actual zoom classes. But you guys can even game with them too. So, as you notice the actual headset, the microphone itself is very flexible too, and i like the soft colors that they have, including so we’re, going to take a look at it and see what you get when you purchase them like this and when it’ll talk a Little bit and do a little demonstration i try to buy one of those five belows. It didn’t work at all that very well. So, if you’re looking for something better quality, maybe you want to look into something like this, so let’s get take a look at it and see what you get when you’re purchasing something like this all right, so they come on a little plastic bag.

Pretty much. I untangle everything and if you can see it um now this is a digital connection, it’s a 3.5 jack and it curves it’s, not a single connection, point of view where actually it’s. This is a problem with kids. Kids are not very um. Uh sensitive um pushing these things in or removing them. They pretty much pull them out, and this case it has a little curve. So you won’t break the actual tip the 3.5 jack connects correctly to the laptop or the desktop on the side of it, and if you’re gon na stand up, it pulls out easily. So, in the other case, it was a little difficult because it was in a different angle, it’s a 90 degree angle. That was a little harder and this thing was actually bending and ripping. So, in this case scenario, i like the little bent that they have in here. This is kind of like a child proof kind of thing scenario that they have now. This whole thing is made of nylon, uh it’s covered the the actual. The connections are actually covered with some cloth and matte liner material. If you can see that um easy to use and no tanglements, you know it’s it’s, very slippery, so it won’t tangle up and that’s. One thing that i had a problem with the last one: so we’ll put this to use too now the headset themselves. You know very soft easy adjustable adjustable on the side.

If your kid has a different kind of. If your kid has a different head, you can always remove it to different ways: um very legible, to see the actual r in here there’s, an r right there and there’s a l right there. So they’re not going to be able to they’re going to be able to actually know exactly what’s their left and right now, the mic itself very flexible, easy to bring down and up um. This is something that i like that this is adjustable too, so you can move it to the back of the in front. So if some teachers are saying it’s too loud, you could easily move it away from you. Noise cancellation is pretty good uh. My kids been using it for roadblocks in their classes, in their zoom classes and it’s been working really good, so recommendation it’s not that heavy at all, it’s, not heavy at all soft tissue. Soft softness in the top um it’s a little flexible. If you can see it um soft here soft here, this is perfect for any ages. Under 15, i will say: you know uh. Even the dust can wear but not recommend it. I will say you know. This is pretty much made for kids, um it’s for noise protection, noise cancellation and it’s for their school and, like i said this, one has a digital connection. You do not need the two connections like other older ones or if you go to five below you’re, going to need to buy an extension or or actually a converter.

Now on this one. If you can see there’s three little lines in here – and this is a digital connection, so when you plug it into your laptop or desktop, it will identify as one so on the zoom you have to. You have to identify the actual, proper connection here, saying that you want to use this headset as your thing and we’re going to see if we could demo some of the stuff and see if we can put it to use so let’s go ahead and take a Look, this is the stuff i have to deal with with these headphones getting tangled – and i have to put these in like order and it takes forever like, especially when you just want to relax and watch youtube or something or zoom or zoom. Okay, can you go ahead and demonstrate how you set the other one up? Well, first, i have to take these off and then you have to get these and you have to find the plug they’re different type of plugs. Sometimes they could be like square like that, or sometimes they can be around like this one and it’s a round one. So now that plug in, i should be able to watch this. I mean i press this button, audio testing testing one two three, as you see the bar goes up like that, and the bar means like you can hear, and this is to make sure you can hear it correctly and i can hear it correctly and it obviously Can hear my voice yeah these headphones are really good sabrina.

What do you like about the new headsets um they’re, pretty blue and they’re, really soft and the cable itself? The cable is really like stuff. So if i, if i wanted to put it down on the table, wouldn’t get tangled for tangled for no reason can you show us a demonstration of what you have with your other. So what i had was a tangled mess like this on this one. Okay, with this it’s, only one string other than two what the heck says you can even play games on there. Okay.