Do a mouse pad round up video on a few new mouse pads that i received, i did get the eve mouse pad the zoe gsrsc the pure track special edition in the phoenix colorway and the aqua control plus in the fly colorway. I want to talk about which pad i prefer and tell you guys about how i feel each mouse pad glides and give you guys side by side comparisons between all four pads and, first up guys. We do have the eve cordura mouse pad cordura is water, resistant and sweat resistant as well, so the surface typically is the longest lasting as far as areas of slow down compared to the other three pads in the lineup. Today i can say that the pad is a little abrasive, but probably as far as a cordura pad the most reminiscent to a typical cloth pad really not bad at all. As far as that is concerned, and as far as static friction, you can see that with core pads on the xm1r, it does not take a whole lot to get the mouse moving and as far as dynamic friction it is definitely i wouldn’t classify it as a Speedy pad it’s, probably more along the lines of a control pad, but a nice balance as far as a cordura pad between the level of dynamic, friction and static friction. You can definitely get some very controlled micro movements with the mouse pad. So i would say that out of all the cordura pads, it might be my favorite cordura surface, just because it’s not too too speedy, it’s, not slow and muddy a nice balance between speed and control and on the eve mouse pad.

The stitched edges are actually pretty uh, pretty fine stitching, very high quality in my personal opinion, and the logo is very stealthy and is not obnoxious. It is very tiny on the bottom right of the mouse pad and uh is not raised, so it will not affect you in game and next up i do have the benq zowie gsrse in d blue. I can say that for me this is still one of my favorite pads and unfortunately it is one that wears down very quickly, especially compared to a cordura pad like the eve mouse pad. The edges are not stitched, so you will begin to have a little bit of fraying on the edges of the mouse pad. I’Ve never really cared too much about that. I’Ve never really felt that to be an issue while i’m playing, and you can see that there is quite a bit more control on the zoe gsrse than the cordura pad by eve and as far as micro movements. The friction feels a little bit higher as far as from a static and dead stop of the mouse. So a little more control for small wrist movements and tiny movements of your hand. You can see that the eve mouse pad again has a little bit more or, i should say, less dynamic friction than the gsrc. The gsrc is very, very controlled and it just overall feels like a solid, solid cloth, mouse pad and again one of my favorite pads that i have used to date, um, probably more so out of nostalgia than the actual quality of the pad itself.

But just a solid solid what people used to refer to as a speedier pad but, in my opinion, just the solid control pad that is not really muddy and something that remains very, very good for tracking and flicking and uh games like valrant or apex and guys. I did want to show you the pure track pad in white and blue, because i think it looks awesome, but this particular pad. I do have an issue with the way it smells. I don’t think it is the adhesive or the pad itself, but i did get a pad that reeks of cigarette smoke. So i am going to box this up and pull out the special edition to discuss with you all right guys by far my favorite pad out of the four mouse pads today is the pure track pad. I do think that the surface is just a very, very well balanced cloth pad very reminiscent of the zowie gsr sc, but something that is just a hair, faster, a hair, less dynamic. Friction a hair less static friction, so it is a little more maneuverable for small tiny movements. It just feels a tad bit easier and if you don’t need the extra control of the zowie gsrsc, i think it is a better pad overall, the zowie gsrc, though again, if you need a little more control, it is one of my favorite pads and i think That it is very good as far as giving you that extra control on days that you’re over aiming you can see that the static friction is a little bit higher with a light pressure behind the mouse compared to the pure track pad that glides a little bit Easier and effort more effortlessly, i would say, and as far as dynamic movements on the gsrse, the mouse definitely comes to a more controlled, stop a hair faster than the pure track pad.

But again, both mouse pads feel phenomenal, but the pure track pad is probably my favorite out of the bunch and for the price i do think it is a an absolutely fabulous mouse pad and another fabulous mouse pad is the aqua control plus i do have the Fly colorway, which i believe is supposed to be non coated. The stitched edging is absolutely phenomenal, very high quality, no issues in that regard at all and as far as the way the mouse glides, i would say that the dynamic friction is very similar to the pure track pad. It might be a hair slower than the pure track pad a little bit more controlled on dynamic movements and the static friction is probably about the same, maybe a tad bit slower than the pure track pad. But i do think that the surface material might be a little more durable than the typical cloth pad, since it is a hybrid surface. So the three pads are very very similar. I would say the zowie gsr se is the most controlled out of the munch. The highest static, friction and probably a dynamic movement that comes to a dead, stop the fastest and the pure track, i would say, has probably the least amount of dynamic friction, at least how it feels out of the box compared to the aqua control plus, but pretty Similar in that regard, so i would say, in my personal opinion, comparing the three side by side.

The aqua control almost feels like a in between between the gsrsc and the talent. Excuse me the pure track special edition mouse pad. So you know if you are looking for a super well balanced pad, that is a little bit more controlled than the pure track. I would probably go for the aqua control plus. If you need more control than both the pure track and the aqua control, i would go zowie gsrse and if you are looking for something a little bit faster than both, i would say, the pure track is probably something that probably feels the easiest. As far as little small micro movements and a little bit faster as far as dynamic, friction is concerned, but all three of them are really really good pads so again for me, out of all of the mouse pads that i did recently get. I do think that i, like the pure track pad the most in second, i would probably go with the zoe gsrse one out of nostalgia and two just the fact that again, like the pure track, it is kind of a old school, just great feeling cloth mouse Pad, probably the one that it will degrade the fastest, but an enjoyable experience when i’m in need of more control. Given the fact that i, like the pure track the most, i do want to take this thing in game in apex legends and see how it plays let’s check it out. Music.

We know Music, Music, oh jumping in there, so guys. All four of the mouse pads are fairly good. I think my top three out of the bunch would be the aqua control, zowie and pure track, and i can say that all three of them offer again certain beneficial things for the type of mood or the way that you are aiming. If you’re looking for kind of something in between, i would definitely go for the aqua control. If you’re in need of more control, i would go for the zoe gsrse and if you are in the mood for something a little bit faster and smoother feeling the pure track is a fabulous pad. I think for me: i’ll probably stick to the zoe gsr se. When i’m in need of control, and when i have the ability to go a little bit faster, i will probably go with the pure track pad. I can say that, prior to this review, i was not aware of pure track as a company or a mouse pad, and i am very happy with the pad and very impressed with the type of surface and just how well balanced the actual surface material is. So it is a really nice mouse pad and a lot of their pads in the line are very, very cheap, so really a nice purchase from pure track.