Also running a giveaway for two of these mice. So stick around until the end. For details on that Music, alright, so full disclosure. Before we begin this mouse was sent over from a few weeks ago, they're a Chinese company which is where motor speeds sell their products. I chose this mouse as it had a high rating on the website, and I was really interested to see what you'd get out of a 15.00 gaming mouse. Could all the high ratings be legit inside the box, there's of course the mouse itself and the manual? The first thing that I noticed was that the mouse felt pretty good a lot better than I was expecting considering the 15 US dollar price point. The mouse weighs in at 142 grams, although the documentation says it's 169 grams and it's 128 millimeters long 67, millimeters wide and 41 millimeters high on the left hand, side of the back and forward buttons with a hard plastic for the thumb wrist and the same material Is also found over on the right hand, side on top are, of course, the left and right mouse buttons which use on wrong switches, there's, a rubberized scroll wheel and a dpi adjustment button. By default, the DPI button can be used to change between 500 750, 1000. 1500, 2000 and 3500 dpi. However, you can customize the increments through the software or completely remap the button. If you want so what's, the back is the motor speed logo, which is illuminated by the internal RGB lighting.

Okay, so the lighting actually looks a lot better in person than the video is showing it looks fairly choppy when I've recorded it but it's smoother in real life. The RGB lighting runs around most of the mouse as well between the left and right click buttons and into the scroll wheel, and I personally think it looks pretty nice on. The bottom is a pmw 3320 sensor, which I found to work quite well. No issues there at all there's, also a smooth plastic material toward the front and back to help the mouse slide around it'll be interesting to see how that holds up after a longer period of time, but so far no problems. After a few weeks of use, it plugs in via the braided USB 2.0 type, a cable which is approximately 1.7 meters long it's completely plug and play you just plug it in and it's ready to go, although not included with the mouse or any information about in The manual there is a driver that you can download from motor speeds website which allows you to perform some customization with the mouse it's fairly straightforward to use. There are 14 different lights that you can individually control 7 on the left and 7 on the right, as well as 5 different built in lighting effects. The static effect lets you set. The colors and they'll stay constantly lit the breathing effect lets you select, colors and they'll fade in and out. The neon effect will change the color of the whole mouse at the same time, so it will remain the same color at any one time.

The recirculating order effect was the default when I first plugged the mouse in basically, all the colors continually changed like a rainbow. The symmetrical flow effect is similar, except the lights changed from the back to the front together, rather than all over the place. You can also adjust the speed of the effects and the direction, so lighting effects can be reversed. What I found cool was that when you change the lighting effects or macro settings through the software they're actually being saved onto the mouse. So if you unplug the mouse and plug it into a different machine, the same settings will still be ready to go. You can also use the software to define macro keys, so basically you can remap any of the keys to whatever you like. You just have to define the sequence through the software from what I can tell you're. Getting a fair amount of premium features at the 15 price point, but two lucky winners will be able to find out for themselves as after a couple of weeks into testing the mouse out for myself, Geir best reached out and asked. If I wanted to do a giveaway for two of the v30 mice – and, I said sure so, there's a link down in the video description to enter. Basically, you can get entries by subscribing to the channel and following on twitter, the giveaway will close in one week from when this video was posted, so on the 26th of November at 1159 p.

m. GMT so sign up before then for a chance to win. One of these, so what did you guys think about the v30 Gaming Mouse from motor speed I'm honestly really impressed with this Mouse, especially considering the price of just 15 US dollars? The overall build quality seems above average, and even the RGB lighting effect looks pretty cool. Granted that's going to be pretty subjective in any case, I've been using it for a few weeks now and I'm going to keep using it for the time being, as it's been great. Let me know what you thought: look down in the comments or leave a like or dislike on the video too quickly. Let me know, thanks for watching and don't forget to subscribe for future tech.