. This is the Moto G100, but you may have seen it before.. Yes, it is the Motorola Edge S launched in China in January, and that now reaches the rest of the world. As a member of the Moto G family., It has a fast processor, a lot of memory, a 90 Hz screen a battery for more than 1 day and many cameras. Do we finally have a Moto G with a flagship profile Check out our first impressions in this tudocellular.com hands on.? When you catch your eye on the Moto G100, it is impossible not to remember the moto G 5G Plus.. There are two holes for selfie cameras in the left corner of the screen, plus a square Cooktop with 4 cameras at the rear., While the other has an all plastic body, this new metal side back to give it a more premium appeal.. The model we received mixes the shades of green with purple to give a beautiful iridescent effect.. It is a cell phone with good, build quality and has a more expensive product feel compared to the others in the Moto G line.. The Motorola logo continues to be present on the back, but the company has already stopped, including the biometric reader on it.. Here on the Moto G100. We have the sensor on the side that responds quickly to the lightest touch. And it also serves to trigger shortcuts. When you tap twice., The model we received came with an HDMI cable and support to connect the phone to TVs and monitors.

But it is good to remember that the device is also sold without this accessory., Both versions, the 20 watt charger and headset in the box.. The Moto G 100 features a 6.7 quotLCD screen with full HD Plus resolution at 90 Hz.. This is a bit of a disappointment since for a flagship device we expected a 120 Hz AMOLED panel.. The worst part is in the brightness below 600 nits.. To give you an idea, this is the average that many intermediaries deliver, while the top brands of other brands exceed 1000 nits anyway, the G100’s screen displays beautiful images with vibrant, colors and good contrast, level. Its a wide screen that provides comfort for watching movies, even more Because it has a 21 9 standard, the same as for cinema.. The second disappointment goes to the sound Motorola has already invested in intermediaries, with stereo, sound and doesnt sense to include only one audio output in a device of this size.. This is where the Edge line stands out for having stereo sound. While the G100 is limited to mono sound., The sound power could be better a little bit of midrange, but the serious ones are just right.. Perhaps the one that draws the most attention on the Moto G100 is your internal hardware.. It comes equipped with the Snapdragon 870, which is basically an overclocked version of the Snapdragon 865, which equipped several flagships in 2020.. Allied to that, we have 12 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage.

. It is at this point that the G100 shies away from premium intermediaries and really tries to consolidate itself as a true top of the line.. Its set guarantees great performance allied to Android 11, with few modifications by Motorola. In benchmarks. We had scores at the level of chicken chips with Snapdragon 865.. Having a lot of memory ensures that the device. hold many open applications in the background, but well see how they do in our speed test in the future, as Motorola has never stood out in our ranking., the 5000 mAh battery promises to deliver autonomy for more than 1 day. In quick use. You can see that it yields well, but we will see how the G100 will perform in our test and standardized soon.. The Motorola Edge Plus has Snapdragon 865 and the same battery size and managed to spend the whole day away from sockets. We can expect this to deliver a similar result.. The software portion is the same as the company’s recent releases that received Android 11., And that includes Ready for Samsung’s Dex rival solution.. This is not the first time Motorola has invested in a mobile phone that turns into a desktop. Remember. The Motorola Atrix launched there in 2011, Ready for is nothing more than a suite here that allows you to use Android in desktop mode. When you connect the Moto G100 via cable to a monitor or TV., It is possible to have a desktop with mouse and keyboard connected via Bluetooth to the cell phone.

. It is also possible to explore the larger screen to play even pairing, a Bluetooth controller.. We tested it with the Xbox controller that worked with some games, but it was not possible to configure the buttons in some games. Maybe a third party app will fix the problem. We’Ll see that until our full review goes live., The advantage of Ready for is that you only need to connect the cable and use it. While DeX has the advantage of working wirelessly with TVs, but not everyone may find it very practical to set up. Each solution. Has its differentials and are equally interesting. If the hardware of the Moto G 100 wins you over for its flagship appeal, the camera set already has an intermediary footprint. At the rear. Is a 64 MP sensor common in the middle segment.. This comes with an Ultra Wide camera and one for background blur. The fourth hole that completes the cooktop layout is just a ToF sensor.. At the front, we have a 16 MP main camera and a secondary camera, with an Ultra Wide lens.. Motorola, never stood out on camera, and even the Edge Plus, which came in at a salty R 8000 was overshadowed by rivals in the same price range.. The Moto G100 is capable of taking good pictures, but don’t expect an amazing experience.. The Ultra Wide camera loses sharpness in exchange for a larger field of view.. Shooting in low light will be tricky with the G100.

Photos come out dark and grainy.. The ultra wide loses a lot of details and presents blurs in the corners of the photos.. The blurring should do a better job, since, even with the ToF sensor, it still shows errors in the separation of planes. The front one records good selfies, but the ultra wide one captures darker photos. At least break the branch when it comes to taking a selfie with The whole family., The blur effect, is even more artificial and has very visible errors.. The Snapdragon 870 is capable of shooting at 8K at 30 FPS, but Motorola decided to shoot the G100 at the maximum resolution of 6K, just like with the EDGE Plus.. At least. He makes good 4K footage.. What may disappoint the most is the front end that only records videos in Full HD., But there is the extra feature that allows you to shoot with the rear and front at the same. Time. Is the Moto G100 really a top of the line. Remember the first Pocophone that won over the public by having top of the line hardware in an intermediary set. Well Motorola’s new launch follows that line., It costs R 4000 in the version, without the HDMI cable. To connect the phone to the TV and costs R 4100 in the version with the cable. Worth the Price, Our first impressions were mixed. We enjoyed the hardware but expected more on the screen, sound and cameras.. Of course, we will test the device thoroughly to see if the investment is valid or it is better to take some older model from Motorola itself, such as the Edge Plus, which is currently priced similarly.

. In the meantime, don’t forget to comment on what you think of the Moto G100 and also leave your questions about the device so that they can be answered in our full review.. An interesting question for you to answer below is: would you use Ready for mode connecting your phone to a larger screen, or do you think it is a feature that is not so missed, Remembering that this hands on with more images and technical details can be seen In the text version at the link below accompanied by the best prices for the Moto G100.