That will be very useful for you in an everyday office setting, as I have been working in an office for over 15 years now and use MacBook for everyday work, so lets get to it. Firstly, lets start with the MacBook case, and this is the tomtalk protective laptop sleeve, which has super padding and is meant to be military grade, and my 16 inch MacBook snugly fits inside this case, and it also feels very well protected. There is also a pocket outside where I like to put my charger. A lot of people will still have one of these locked away somewhere. This is the original iPhone headphone that came with an iPhone, so no need to spend money and get a new one. When this will still do the job for most people this year, this is a multi port, USB hub and very handy because it has USB ports, HDMI port SD card slot and so on. The best part is that you can connect multiple devices using only one USB C port to your MacBook. Now you can get different types of USB hubs based on your needs, and you can easily get ones for under 20 pounds or 20 dollars. Alternatively, you can get the cheap and cheerful USBC to USB adapter. Now another handy little item to have, especially as newer MacBooks, do not have USB ports, and most of us still have a lot of USB devices. They are very cheap and only cost a few pounds or dollars, but please keep in mind that due to their size, you can easily lose them most of us who work in the office are probably familiar and used to working with a mouse.

So this Logitech m330 silent plus wireless mouse comes in very handy. The mouse click is pretty silent and the battery seems to last forever. Only thing to remember is that the USB mini receiver requires a USBC adapter to connect to the MacBook again this mouse costs under 20 pounds in the UK or 20 dollars in the US. Finally, you may require an external hard drive to store large files, or maybe you just want to store your files externally to be able to take it anywhere. You want with you so just keep in mind that you may also require a USBC adapter to connect it to your MacBook. A one terabyte hard drive will cost you less than 50 pounds in the UK or 50 dollars in the US, which is still fairly cheap. Now, if you want something with a faster read and write speed, because you do some sort of editing work, then you can get something like this SanDisk Extreme SSD, but that will easily cost you over 100 pounds or 100. So those were my choices in terms of what I find to be the most useful accessories for me personally for my MacBook, please feel free to leave comments in the comment section below about what you think are the most useful accessories for your MacBook and also, if You have not done so, please feel free to subscribe to my channel as I do everyday product reviews every two weeks.