Contemplating if Im going to buy one of these – and this is not what I wanted out of reviewing this laptop – but here we are design, build and quality. The laptop looks really just sleek and clean and professional and why I love that is because yes, Im going to play games on it, but I dont want anyone to know that. I want people to look at it and go its a professional apps. This guys, a professional hes going to do work, look at him doing the work, its an aluminum Groove finish on the outside and a magnesium aluminum interior and just feels really nice to the touch. The keyboard has a solid Acer style, build to it with a nice big touch pad and given the power, this laptop has its a lot lighter than other gaming laptops weighing only 2.5 kilos. One of the things I really love about this laptop is that its a 15 inch laptop thats, also just less than two centimeters thick, which means I can fit in my camera bag, and I can keep it with me on the go. I can add it to my usual run when I want to go film something its just there in my kit Hardware breakdown, if youre a hardware nerd you want to get into the nitty gritty of whats inside this laptop theres, an article Linked In the description and, If you click that it goes into way more detail, but Im going to hit on all the main points right now, Cameron, microphone, it has a really standard 720p camera and a really standard inbuilt microphone and its totally.

What youd expect, if youre going to use a laptop and youre one of those people that would rather just you know, not use their headset and just make your co workers suffer through the noise of your keyboard as you clack away, because you dont want to spend A couple of bucks on a headset, I yeah, I dont, get it get a headset, just get a headset, and then it will help everyone. Everyone will love you for it. Rgb lighting, the laptop has RGB lighting, and I personally think that igb lighting is dumb and so Im, giving it a 0 out of 10 and I refuse to go any further into how it works or if its good or not the parts when it comes to Ports on the laptop I want as many ports as I can get on. The laptop nothing makes me angry in the world than when I use a laptop. That is a single USBC Port. Im like this is insane. Thank you for this. Laptop is a bunch of parts on one side. Youve got the power port, HDMI, 2.0 B, part a USB 3.2 type c, Gen 2 pod, as well as the USB 3.2 type c gen, 1 Port and a 3.5 millimeter audio combo Jack. The other side has a power button, micro, SD card slot and two USB 3.2 Gen, 2 type, a port, its a good number of ports. The XG mobile Port also allows direct PCI connectivity, which means that you can take.

One of these Asus builds external devices like an enclosure that you can put in external graphics card into which means that if the 3070 TI isnt enough for you, you can upgrade to a newer card as it comes out, which leads me to another point of why. I really like this laptop and it is upgradeability something to know with the price of this laptop. Is that often, when you buy mid tier or low T, laptop itll have a single slot for Ram, which means that you can only upgrade one stick and theres. Usually a limit to how that works on this laptop, you can use the XG mobile port to allow, for you, know, external enclosure, external graphics card, as well as a laptop having two slots for Ram, allowing for up to 64 gigabytes of ddr5 memory at 4, 800 Megahertz – and it also has two pcie gen 4 SSD slots, which means you can buy this and use this for three to five years as a workstation updating as you go, if you need more space. So if you need to upgrade the RAM, if you need an external exclude enclosure, so you can use graphics card, but then, on top of that, when thats all done, you can still use it to watch movies, play games and use it as a tablet. If you one day need to upgrade to another laptop, I guess my point is: you could actually use this for quite a long time and still keep up with everything you need to keep up with speakers.

There are two front facing speakers as well as two coming out of the corners of the laptop. The sound was pretty decent. Most of the time. I found that when I really cranked the volume, the highs got a little bit tinny, and that was a little bit annoying when I was trying to cook and watch a movie. At the same time. That being said, there are always different solutions to get around that like using a wireless headset or a Bluetooth headset. You can check that on and you, the speakers are just a nice thing to have battery life. A lot of different factors come into play when youre trying to judge the battery life of a laptop. I always find the best way to know if I think it works for me is just use it the way, I would use it on the base settings and see how far I get using this laptop for a day of work when Im jumping around between slack Between Chrome, with these different YouTube videos editing on Premiere, I got just under seven hours of battery life. Something to note is that if youre going to play games non stop, it will be drastically shorter, youre, probably going to get two to three hours out of it. Temperatures and fan noise, whether youre gaming, on a mobile or an iPad, or a laptop or a desktop or a console when you start actually playing the games, they heat up and the fans kick in its just a thing.

Thats going to happen. The question is: how hot does it get and how quickly do those fans kick in? How loud do those fans get I found with this laptop? It got hot it didnt get too hot. At the same time, its got three separate fans. The fans do kick in and get quite loud if youre really pushing this to its limits, but at the same time, if youre putting headphones on which you should be doing when youre playing games, so you actually can hear where the footsteps are youre. Trying to you know know where people are and having map awareness uh. You youre not going to notice these fans. They do get loud. But if you put headphones on youre not going to notice them, the screen is a mini LED screen with Gorilla glasses, protecting it, which is fantastic because you dont want to damage the screen if youre going to be running around using it like a tablet. It also means that there is a little bit of a sheen on it when you look at it from different angles and the way that light reflects on it. That being said, if youre going to compare mini LED to an OLED screen, an OLED screen is a little bit better, but mini LED is very close. Its slightly, I kind of noticed a slight difference, in contrast just a little bit more contrast, I would say to the image and the color itself, but outside of that, this thing looks amazing if you are using a normal everyday desktop screen.

Youre, hitting 60 hertz is very likely what youre getting for your refresh rate. The day I moved to a 120 hertz and ultimately 144hz screens that I use now. I can never go back. It is so incredibly smooth and seamless both when youre just using it to edit video or using it for desktop applications, but also, if youre gaming, its just its a total Game Changer. So, ideally, you want a zero millisecond response time on the screen. But that being said for 165 Hertz, I would definitely take that refresh rate over the response rate when it comes to the majority of gaming that Im going to do if Im playing on a gaming laptop now the price, if you want a gaming laptop, there are Cheaper gaming laptops out there that would do a very similar job to this one. If you want a tablet to play, games on there are a whole bunch of tablets that you can buy theyre, definitely cheaper than buying this laptop. The magic of what this laptop is is that it combines both of them together. I could use it for work. I can use it to game, I can use it in the kitchen. I can use it for my nerd Hobbies. The x16 within seconds is immediately a tablet which allows me access to everything, as I usually would, the file structure that I have in place. All of my files, all of my photos, all of my projects, all of my bookmarks theres – no need to have anything synchronizing between different accounts, theres no need to actually find apps.

That will work in a way that allow two different environments to work with one another. Its all on one device – and that alone, is why I think they also called it the flow, because you get into a flow state. It makes sense when I first so the name flow. I was like Im not too sure, but the idea is, but I get it now. The point is, is that I, like this laptop and if you jump into the description youll, find a link to the article that goes into way more detail. But the long story short is, I think, its actually pretty impressive and I like what theyve done and Im very likely going to buy one. If you enjoyed this video – and you want to know, see more videos about laptops and Hardware like this or you have any criticism check it in the comments like the video subscribe, its a pretty cool Channel, I think Tobys done a pretty good job. Thank you for having me on Toby, no problem Joe.