Is it worth the upgrade? Is it worth picking up at all now well be looking at that and more with this in depth. Look at monster hunter rise on the pc. First of all, thanks capcom for giving me this review code. It is very much appreciated uh getting it to me early is gon na. Let me really go in depth to all the changes in additions to this. Now that being said, uh, this is my full uninfluenced opinion, so dont think, because i got the code early that im giving this high or negative points either way. Okay, with that out of the way, how does the game look, obviously going from the switch a nearly seven year old tablet that can just barely keep the game at 30 fps to modern pc gaming, its clear to see that the game is going to look way Way better uh, whereas you know you had you know around 720 fluctuating resolution now you can have probably up to about 4k with a lot of people, maybe even hitting 120 fps. The re engine really does a lot of work here. Very optimized engine allows for really great performance, but its clear. A lot of that goes a long way based on the optimizations that were made for the switch engine itself. This shows up from time to time im going to show a little artifacting here i dont know quite whats going on when you wander around in an area you get this little sphere of influence around you, where kind of like a dithering or shadowing pops in as Good as a high resolution, textures do look its also very clear that the environment was designed for a switch, not a pc just compared to head to head to world in basically any area.

You can see that while the world is large with a lot of verticality in it, theres just not nearly as much detail as somebody who maybe had world as the first game would expect. It is a simple and clean appearance that, in some scenes, really stands out in a really positive way, adding it exclusively to the pc version. Is this new graphical filter hidden a little bit in the advanced settings in world? I used a lot of tools like reshade to try and change color and contrast so its nice to see that capcom is providing us that feature directly playing around with it. I can see some people using it when making screenshots, but even the most interesting warring states. Filter doesnt really look like the sort of thing id want to play with uh. It adds some interesting color highlights, but then arbitrarily desaturates other things i dont know could be fun to play around with id like to see something that goes on full on cell shading, something like mozziners stories 2 or maybe something that really blows. The contrast out with a lot of vibrancy, as is nice feature to have going to be really fun for people that want to take screenshots, otherwise, im, not sure its necessarily a game selling feature. This may go without saying the ability to use virtually any controller on pc will be a pretty big advantage as well. The switch was definitely a little bit more open than xbox or ps5 in this regard, with a lot of third party controllers working natively, but pc with the steam layer will work with.

Basically, anything capcom has taken note and included under the game. Settings are controller button. Icons for xbox 360 xbox, one in series, ps4 ps5 and the nintendo switch keyboard and mouse feels good as ever, not much to say here. It looks like it works. It seems like its a real mouse input layer and its not just emulating an analog. Stick not my preferred way to play monster hunter, but if you liked it before, you should have no problem with it. Now, probably the biggest downside compared to the switch, though, is theres no native gyro controls. I made a whole video detailing this ill, throw it down in the description if you want to check it out, but the way the switch made gyro aiming so seamless kind of made me a fan of it. I mean, i think, most of us remember, motion controls as like wii, music or whatever or uh. You know tilt controls for mario kart um, but you know, while its inconsequential for most weapons when you use it with the bow, i think it really clicked on the switch uh cant really blame capcom very few steam games. Natively support gyro. As of right now, im sure some fans will come up with some steam controller profiles that will work to some extent with being able to mimic the gyro with mouse uh, but itd be really great if capcom could look into taking full advantage of native gyro on. I believe the ps4 ps5 and switch pro controllers in a future update for actual in game content.

Those of you starting on pc for the first time will benefit greatly. Ryze was pretty controversial at launch. A lot of players dropped the game very early on on the switch because they burned through the 1.0 content, basically immediately and felt like it wasnt worth sticking around for to me, and especially if you were completionist, i thought there was plenty to do with 1.0. At least assuming you played all the weapons and then especially if you were coping super hard trying to make elemental work uh. That being said rise on pc launches with the 3.1 patch, which means it gets two significant title updates not really sure what the point. One added, but i do know there is a real lot of event quests to go through its gon na, be a little bit behind the switch uh. Just just briefly its its going from the content from the november update a rise on the switch has a little bit more to do, but i think theyre going to be up to date sometime in february. To me, this is actually a good thing, um its going to give us the best possible release schedule when it drops theres going to be a ton to do, and then over the coming weeks, therell be a little bit of a drip feed of new emergency quests, Which are way harder than normal monsters and then, who knows maybe theyll even throw us a bone and give us another mini title update with some new layered gear or equipment as well.

So good compromise overall so in the end, is ryze worth the upgrade over the switch. I mean to me unless you spend a ton of time on the go or youre just a complete bow. Gyro die hard. Theres. Really, no questions. I mean the graphical updates alone. Are worth it uh, the game runs basically perfectly with even faster loading speeds than you could ever hope for on the switch by the way. If you do play on the switch make sure you install the systemdandnut sd card just a little bit faster there future updates and graphical filters control options overall, better performance, i mean this is the version that im going to be playing and going to be going through. Sun break when i go through for the first time, all right with the version differences out of the way i kind of want to get into some high level. Uh praises as well as a couple nitpicks of ryze as a monster hunter title. So one thing, thats always been true of the monster teams – is theyre, always working to push this hunting genre forward, theres a lot of people out there. That would be really happy if they just continually remade world or 4u or portable 3rd or freedom unite, but it seems pretty clear: the teams themselves arent satisfied to just jam new monsters into a shiny engine and keep everything else the same so with ryze. It may as well be synonymous with buyer.

Bugs is basically the entire game and many of the game mechanics are now influenced by them in some way. So i showed off earlier, despite being made for the switch. The maps for ryze are now extremely vertical, so even more so than four and four: u, which introduced hopping off of ledges and mounting monsters, theres a lot of verticality here between your own wire, bugs between great wire, bugs youre, going to constantly find yourself slingshotting up And around mountainsides flipping through the air and basically doing spider man moves everywhere. It can feel a little awkward at first, especially when you try and figure out what you actually have to do in order to climb up. The mountainside especially seems a little bit strange for monster hunter, which, for the most part, has always had kind of like slow, methodical, stiff movement. It will definitely change the way you look and play other action. Rpgs. Uh! Beware! If you play catch an impact – and this is going to be your first time playing monster hunter rise, that might be a difficult game to keep playing. You know having to summon out a specific guy to set up a platform to slowly go up versus just wire bugging your way up. If you have any experience in monster generations or generations, ultimate youll no doubt be familiar with hunter arts. These are moves that would charge up in various ways generally through hitting the monster, but sometimes getting hit yourself performing an uh.

Certain items would restore your your hunter art gauges. I played a lot of gu and my feelings on it, for the most part, was a little bit negative. I felt like the hunter arts in a lot of ways. Cheapened the battle experience i felt like i was constantly given three more or less instant, evade, get out of jail, free cards and and to me that took a lot of attention out of the fight, and i was pretty happy when they didnt come back to monster Hunter world, although i guess monster rule, did give us the rock, steady and temporal mantle, which i guess is his own individual little bag of worms. Uh ryze takes a little bit more of a thoughtful approach, so your wire bugs are constantly recharging and theyre used for a lot of things. So theyre used for your movement, theyre used to recover from when youre attacked, theyre, of course, used for these wire bug. Moves as well and the move the moves themselves dont feel quite as powerful as they were in generations. Ultimate. They i cant go through all of them, but theyre, basically, attacks counters assistance or sometimes some sort of a combination therein, depending on the wire bug, ability theyll, either be one or two charges and then also depending on the wire bug ability it will determine how long It takes for those wire bugs that were used to recharge. You can pick up a third wire bug on the map for a little bit of a temporary boost, and you can even equip an armor skill that will affect you know how long that third wire bug lasts or how quickly they recharge as well.

For some weapons like the sword and shield, you know you get these wire bug moves like the shore, you geki that really make the weapon a lot more fun than it would be without it. Basically, any of these counter moves make the weapons feel way way better. Uh other weapons, like the hammer you feel like the wire bug skill is just like, were all of your damages and when youre using your normal combos, it just kind of feels like youre tickling, the monster. You know every weapon has a more or less completely usable. Moveset outside of their wire bugs, except maybe long sword, but i do hope that sun break will re, examine the weapon flow and balance in a way that kind of makes these wire bugs moves feel a little bit more like situational, niceties more than things that youre Going to be more or less spamming on cooldown, i did just touch on wirefall recovery a little bit, and it is a mechanic that will kind of sort of force you to not spam wire bug moves over and over in previous titles. If you took a hit uh, you would spend some time rolling around on the ground and in some titles it would let you stand up automatically other titles. That would let you delay your stand up to have recovery. Uh ryze changes this so that you can immediately cancel going through your getting hit animation by doing a middle recovery, shooting yourself out of the recovery with a little wire bug.

As you would imagine, this dramatically increases the speed of combat and in a way it will lead many of us to start making some more bad habits because youll say well ill. Just take this trade risk anyways ill, just wire back recovery out of it on its own. This might have been okay, but concurrent to this change was also a pretty big boost to healing max potions are still here and as powerful as ever. But even mega potions provide an immediate boost to your healing. For me, a better balancing mechanic would have been making the wire fall recovery, one of these slower or longer recovery types is that way, youd only really want to recover to avoid again the combos or maybe to get out of the way of a emergency tier monster. Im not sure that nerfing mega potions is necessary because wed have all just used max potion iv drip, but its definitely starting to get to the point where it feels like its just a hit or do not get hit sort of game. I dont want to spend too much time talking about wyvern writing uh its very clear that its an extremely powerful mechanic of videos have been made, showing people nearly killing a monster through river and riding entirely on its own um. Definitely overpowered to me. This would make a little bit more sense if the only way you could get a woven right off was the same way as if you were hitting with waterfall moves against your normal target monster, even non target monsters.

I also think monsters should probably not be able to cause woven rides on each other uh. It kind of takes the invading monster aspect to it and makes it more of a bonus than something that would normally be scary, so feels a little bit strange. I dont want to get too deep into the weeds for the end game other than saying it needs a little bit of work. You see this cat, you see this guy a lot and a lot of the end game revolves around just funneling monster parts into him and managing something of a mental spreadsheet, of what charms you have and what charms that you want to meld away or just sell, Because you dont even want them to go in your equipment box, why arent charms just a natural reward for clearing a quest is your guess as good as it is mine, but id be shocked if this doesnt end up being the case in sun break along with, Possibly random decorations there as well dont, get me wrong. Theres, still a lot of good old fashioned hunting for rare materials in this game. Without investigations, you actually have to work for parts now, a lot more so than you did back in world theres, no gold or celestial tickets or really any other shortcut which i guess have been in the series since, but at least freedom unite. So interesting oddity uh to be gone from the game, but an interesting one because it actually does require you to do a bit more farming on your own.

Despite all this criticism, i think ryze would have been extremely welcome if not outright praised. Were it not for this very last point, so you remember in world where it seemed like every month or every other month. There was either a new monster or a new festival or an event with a new weapon or a new layered weapon, its been almost a year and that just didnt happen theres a handful of things, but i think in this case the picture will speak louder than Words for the record, i dont mind if there are extras sold in a storefront. You know its a great way to justify the time for artists and play testers to make sure it looks good and works properly in the game. However, id say if you want players to be active and involved in a storefront, you need to keep them invested in the game and, as is you know, most players when youre playing these event. Quests are getting titles stickers. Emotes i mean. None of these are bad. On their own, but its over a hundred dollars of paid dlc with really almost no layered end game gear through in game events. I want to end on a positive, because i know some of these final points have been a little bit negative. In spite of these shortcomings rise is an extremely fun game to play both new and returning monsters feel tuned in such a way that it feels as much a classic hunting experience as possible.

Despite the myriad of new systems, youll feel as rewarded as ever for landing. Your counters, of which i said there, are many and hitting weak spots to get a tackle, never gets old. The emergency monsters and the fact that yoshitake suzuki, the father of demo, magna malo will be the director for sun break, has been really optimistic. That the next expansion could be one of the most challenging yet while rise may not give you over a thousand hours of play time. Itll at least give you a several hundred and itll be time. Ill. Spend and itll put you in a great position to explore everything. There is in the expansion that comes out this summer. Anything else that you want to see, tested or tried out in the pc uh before it comes out this wednesday. Let me know down in the comments below otherwise check me out: sd shepherd ill, be starting streams every day for the next two weeks at 10 a.m, and i hope to see you over there soon until next time.