This is a docking station, a USB type c docking station and lets check it out all right so lets look at the Box really quick before we go in here. So its gon na have uh LED light indicator, two usbcs. It can connect to a Macbook, but it can also connect to anything thats what it says on Amazon basically connect to anything with USB type c uh USB a 3.1 and SD and micro SD card reader. Uh headphone jack USB 3.0 and rg45 gigabit Ethernet thats, pretty awesome, usba 2.0. Three HDMI ports Im only going to need two for me personally uh, so it has HDMI 1 and HDMI 2 2 display ports USB C and USBC P power data Power Plus data, which supports 100 watts in so Im, pretty excited about this. Its going to really help me out with my uh work from home situation that I have as long as it works well, but lets get it unboxed and kind of check the unit out itself right Applause, all right, so we have the unit itself is what it Looks like here so it looks like its really well packaged in this like foam insert here. I like the size of this. It is not that big, which is really awesome um. This is going to fit pretty nicely on my desk. We have some rubber feet here, which is going to look really. Nice here is the three USB 3.0 ports.

We have the headphone Port headphone and microphone Port micro, SD and SD card. Read. I really like this because my laptop doesnt have this. Then we have USB 3.0 and then the host, which so this is going to be whatever Im assuming this is the port that you plug into your computer uh. Then we have another USB 2.0, a USB type c. We have the power and then we have ethernet. So I really like this so far, but lets see what else is in the Box were gon na put that to the side for now all right, so we have the instruction manual and then we have this USBC to USBC cable. This is a pretty nice. Looking cable too, with uh how it is, but the one thing I am kind of disappointed in with most of these um that I was seeing on Amazon – is that they dont come with power supplies. So youre gon na have to rely on one of two things: either the power supply that your laptop comes with or youre gon na have to buy a separate power supply. So this is just going to be interesting to see, but so far I really like the Simplicity of this unit. I like the low profile and then it has two HDMI ports, which is really what I was wanting, because Im gon na have a dual screen setup. So were going to get this set up and kind of show you guys what that is later, but for now upon initial uh, you know initial Impressions.

I really like this all right, so I can confirm that these moken, USB or USBC uh laptop, is working perfectly. We have my HP here plugged in to this, and we have at least one monitor plugged in right now. I havent tested like any of this other stuff, yet um, but its all working perfectly, which is exactly what Im doing Im, probably going to end up. Putting a velcro strip like one of these um on the bottom. I just Im not sure if I want to put anything like that on the top of my desk. Yet so Im gon na have to think about that, but everythings working, perfect Ill, probably plug in a another like USB type c, USB port here. Just because you know I usually use a lot more than just three ports, um just for some different stuff, but well have to wait and see. I dont want to overwhelm this just yet, but I am waiting on my second monitor, but there you guys go and then just another tip, really quick uh. The best cable management you could probably ever do is to just buy a big roll of velcro double sided. Velcro and you dont have to worry about anything. This is cheaper than almost any other cable management system laughs. So there you guys go the moocan laptop docking station so far. This is working great for me. Um yeah and I love it. I love that I can have my laptop and move it um.

I did get a second power supply so that I can leave my laptops power supply just in in my backpack. Whenever I want to go somewhere, I dont have to worry about carrying two power supplies or, like forgetting to unplug my power supply. That was the whole point of of getting a docking station was so that I dont have to keep unplugging plugging in a bunch of different cables. I want to have a station at home and then, when I get to work, I can just plug that in too and I dont have to worry about bringing it my power supply like everywhere as well. So I like it all right, so I did end up putting a second USB here this you know I turned one port in to four, so this is going to give me even more USB 3.0. Oh ports. I need to work on the cable man just a little bit, but I wanted to let you guys know that the SD card reader, I dont, know about the micro SD card reader, but the lower one. This is youre gon na have to insert your SD cards upside down. Do not insert them this way, so that is just something to note and Ive been using this for a few hours. Now it is a little warm. It is not hot at all, but it is a little warm and Im just gon na assuming that is normal. But all of this is what feels like aluminum.

So it does feel like.