I am here with another cool device. Look at this. This is an e ink note taking tablet. It also has an android operating system, looks cool right, let’s get started, Music eating tablets are getting popular and popular in these days. Back in time, we only had kindles kindles with glare free screens, so it gave us a perfect reading experience, but now you can use these devices and start taking notes. So you can have a perfect reading plus writing experience. There are super cool tablets on the market. Right now, and in 2021, one of the most famous one is mobile describe origin. This is the latest mobi subscribe device guys it is currently 250 us dollars on moby, scribe store and by the way, this video is not sponsored movie. Subscribe sent me this product for an exchange of my honest review without further ado, let’s start with an unboxing, then i will test it and review it for you. It comes in this eco friendly box. It looks cute let’s open it up. Yes, this is the origin. 6.8 inch size ink tablet. It looks really good. This is the back side, a matte, gray color. We have two buttons here at the top. The orange one is the on off button and the gray one is the screen light, and here at the bottom we have a micro, sd card slot, usb c charging port and the pinhole reset button. This is the pen, it is light and pretty slim.

There is no side buttons, the pen feels good it’s, a classic hexagonal scheduler type pen, the nip is removable replaceable and we have an eraser here at the top. This is the usbc cable for power, and data connection looks good. We have three extra nibs and a nip room over here in the package. This is the manual and we have another box here guys it comes with a tablet. This is for a free tablet cover, and here it is, it is thin and light looks good. We have an orange magnetic seal here and there’s a little pocket here, a card holder on this part. We have a sticker here to place the tablet on top of it. We have pen attachment here and finally, there is also an orange elastic band it’s, a good option to secure the tablet: okay it’s time to start using it by the way i placed the tablet here, guys sticked it on on the cover and here’s how it looks Like from all different angles, it’s pretty slim and lightweight – i, like it let’s start testing. Now it has an auto wake up function, guys that’s good! You see there’s a small sensor here for that function. The screen is not glass it’s, a glare free screen, so you don’t see the reflections here. There are two giant lights on top of the subject right now, but they are all diffused. You see guys in this menu. We have some options, notes, books, calendar and tools.

I will talk about each part later um. There are also some icons here at the top there’s a go back option main menu recent apps icon, guys like in smartphones. You can close them all. We have a refresh icon, wi fi, here light settings, so you can turn the button lights on or off um. Let me show you how it works. I am closing all the lights in the room now, so you see guys it’s, really good. You can also adjust the level or the color of the front light you can make it like more amber or more blue. There are a few more settings here too. Next we have the settings icon, so it has a lot of settings here guys you can see the system information, so this is an android 8.1 enot device with a 2 gigabytes ram and a quad core processor, and it has 32 gigabytes storage. You can also upgrade it up to 64 gigabytes total by using a microsd card. This is the battery icon. You can show the percentage here and you can also see the uptime okay let’s talk about the tools option. Now we have files here. So you can see what you have in the tablet. We also have pictures here and mobi store. This is great guys, so you can download some apps. There are some reading apps here, and this is kindle app. It is super useful for me because i have some books on my amazon account, so i can just log in and read no need for data transfer.

There are also tools here you can download. I will download chess and of course i will try playing it will be fun. We also have some templates here. You can download them and use them for your notes. By the way you can also customize shortcuts from the settings. If you want to see some apps appear at the home screen all the time you can do that let’s start taking notes. When you click create a note. It asks for two options: vertical or horizontal that’s. Amazing i, like this feature: let’s go with the vertical now. Here is an empty screen, guys we have pens here, you can choose between different styles sizes, different thickness levels or opacity. You can also insert some shapes from this option. This is the eraser you can use back of the pen too. This is the lasso tool for selecting things. You can insert text images and tables from this option. We have templates here. They are really useful guys. You can also insert some templates or customize and i will choose this one. Finally, there are some other tools here. As you can see, we will try the ocr soon. Let’S start. Writing. Writing feels really good guys. I like the surface. It is great for taking notes response. Time is great and the pen is really good. I like it let’s, take the ocr. Now it is kind of slow but pretty accurate. I really like writing on origin. This definitely is the best digital writing experience.

I had you know: i tried ipads, android, toplets, graphics, top let’s, monitor tablets and lcd writing tablets, but origin performs better than all in terms of writing experience. It feels great. You can also get a really good drawing experience. Look at this pressure sensitivity guys! Yes, it is good. I want to write more and more because i really enjoy writing but anyways. I don’t want to make this video super long. Now i am connecting it to my computer and transfer some files. I added some pdf mobi and epub files. Let’S check them here’s a mobi file. Yes, it looks good. You can use some functions here, but unfortunately you cannot annotate on your files. You can resize highlight, add bookmarks, but you cannot write on the file it’s the same with f files too. So you cannot annotate on ebooks, but you can do it with pdf files. However, pdf reader is different. You need to install additional software, and the software is really good. There are a lot of tools, plus you can annotate on pdf files. It is really useful for me. The screen size is kind of small for some pdf files. I like this textbook here guys, but you can of course use the zooming feature if the pdf file is not scanned. If it is original, you can also use search, function and search for keywords. It is good kindle app also works after you sign in. You will see the books on your account and you can read them.

I will also play a quick chess game here guys. It turns out that it was the easiest mod, so you can choose different levels. I didn’t know that you can also play online games cool. Finally, i will show you how calendar looks like here this, so you can write your agenda, fill in your schedule and take some notes and it will appear here: that’s, good, okay, mobi, scribe origin. I love the device if you are looking for an e ink tablet with a note taking capability guys. This is great. I definitely recommend you to try this one out: it’s great for teachers, students, professionals, anyone who wants to take notes, doodle brainstorm, write lesson plans daily plans, some stories. You know it is great. Let me talk about the pros. First. Writing experience. Yes, first of all writing experience is great. It is much much much better than expected guys. The screen is not glossy, so it is perfect for handwriting. The pan is good, it is battery free and the eraser function is super useful guys and the nip is standard. It is removable, replaceable, ocr technology is good, it is pretty accurate guys i like it, and the operating system is android, so i like android it’s another plus for me, you can download apps on it guys i downloaded kindle um pdf for the internet browser and the Chess game: yes, all these apps work perfectly and yes, you can play games on it and, from now on, i will go to all my meetings with this device.

Usbc connection is another plus i, like the auto wake up technology. Better life is okay. I didn’t test it, but i received this tablet three days ago and it’s up for three days. I used it pretty much every day and it dropped from 80 to 40 percent so yeah. I think it’s, okay for me it’s time for cons. Now i can tell you one thing: you cannot annotate on epub or mobi files. The different apps are dealing with pdf files or ebooks, so you can annotate on pdf files. Take notes solve questions. You know it’s super useful, but you cannot do the same for epub or mobi files. You know i like taking notes when i read something. Maybe you can find a software which helps you annotate on those files but i’m, not sure if you think there’s a solution for that guys. Please write a comment below and let us know okay don’t forget to hit the like button guys if you like the video and you can subscribe to my youtube channel. If you want to see more content like that that’s it for today.