6 inch monitor lets check this out Music Dave Taylor here and Im checking out this. This is the mobile pixels glance. Pro portable 15.6 inch monitor and its pretty darn nice immediately. What you see is its really bright. It has a great contrast ratio. This is the nicest portable monitor that Ive ever tested, and I really like it. It is also incredibly thin and very light, and one interesting thing is that the stand is a magnet. So if you have it in a situation where you dont need to use the stand, that is easily done now. It is a 15.6 inch full HD screen, which means its 1920 by 1080p, its an OLED display with a hundred thousand to one contrast, ratio and 400 nits of brightness. Obviously I have it plugged into my MacBook Pro, which is closed, but its still running the screen. If I open it up, you can see that it is basically just mirroring what I have on the screen. I can easily spin it around and then use it as a second display. This works for Mac. This works for window. This works for Chromebook. This works for Linux. You can even plug in a Nintendo switch to one of these and get it to work for you really. Nice also has dual speakers, so it actually gives you, okay, sound its, not fantastic, sound, but theres, really no space to put big speakers. Its entirely functional – and it has a 5 000 milliamp hour battery, which gives you about four hours of use on a battery charge.

Now let me show you, you push this and you get the menu and one of the things that the menu shows. You is your battery status, so one of the things that I wasnt super enamored is that it cant take power. As far as I can tell from the source device like a lot of other monitors so its using battery power right now, which means that every so often Im going to have to plug it into the wall to charge it up. But I found that experimentally. I could use the same charging setup I use for my MacBook Pro and just plug it into the screen. Instead and it charges up super fast, then I can use it for hours without worrying about it. So, if youre out and about with your computer – and you need a second display, you probably have that charging cable anyway, so its not a huge limitation, but its one worth knowing about now. Let me close this again and let me show you whats in the box and then Ill come back and give you a little bit of a tour of the specific Hardware lets Bend this down and its a really nice box. So mobile pixels did a really great job with all their packaging and everything you can see its just very attractive, but in the box there is a smaller box for that magnetic leg as they call it. I call it a stand and then it comes with three cables.

Let me just unplug this one, so this is as its labeled. This is the signal or data cable. This is the one youre going to want to use by default, but it also comes with a second power. Cable and again, both of these are USBC to USBC, and the power cable luckily also comes with a little wall charger, so they fought that through too and then. Finally, if youre using a device that uses mini um HDMI, then you have this cable too, and many HDMI is interesting, its sort of a smaller connector on one end and then a traditional HDMI connector on the other, which means it has a lot of flexibility. You could plug this into a Blu ray player. You could plug this into a cable box. You could plug this into a PS5 and it would work. It might not be the very best possible signal, but you know, because its only an HD not a 4K or anything, but you could definitely use this cable with something and a device that doesnt have USB video out. This gives you plan B, so all of those cables come with it and Im going to go ahead and close that box back up again, because now what I want to do is I want to give you a little bit more of a tour of the unit Itself so on the top theres the power button, and if you push and hold that for a couple of seconds, itll turn it on or off.

But if you just give it a short push, itll bring up that menu system and then theres two buttons on the side that are volume up and down, but they also help you navigate that menu, which is obviously pretty important and then on the lower portion. There are three ports theres, one for that mini HDMI and then theres USBC data and USBC charging. So, while youre using it, if youre, finding that youre running low on power, its no problem at all, you can plug in the second cable to charge it back up and power it while youre still using it. So I think thats really nice and flexible, and that explains why they have the oops lets, get that right, why they have the two different ports there. What am I doing wrong here? I think I just dont have it at the right enough angle. There we go there, we go now lets get this back up and once I have this on again then Ill zoom in a little bit and Ill. Let you see the actual on screen menu, so lets switch to that view. Right now. So, as I said, a quick push gets you the menu and you can see theres the battery level, brightness contrast theres volume, and then you use the arrow keys up here to move around, but remember oops its also a touch screen. So you can use this to adjust things on the touch screen, which is really nice.

If we can see what that change does lets get that back to where it was, and you can move around but notice. Also, the touch screen also actually works in Mac OS. So this is a real Revelation: if youre not used to having a touch screen Mac system, then this is one way to get there, so thats pretty cool and again just to go back to the menu. You can get there at any time and you can check all sorts of different things. You can change inputs that just switched it to HDMI, which was probably a mistake, but lucky its smart enough to come back so were all back and everythings all set up, and that is how the on screen menu system works. It is pretty slick thats. The whole tour and theres really a lot to like the biggest thing with this is its just a bright, bright screen. In fact, this is a brighter screen than most laptops, and that makes it a really great addition. It is, however, pretty spendy: you can buy an entry level, Linux or Chromebook for the price of this screen alone, so you need to decide exactly whats going to work for you. I should point out. You can can also use this in this format, because you can just turn that back and there we go. All I have to do is go into the operating system and switch the orientation of the video, which is pretty easy to do in all modern operating systems.

But either way its just a real pleasure to do this, and I think that having this screen is really nice. I really appreciate having the ability to have more screen real estate, which makes me more productive, so not much else. I can tell you about it. Let me give you some Dimensions: its 14 inches by 9.2 inches by three tenths of an inch thick, very thin, 2.1 pounds. I will say I wish it came with some sort of a screen cover or something in the default configuration they do have a sort of traveler pro version. Thats a fair amount, more expensive, but it also comes with a Bluetooth keyboard in addition to a carrying bag. I feel like this should have at least some sort of a little cover you could put over it, but be that as it may, you can solve that problem yourself too. So what we do need to talk about is we need to talk about the price, but before we get to the price Im going to ask, if you could subscribe to my Channel, please go ahead and click or tap on subscribe click or tap. On that little bell notification icon, so we can stay in touch great, and if this was useful, I always appreciate a like so dont, be you know, dont be hesitant to click that thumbs up as appropriate great now. This is the mobile pixels glance. Pro portable 15.6 inch monitor and its 499.

99 currently discounted down to 409.99, so just to smidge, more than 400 bucks at mobilepixels.us its a little spendy for what it is. There are definitely less expensive options but Ill. Tell you A lot of those low price external monitor. Options are very, very washed out. Theyre, not bright, theyre, not easy to work with you. Cant do anything like photorealistic you. You know if youre looking at a library of photos because youre working on a newsletter or something a lot of them, arent very good. This ones beautiful this ones as good a screen as you would get on a high end, laptop and thats, saying something so thats.