One by one. First gadget is OTG, i buy whole packet of 10 because it was in cheap price and cheap price. We never leave so i buy full packet otg, its called on the go, and you can inset usb device in this, and this goes under neath mobile charging, port type, c or micro, usb port. Most of our work now, a days with cell phone, editing or office school college work is done by cell phone or tablet so can connect any usb keyboard. Mouse printer scanner, lights fan, whic have usb port. You can see now cell phone showing usb you can run on apps or without apps. Direct 2nd gadget is mobile, magic sucker phone support. I have not given that name its already printed on box, its very usefull for glass use or any plane surface its, not move stuck its work with air tight function. You can hold cell and tablet on that. Make video logging on that in car wind screen 3rd gadget is light, iits camping light and called head light. Also, it have 2 range setting its 1 wat dc. You can buy this in 800 to 750 from local market. This is very useful torch for outdoor with head strap. Fourth, gadget is realmi handsfree, its very strong and sleve is cotton material hard to break not breakable, and the problem we face outdoor is breaking cable we face outdoor is breaking cable, its best for outdoor with that sleve.

That makes it strong its not expensive. The sound quality is not best but premium with no noise sound, so its fix in ear, if you feel its normal one, its not small size, make it fixed in you, ears, fun to use and relax you not longer cable, but stronger thats. All next is profession. Mic its used in function concert, it have amplifire option a lso connect, mobile 3mm jack with connector stereo mono, both function, its not show off like other todays, but very used full better than all online mics. I feel personal 6th gadget is very hi. Fi bluetoth airdots earbuds its mat black colors, soft sleeky and eye catching ear buds. Batery timing is best. You can charge earbuds 3 or 2 times on single case charge.