They might disclose randomly there'll, be bugs you name it problems. It is an alpha, but so far so good. I haven't really had any problems. So you see, if I go back here into the settings menu that that has now changed their new icons and you look to it and if you're the interesting features that they did mention in their presentation. Whilst there is now this seeking space and that allows you to set up a whole separate wrong, well, not wrong, it's, not as if it ROM it's, still on the same run, but it's a whole lot of separate settings and a secure second space. And what you can do with that is that is, for example, if you were sharing this phone, perhaps with your little brother or something like that or you just gave them the phone now and then to play clash of clans on whatever you can now set up A second phone instance really for them only so they can mess about, do whatever they want and that's not going to affect your information, your applications, your data they're, not going to be able to send messages or emails off or access into that part because it's password Protected, so what I'll do over here is you can see some of the options here. You can you put a password on. There obviously is probably the best thing to do, and I think you actually need that too. It can tell you about on private messages and contacts to not show them.

So if you want to keep that private, you can also do that. So to do that, it was you just go down to the new notification. Menu can see. It'S changed a little bit got the weather there cell toggles at the top. This is all new as well there's a lot of tweaks, but I go over to the second space now the second phone instance and just key in the password oops. If I can remember it, there we go and now the phone is going to switch over and has switched into my first instance that I originally had when I had me ui7 on there, so my apps are still there. My contacts are still there. That is all good, so the other interesting thing there was also cloned apps or something that interest me and what that basically is. It creates a second instance of an application and one of the applications you could use that with in theory, because this is a dual sim phone. So what work is what's app? You can have two wats app accounts on the same phone now, I've already set this up. So what I've done is I've gone in and just created a clone of whatsapp. It just tells you there that clone apps will have a different icon on the home screen. So back in the home screen, we'll see there's my original whatsapp and now there's, my cloned one, so you see has a slightly different look about it because it's got the icon there to tell me it's a client app so launching that now is completely new instance Of what's app so there with the two sims on there.

Of course you can actually run. I think you should be able to do. What'S app counts, something you can't do on you, normal phone, so that's an interesting little feature there. That might be handy for some people that have personal and work, whatsapp accounts and phone numbers, of course, so other things that have changed before I get on to the applications. I will just show you the settings there's another couple of little things in here that have changed now under their battery. We now have a different power saving application and that will calculate your temperature of your battery. For you, the battery capacity and your you should usage time there and also just a few little tweaks in here. So we have the battery saver that's kind of the same, but they say they have improved that from from EU i7 and we can also analyze the battery usage that's, telling me that two apps consuming excessive power. Everything else has been optimized its optimizing all the settings and things here for maximum battery life. So if you run the cooldown there, it has now solved those two issues. So it's closed what's up there and told me that I have saved two minutes or added two minutes of battery life only so that is different there and the app battery saver. You can go along and just control apps individually there, so that's a new little audition there's. Quite a few little tweaks along there along the way everything seems a little bit more refined, a little prettier.

You could say with the slightly tweaked fonts on there. They did announce, they had a new font set that we're setting up so going back on to applications. Well, a few things have changed. The weather app now looks different little tidier, maybe a little nicer notice that I still have Chinese there in the bottom that's, because I am using the Chinese ROM. This is the Chinese in English. Only ROM, not the global, on global ROM when that is released. Shouldn'T have any of those characters there, the security app that is basically the same that's got a cleaner on it and connection with the battery saving app. Now, video and music won't run those because they are still in all Chinese for me being the fact that this is the Chinese ROM and really not too handy for me. Having that this, you need to be that in mind. If you're going to update to this, that you still have the Chinese there so I'm waiting for the global ROM a couple of the other things as well, that if you go to change your volume up and down in just notice, it's a little different. The dialer looks a little different when you make calls that has now changed and being tweaked slightly and here from the volume. Of course, you can go along and change your ringtone, and also you have access now so it's, a little more simplified they're slightly better. Looking. I would say some of the other apps that they changed was the calculator and also there is now video editor that's within tweet video editor it's different within the gallery that you can launch.

So I just quickly show you the calculator here. We now have a scientific calculator and a few conversion tools there that are different now so with length volume, currency, converted to volume, length, conversion, so handy applications, and if we go quickly into the gallery and just have a look at a video here, you now have The option we got the edit option before, but now they've tweaked a few things when it comes to the video editing there, where some of the options – okay, that just goes to the app store that is in Chinese, but a few little changes there and the performance Of it well, it still seems very quick and snappy, just like it did with me. Ui 7 I've had no problems. I felt seen sorry no lag whatsoever within all of the screens and menus and everything everything just flies and all launches really quick, no problems. It is still the same there and, as I mentioned, I haven't really encountered any bugs yet, which is good, so that is me UI a to quick look at it running here on the me max now. I do have a lot more videos on this particular model.