I hope you’re having a good day in today’s video. We are going to talk about another top leading web hosting provider, i.e miss hosting, as you all know, how important it is to have professional web hosting, especially if you are a business owner. The right web hosting service can play a huge role in the growth of the company. It helps businesses in getting incredible results. Nowadays, there are many web hosting providers, but choosing the best one amongst all can be a tough choice right to help you in the best possible way. We have shared many reviews on the top trending hosting providers, keeping the trend on today. I am going to share a quick review tutorial on miss hosting ms hosting is an international web hosting company that offers a wide range of hosting related services such as web hosting domain registration, vps solutions, dedicated servers, site builder, magento, hosting co, hosting affiliate hosting email management And much more: the company is headquartered in manchester uk and has offices in stockholm, sweden, miami, usa and sofia, bulgaria, with local presence in norway, finland, hungary, romania, argentina, india and iran. So this is the home page of miss hosting in the top menu. We can see the quick view of all the services which they offer the same. As i just mentioned on the home page itself, you can check out a quick overview of the pricing plans. You can also know more about web hosting, but i will discuss it later.

Here are some of the customer testimonials to check out more you can log in to the trustpilot? No website can be live without a domain name. Hence miss hosting also serves people with domain services. You can choose a domain of your choice, along with the extension which you want to serve it’s. The list of the business brands associated with ms hosting. There are various benefits of using ms hosting as they provide daily backup to your data, monitors the services and provides 24×7 customer support. I think i can’t ask for more. What do you think let’s move ahead to hosting shared hosting? It is completely cloud based shared web hosting, with cpanel available at a special offer. 99 cents per mo. Here are the plans and pricing. There are three plans: basic professional and ultimate choose the one which suits you the best. You can also compare plans based on the pricing core features, domains, database, etc. Their data centers are located at two different locations: usa, chicago sweden, stockholm as website speed and stability depend a lot on the location of your hosting data center let’s have a quick look and what features do we get with web hosting application? Helps in the quick installation of the application, if you are new, you also can customize your own website with available templates. If you want to have your own online ecommerce store, miss hosting will help you the best. If you are building your website on wordpress, miss hosting is provided with tons of free themes and services for it you can choose any their web hosting services also work in all resolutions, both for android iphone ipad and your desktop computer and macbook moving to the next.

The reseller hosting as a reseller, you can now set up your own web hosting company without the hassle of managing your servers. Unlimited accounts, unlimited email accounts, hosted domains, mysql databases subdomains. If you purchase today, then you can get a special offer of 25 per month. There are three pricing plans, starting at 25 per mo 62.50 per mo dollars and 92 cents per mo. How does miss hosting reseller hosting work once you sign up, you will be given instant access to your reseller control panel. Whm allows you to provide your customers with their own control. Panel. Cpanel cpanel allows your customers to create and edit their own websites and also manage their email, accounts sub and add on domains, security, databases and more let’s. Take a quick look at the features free, cpanel account is provided to all your clients, free, whm, client manager. All the pricing plans all include these features. There are so many aren’t they. I am really impressed. Ok, moving ahead, miss hosting is also providing us with microsoft teams. It allows you to host meetings conversations chats with all your colleagues and customers from any corner of the world. This feature is available in their microsoft 365 package. You can chat from anywhere have meetings, call and discuss projects etc. Here are some of the things which it offers, which include microsoft. Online portal sync contacts calendar with your colleagues and devices, one terabyte of secure storage per account, etc. Ssl security security is of utmost importance.

These days, and hence the ssl certificate, adds an extra layer of security where information such as user names, passwords and credit card details filled in on your web page is sent to your database and or billing system completely safe ssl establishes an encrypted link between your web Server and your visitor’s web browser this ensures that all data passed between the two remains private and secure ssl certificate from ms hosting helps in securing data. Green key, lock, https colon office 365 helps in exchanging mail. There are two pricing plans. Basic contains exchange mail with access to microsoft, office 365 portal. Ultimate in the ultimate package. You will receive both exchange mail plus microsoft office 2016 at no additional cost. All the plans include all these features. If you purchase microsoft office through miss hosting, we guarantee that you will always have the latest version of microsoft office without having to purchase new licenses every time an update comes newsletter, one of the most needed features for any company nowadays and miss hosting provides an option To create yours within a few minutes, so let’s check, they have four pricing plans and if you own an enterprise and want to have a customized plan, then you can get a free quote from here. The newsletter section of miss hosting is as simple as create, send and analyze. You can create perfect ones, using ready, made templates, effective campaigns etc. Moving ahead to the domains, you can register 1000 unique top level domains.

You can choose your perfect name and select the extension as per your choice. Hidden whois is also available which helps to protect your identity. Online different domains are also available. All the domains are available with new email, address, name, server or dns, and helpful support servers. High performance cloud vps solution, starting at 16 per month, there are three premium plans providing services from different locations. It offers different features and to have a trustful impact. You can check out the client’s word of mouth testimonials. A contact form is also available. If you have any queries, then contact them directly from here moving ahead to website in today’s, modern day technology, the website is one of the most important things required. Create your website. Choose a template and get started. Choose the pricing plan. As per your requirement, there are tons of features that will benefit you. You can also create web agencies near you, partners who are associated with the company. If you want to become a partner, you can fill up the form and send it ecommerce start your own e commerce, with only a few clicks. Each packet includes a com domain and email addresses for free. Your e commerce is totally mobile compatible and you can do everything right from your phone. You can create simple and affordable e commerce. You get a lot of extra when you buy e commerce from us. Co tools make sure your site is visible for the people when they search for your site online.

It helps to transform your website into a customer magnet search, optimization track. Your website ranking, suggest keywords: site map submission packages. 2 plans choose the one appropriate to you. Media package grow customers through google.com, google, ads and newsletter. You can use co tools, newsletters, etc. Miss hosting is also providing an affiliate program. You can become an affiliate and start earning money choose any web hosting domain name: vps vps premium dedicated server. If you are skeptical about being an affiliate, then here are some of the benefits support. This is the help page. You can search for the articles from the search option provided let’s move ahead to check out the security services which miss hosting is offering security is considered to be one of the most important factors that are to be considered. Therefore, before any obstacle comes, you can try to use these services like ssl certificate, managed server bit ninja and many others let’s know about each of these services a little deeper bit, ninja it’s an advanced server security system that costs only 19.99 per month. It helps in managing all the security, provides, comprehensive ways of blacklisting and whitelisting. Ip addresses gets deep insights into the recent attacks, their preventions infected files and also provides security modules to keep your server perfectly safe. You can order bit ninja and check out the working of this software from here r1 soft. It is one of the top leading server backup managers that cost only 49 cents per month per gigabyte.

It provides total security, full compatibility, easily restores multi tenant support. You can also get a quick look at the features which you are offering patchman it’s the best solution to kill, malware and fix vulnerable websites which provides automatic protection customer coaching, which is very easy to use and starts quickly check out the provided features from here. Moving ahead, powerful server features, full tech support only 59.99 per month, it’s completely customized hosting services that we manage at our own end. These are the features that are provided, so these are the best features and services of miss hosting. Now let’s check out the offers and promotions provided by miss hosting in the promotion section choose the one which suits you the best and click on get started, and once you choose the pricing plan of your choice, they can directly become the customer of miss hosting and Can get into the respective dashboards, so this is a quick review of miss hosting for miss hosting. Overall, i will give a 4 on 5 stars because of its premium support, affordable prices, freedom, but at the same time i am not really impressed with the features miss hosting is providing as compared to other hosting service providers. What do you think if you also think this software is worth a try, then sign up today and to get an extra discount using the link provided in the description below and also like this video do hit the like button and subscribe to our channel.

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