Now, if you’re, like me, you’re, probably looking out for the specifications of you, know the laptop, probably the chipset, the ram and all of that, so in a way you can say that it’s not what is outside the mud house. What really matters is what is inside right? Well, that is actually where intel comes in so guys, i’ve got. We made the hp nv x360 combat table which is part of the intel evo based laptops designed for power users like myself now guys each laptop in the intel evo collection actually comes with an 11th generation core processor, so you’re either getting a core i5 or a Core i7 chip. I have the core i7 chip with me and they also come with improved connectivity with the wi fi six tech and guys they’re, also getting intel’s dedicated iris, xe graphics, as well as an integrated thunderbolt for tech. For you know fast charging and, of course, other features that at least start right now and yeah in this video i’ll show you how all of these features that i’ve mentioned practically affect daily usage, so guys this is going to be less technical and more of what We experience in our day to day lives, so let’s get started. Shall we Music? Now, let me ask you a question here, so how good is your laptop when it comes to multitasking specifically, can you watch an 8k movie while editing an 8k project file on premiere? Well guess what guys actually try to watch two 8k movies? At the same time, this i did alongside editing an 8k project file on premiere, and i was really surprised to see that the laptop i have with me actually android everything seamlessly but let’s.

You know turn things up a bit: shall we and let’s try to you know open different tabs on google chrome let’s make it about 200 tabs yeah. Now, surprisingly, i can still now we get the many tabs that i have opened, while watching 8k movies and editing 8k project file, all on a clean and light frame like this one insane right now, you should know that all intel, evo based laptops, actually come with An integrated graphics card called the intel iris xe, and it covers discrete level graphics performance, so gaming on this laptop was actually quite solid, and yet another thing that intel evo based laptops are known for is its fast charging feature that is made possible thanks to the Latest thunderbolt 4 tech now guys we’ve all been there before yeah, whether at home, restaurants or you know, events you’re on a flat battery and you have very limited time to charge up. Perhaps you’re any restaurant with you know, limited time to charge or let’s just say you know, nepa in your area is not reliable. Well guys, intel, evo, based laptops specifically have you know a fast charge feature that lets. You charge your laptop from 0 to 60. For example, in about 49 minutes, for example, this laptop is currently at 35 percent and i’ll be charging it in 15 minutes to see how many percentage we’ve been able to add within that time. Let me just sleep, though so guys at the moment, it’s at 56 percent, which means that we’ve added about 20 in the space of 15 minutes, and we did fully charge.

I can get up to eight hours or more of battery life or normal light usage and guys that comprises of me working on microsoft, office and opening tabs on google chrome. Now, in addition to all that, i’ve said, file, transfers on this laptop actually come with a 40 gig per second rate through a single cable connection. So what that means is that, with a good cable, transferring anything to and from this laptop is actually a breeze, but guys let’s talk about how the you know, intel evo, based systems actually improve day to day office work and one area that i think i noticed Is in its neural noise suppression, which i feel is particularly useful when you’re on a video call, probably a zoom call, for example. So you know how that goes right, you’re on a zoom call, and you experience external noise or probably noise from your keyboard while typing. Well, guess what guys the intel evo based laptops, actually help enable neural noise suppression that suppresses noise automatically for video calls yeah. So with that, and in addition to the wi fi six tech that i mentioned earlier, you can get the best of everything all in athena. Like you know, pc like this one but yeah i’ve talked about. You know how the intel, evo based systems affect performance, battery life, multitasking and all of that. But what about minor things like waking up your system from sleep, for example? Now guys did you know that you can actually wake up any intel evo based systems in less than a second, so anyway, i can actually wake up the system even before i say, wake up this laptop.

So in summary, i think you know intel evo based laptops. Actually bring together a perfect combination of powerful performance, quality graphics as well, as you know, remarkable responsiveness and, of course, the capability to stay powered up all day and they’re doing this. All anything like laptop like this one. So the next time you’re looking to get a new laptop or replace your old laptop for example, then you should definitely be on the lookout for intel evo based laptops. Anyway, let me know what you think, and does your current laptop offer any of the features that i’ve mentioned right now.