I know so early in the year and I havent posted in a while, but an unboxing is what were gon na have for today, Music, so Im unboxing a USB hub, its pretty cool. When you ask me, so I will do close ups of the product, so dont worry about that, but this company is called mini soapuru. I dont know how to pronounce it so dont come at me for that, but its along those lines. I will put it right here to me: it sounds like minutes of Peru, but you know I might be wrong, so its an efficient office and quality life, so this is usually used for um expanding ports, especially on like MacBooks and laptops. So me, as a Macbook user, specifically, the new MacBooks only have two USBC ports, which is hard to like use other things that arent um Apple related, because you know you cant, you use a like USB on a USBC. You know what Im saying so. Yes, we have this uh product today, so it has five ports, its on ultra high data transfer, speed 100 power. 100 Watts power delivery. So it has a wide cap compatibility. Sorry, my English is not the best, but it has a white compatibility, its an all in one PC, laptop tablet and phone, and you could use it with multiple devices like Mouse, hard drives USB flash disks, and so many things you know like just having more ports.

Anything that you can connect to a port will usually work so Im not sponsored by this brand, but this brand gets uh. Send me this to give my honest review. I am not paid. I just can review it, have the choice to review it, so it does benefit me because again, my MacBook has only two ports, and this gives me more ports, which is great so were gon na, go ahead and open it unbox it and then Im gon na Test it out on my laptop and try to connect a bunch of ports to it to see you know what it does, what it doesnt do and all that fun stuff so lets get to unboxing it and then well see what we can do with the ultimate Port expander lets call it so. Yes, the only thing that comes in this box is is the instruction manual instruction manual right here. Hopefully, yall can see that there we go and then neatly wrapped got a hair on my time. Neatly wrapped is the port. So again, all the port has is the brand name right there and the one two three four ports right here: fifth Port right there I dont know if you could see it and then it is a USB C Port. So put that aside – and here we have the instruction manual again and it tells you everything that you need to know, so let me go ahead and show you up close with my other camera.

So this is everything that comes in the Box. Just your instruction manual and your drive and again Ill show you all the port is USBC, so were going to go ahead and read off the instruction manual first, okay, so refrigerator is freed off this um, so the specifications um yall could read that with specifications its Just your normal output, I would read them, but I dont know much about specifics, so Im not even gon na but again your package content is just the USBC and instruction manual. You have four USBC ports and then one power delivery Port. So these four, those four are your USBC ports. So anything extra that you need to use like a drive or other things like that. You use these four ports and then this one is your power delivery. So in case you want to charge it and and using this adapter, then you can so thats great thats, honestly very good. Um again it has the white compatibility that you could use it with a laptop, a four in one PC um, your phone. If your phone has a USBC Port, you could use it and even a tablet. If your tablet has a USBC Port, you can go ahead and use it too um what else before we get on with the video deeper in okay, so before purchasing it lets? Do no things that you cant do with it, so you cant you can but its not recommended to use with a wireless mouse um.

It is not recommended to insert three high power hard drives at the same time when the USBC Hub is connected to a high high powered hard drive and must be plugged into the USB power port to charge the computer. So there is something some specifications here that you know you need to keep into consideration. Theres also, please make sure the USBC Port of your laptop supports power, transfer charging and data transfer to use the full functionability function, functionality, sorry of the USBC hub. So definitely, if you know youre gon na do certain things with this. The instruction instruction manual does tell you things that you should not do and things that you should do, which saves you time and saves you from breaking something which we dont want so thats good. So its always good to read the menu. So again, this is your power um port – and these are your other, like extender ports, so were gon na test out the um power port. Just in case you know testing. If it does work so lets go ahead and test that so were gon na test out the power port. So again this is, I dont think you can see it, but right there there we go. You see a little flash right. There is a port. These are again the uh other ports for you could you could use as in like um, an extender whatever, but this is your power, so were gon na check and see if it does work.

I already have it connected to my laptop and Im gon na go ahead and connect my MacBook charger to the power right there and it does connect. So we see it there right there. It is charging 83 and its charging. You could see the lightning bolt, and that means that the laptop is charging so thats great. We do know that it does work, and you know it is gon na work. So now I do want to test out a couple of things, so I dont have um other USBC ports to connect to my MacBook, but I do have an extender, a Macbook, extender and Im gon na test out. If other things work with the um port and the extender, so Im gon na go ahead and try out a USB hard drive to see if it still reads it. You know, even though okay lets test it out so Im connecting my there reconnect that and then Im gon na go ahead and get my external hard drive and see if that works. So I have my external hard drive here and were gon na see if it actually is compatible and it works so connecting my USB to my okay. What side like this? Okay, like that, then we go ahead and connect it this and we see a red Flash in there. So that means it is working which is very so lets go ahead and see if my files in my computer and we do it – does work so again to make this a little bit better.

It does work with a USB. So if you do not have everything thats USBC, but you have an adapter, it still works with. You know the hard drive and all that fun stuff. So this product is working. I do want to say that I do have a compartment. So when I first got my my MacBook, I did do a little purchase and I bought this USB well, this USB uh C Port. So it has two because thats what my MacBook has it has too. So it has these two yeah like a wide variety of ports for the MacBook. The only problem is is like when you have a case it doesnt connect and then you need to buy um an extender in order for that to work. So since I do like to protect my things um and keep a case on everything, I had to buy an extender which was extra money and things arent cheap anymore. So with this device um, since it is just one port and its long as you could see its long, I would prefer this device, as it was a good price. It was a reasonable price, reasonable price and I dont have to buy any extras. So I am going to link their website and the um Amazon link down below, so yall could go see and you know find out what they have. They do have a um large amount of USB ports, so theyre, not all USBC ports, theres, a USBC port with um, USB and um other ports within the adapter.

So Im gon na go ahead and Link those down below so yall can go and see. The variety of things that they have and yeah this was my honest review. I honestly enjoyed it and I do think it is going to help me a lot. It is really good that it does have the power uh Port, so I could charge it at any moment when Im using or multitasking, so I do really enjoy it, and I do really think you guys should go check them out and see what youll find. Maybe theres some cool things in their website, so yeah. Thank you all for watching and um go ahead and check out those links down below and Ill see you guys next time bye.