This is the box minis forum desk, mini right here, minis forum bracket, the actual computer cables charger and the back side right here, desk mini series and the website and their support. And here we go here. We have already the first divider piece of foam and the first thing is the manual so let’s take a look at that right now, back side right here, one two, three four five six pages could be wrong. Obviously there are no pages, but let’s continue. 7. 8. 9, 10, 11 and the last one right here very well here it is. This – is way tinier than expected and also fairly light i’m impressed. Okay, this will come out as well and right here we have all the accessories: okay, first of all, a little hdmi cable. Secondly, this is a display port – i think so. Oh yeah, it is third cable has a plug for the power brick and the power. Brick itself is right here. Data right here and the power brick delivers over usb c and, lastly, the bracket for mounting it on a monitor or tv and a few screws hdmi and displayport. They are around 60 centimeters long. The cable for the power brick is around one meter long and the cable. The usbc cable from the power brick is around 1 meter and 20 centimeters long other than that. As you can see, i already unboxed. Well, i unwrapped the pc itself, so the front side features a microphone, a usbc two usb, a ports, headphone jack and a power button right here and a reset button.

Hidden inside this hole. Right here backside features two usb: a ports as well: displayport, hdmi, two ethernet ports and the usbc for powering it through. Here you can secure it somewhere. This is the bottom right here: input dc 19 volts. The model is u850 and the two sides one and the other side right here – and this is the top right here. As you can see, there is a little sticker and it says open the top cover by pressing it with your hands. Just like that. It will pop open, then you can remove this lid and inside here is a little disc tray. I already unwrapped those two parts for two discs. This will come out like this, and this is what the inside looks like, so the tray will slide in and then you can put it down and that’s it so far with the unboxing. To recap: hdmi cable display port power, brick with power, cable manual, computer itself and a bracket a mounting bracket so done with the unboxing and let’s get to my first impressions. So my first impressions it’s tinier than expected, it’s lighter than expected it’s more powerful than expected and all in all, it’s surprisingly awesome. You can take this little thing everywhere. The only thing that you will need is some sort of a display and accessories like a keyboard and a mouse, but other than that this is the complete package. It can handle 4k youtube videos full screen, of course, without any issues, it has a huge amount of ram and the build quality is amazing.

This logitech mx keys keyboard fits perfectly to this design it’s this gunmetal grey. I love the design. As i said, it is surprisingly awesome. I didn’t expect such a well built and well thought through device. Can’T complain whatsoever. This thing is amazing, so good stuff. Now let me tell you all about the specs and their features Music let’s get into the specs. You can find all the pictures on their website. I will listen link all of that below if you want to take a look at that for yourself, but this is basically everything that you will find on their website anyways also, i will go through it fairly quickly. So if you want to read up just pause, the video and do it so let’s go here – is a specs overview. Windows 10 is included and, as you can see, this is such a tiny device. A desktop pc is 30 times bigger, wi, fi, 6 and bluetooth. 5.1 and you get 4k triple display output here is another specs overview. Look at this tiny thing here is a benchmark, it’s a geekbench 5 score, and the goal of this device is to be ultra thin and practical. In this case, i think it’s mounted behind the monitor so it’s tiny, you won’t even notice it you can mount it everywhere and also it is super upgrade friendly. You can exchange the disks, you can exchange the m.2 ssd and the ram super easily here is an explosion picture of this mini computer.

Here you can see the m.2 ssd in this case two other hdds and the ram. As i said, you can hook up up to three displays but notice the frame rates over hdmi. You will only get 30 hertz again. This also has really fast dual band wi fi and you will get the vasa bracket. You can mount this thing wherever you want, or you can just throw it in your backpack. Take it everywhere. You go here, are a few product pictures. How you look in your hand, then the device disassembled and the contents of the package basically let’s, get to the features. As you can see, we have hd graphics and up to three displays, but there is no dedicated graphics card. The graphics compartment is powered by the cpu, but it can get the job done easily don’t worry about it. This is also diy oriented and it’s super upgrade friendly. As i said, you can exchange basically all the parts really easily, and this really is a super versatile device. You can use it for tons of tasks. You can use this as a media computer. You can use this as a printer server. You can mount this on a projector or on a screen or tv, or you can use it as a surveillance, server, tons and tons of possibilities. Also, it has tons and tons of expansion slots. It is super mini and wisdom um. It is. It is definitely and, as i said, it will come with a wall.

Mount support here are all the specs in detail and, if you’re wondering on their website, you can choose different options for the u820 or u850, and here is the rest of the specs, even including the launch date and the contents of the package. And lastly, they also have a short q and a section on their website. How long will the shipping take? Where is it shipped from yeah, it’s, china, of course, and it usually it takes a few weeks. At least you also need to think about shipping fees or import taxes, usually that’s a thing, but for the build quality and what it can do. The pricing is amazing, as always straight from china is usually a great deal and again triple monitor. Setup is possible. It will come with the wall, mount and ram speeds and sizes, basically that’s it back to you chris, so not bad right. Next up is performance and usability and right after that, a good old demo back to back so let’s go for the first test. I have it hooked up over hdmi to this monitor usb c from the brick powering this device by the way. This is what the power brick looks like green light right here now, let’s see blue light. Let’S turn on this monitor as well. Oh look at that. Oh yeah, as we can see, looks like windows is configuring itself and i will use my old mouse there. We go and it’s working, okay, let’s take english.

My region would be austria, though boom there we go my keyboard. I need it to be german, please german. There we go second layout don’t need that wi fi let’s go. I don’t have a keyboard, though i will need the on screen on screen keyboard right here. Wait what okay! So i cannot get this to work. Okay, ah where’s the on screen keyboard come on narrator magnifier on screen keyboard. There we go nice, okay, let’s go back one step now i can connect to my wi fi. Okay windows 10 license agreement, except this of course set this up for personal use. Let’S go okay, i i did it. I logged in okay pin created skip that as well. Let’S skip that as well no cloud and no office 365. There we go. I can’t skip this okay, okay, wow! Oh my goodness easy as that. Well, that was yeah simple let’s check the programs yeah, nothing unusual, looking good to me all right very well, and this concludes the setup. Let’S check out the hardware investor tech limited as a manufacturer model; u850 that’s right, intel, core i5 six gigabytes of ram and it’s windows; 10 pro device manager let’s take a look at that as well: bluetooth, four cores and eight threads, but there’s no graphics card right. I don’t think so all right. This concludes the setup and a brief look into the installed hardware. This is what the thing sounds like by the way that is not bad at all, so let’s get to a performance test on my 4k tv let’s, open up, chrome.

Well, nope that’s firefox, my bad, so youtube full screen all right. This is 1080p full screen, so no problem whatsoever, let’s ramp it up to 4k, and this is 4k at 60 frames per second let’s, see looking good, so 4k videos on youtube, not a problem. That’S. Looking good to me, 4k and full screen let’s go. Look at that perfect youtube at 4k is not a problem whatsoever. This is for sure a perfect media pc. So for this completely mobile test, i have it hooked up to my diy giant power pack check out this vlog. If you want to know more that’s how it’s powered also it’s connected to this monitor over hdmi i’m using my old mouse again and now, let’s just turn it on and let’s see what will happen completely mobile. Then you will only need wi fi there we go. Oh wow, look at that okay, so my polarizer is causing issues yeah, that’s, better that’s, better. That is amazing, completely mobile 100 mobile let’s turn on the keyboard. That is actually crazy. This thing is so small. Wait. A second display settings, yeah 1080p that’s correct! Oh, my goodness, it’s so small. There we go we’re back on youtube. Obviously there is no sound output now, but damn this is working without any issues. Yo let’s go so whatever it is that you want to do you can do it fully mobile with this device. That is awesome all right, let’s shut it down Music.

So here we go and by now i am already using this device for a good two or three weeks, and the idea is amazing. I love the idea. First of all, this is ultra portable. You can bring this everywhere. You go thanks to the form factor. Of course – and this also allows it to mount it basically everywhere – you can mount it on the back side of even a small monitor, it’s amazing, but this is more like a server always on pc, so the computing power, especially the graphics, are not that powerful. I would love to be able to hook up an external graphics card to this and use it not with a monitor, but with a vr headset. This would be amazing. This one does not have a thunderbolt input, but minus forum also has a model with a thunderbolt port, so i would love to have a portable vr computer still to this day. This would be my dream setup, but this already comes very close. This is more a device for work and for office tasks, but also watching videos, it’s no problem, so it’s not powerful enough for vr, obviously, but for everything else.