For a few days, it is called the elite mini hm90 powered by a very potent apu, which is the ryzen 9 4900h. A 45 watt part with vega, 8 graphics. It does have 8 cores and 16 threads. Now you can get it in a bare bones configuration which will be priced according to their website under 500 us dollars. So that means no ram, no storage, no operating system. If you need the ram and everything else, then this is the configuration that im reviewing here today, which does have 16 gigabytes of ram ddr4 and a 512 gigabyte nvme drive and it runs windows 10 pro. So this model here can also run three displays at 4k. 60, you can install two additional 2.5 inch drives for expanding upon your storage and it has two lan ports, ones a gigabit and the other is 2.5 gigabits and wi fi 6 support with bluetooth. 5.. Then in our box you will find this right here, which is a visa mounting bracket. There are some screws there for the bracket, but also some screws for this here, which is the 2.5 inch drive holder. So this bracket goes over the top of the two drives. So, yes, you can install two 2.5 inch drives, which is great in this size and powerful mini pc that it is and then weve got our power supply here. So this one here is rated to 120 watts to power that powerful ryzen 7.

The 4900 h there is, as i can see, a power cable there, eu one supplied and then this, which is an hdmi cable, a rather short one, so thats really more for people who want to be mounting this onto the back of the monitor with that mounting Bracket now ill design and build so we have some vents at the bottom. There are the two slots for mounting this onto the bracket, so you could put it on the back of a tv or a monitor and then rubber feet right there. There are four screws that would be needed to remove if you want to gain access to the internals. If you want to install those, two 2.5 inch drives now open it up later, and i will show you the internals of this model, so ports here at the front. Power on and weve got two audio jacks. There 3.5 millimeter usb 3.1 and we have a type c 3.1 here, so this one does support display out. So we get video out with this 4k 60 and then with the ports at the back. Here we do have another option there for two 4k60 monitors with displayport and then hdmi 2.0 here so gigabit lan, and then this is really good to see 2.5 gigabit lan here too. So a lot faster than just the single of course, and then another four usb 3.1 ports. So to power it. It is a type c that its using the power plug.

So not your barrel connector, which we normally have, and there is a kensington lock slot either side. Youll then see this, which are some vent, so it sucks in from the top blows it out either side. So here is the other side and youll see. There is a little reset button there for the bios, which is completely unlocked. I will get onto that soon. So if you mess up any of those settings, you can at least reset it there without having to disconnect that little battery, which saves everything uh, which is on the motherboard attached, and here at the top you see. This is where its sucking and all that air. So you can just see the cooler right there and ill be covering the fan, noise and thermals in this video and then our internals. So you just need to remove those four screws which ive done already the back cover simply just lifts out now. If you are going to install the two 2.5 inch drives, they go on the back here: okay and then that mounting bracket goes over the top to hold them into place with those four screws and then the cables then connect up to the motherboard. There youve got those two sata3 connectors, so here we have upgradable ram. If you wanted to buy the bare bones model, you could simply install ram you already own as long as its ddr4 spec. Of course, 3200 megahertz, so ive got the pre configured model here with the 16 gigabytes of ram and 512 gigabyte.

Ssd note that a minis forum here they put a heatsink on it, which is great to see and theres, also a large heatsink that is going over. The vrms our bios battery is right here and if you wish to upgrade the wireless card, which is an intel, wi, fi 6, one its the ax 200 and one with bluetooth 5.1, it is under this ssd. So you need to remove that ssd and then you can gain access to that tiny little slot there and change the wi fi card if you wanted to and our bias now. So we do have a lot of open settings in here. Pretty much all of the settings that you would want are unlocked to us now, some of those very advanced ones that you probably would never even look at or need they arent there. So its not 100, everything that weve got but almost amd cbs is where you will find useful settings. If you wanted to tweak, for example, how much is going to be dedicated to the vega 8 graphics, you will find that one under the nbio common option so ill just go into that very briefly and show you this would be under the graphics configuration. So if you do change this from auto, which is dedicating with the 16 gigabytes of ram, only half a gigabyte to the vega 8., if you put it on to game optimized, it will then dedicate, i believe, its one gigabyte.

And if you have 32 gigabytes of storage, it will then be two. If you install 64 gigabytes of ram, it will then dedicate four so thats, one way to help boost just the lower average frames and increase that there are many more options in the buyer spot. I will not go into all of those and then interesting. One here is smu common option, so this is system configuration configured on auto its 45 watts. Now you could set this to 54 watts. You might get a slight advantage to performance, but im going to keep everything as stock in this review. So we know what the stock temperatures are going to be like when you first power it on youll, be greeted with the following: pre installed language packs, which are part of this windows. 10 pro installation. Now i know this question is going to pop up a lot and thatll. Be windows 11 support. Yes, you can run it on this, not a problem there. It supports everything that it does need. So if you want that, then install it at the moment, minis forum are shipping this, with only windows, 10 pro and thats what this units come with. So that is exactly how i will review it. I wont bother to upgrade or do a clean, install of windows. 11., but youre welcome to do that, of course on your own unit, so the apu thats in this, the ryzen 9, the 4900h, its a very good apu, mostly because of those because the vega 8 graphics here now, this one can turbo up to the maximum.

You just saw it flicker there for a second 1750, and it will hold that, thanks to the 45 watt power limit that this does have so its a potent apu, and even though it is yes, last gen, it still is very close in terms of performance to Say the rise in nine for 5900 hx its? Not that far off really, especially when you take a look at the integrated graphics performance from the vega 8, which ill get on to later in this in depth review. So the maximum turbo is 4.45 gigahertz and the ram is running in dual channel timings. Are typical amd not very good, not for at least these mobile processors here so 22 for our cl cast timing there yeah thats, not amazing, i get better with the intels, so it does ship here with windows. 10 pro. As you can see, you will need to run some updates with that and they have dedicated half a gigabyte is shared well well, dedicated sorry to the vega 8, but it can use a lot more shared and youre able to tweak that in the bias. As i showed you before, but im just reviewing it here as stock, so i made a mistake before i said that it has the intel ax 201., its in fact the ax 200 here, so its got bluetooth, five, still a very good wi fi six card so Connected to my wi fi, six router ive got no problems with the signal strength and the maximum throughput is the pretty standard.

What i get with this router its about 1.3 uh gigabits per second transfers, so very good. Now i have run one benchmark and ill get on to some more now, and that is geekbench five, so single core score here: um thats, nothing, amazing! The intels can normally do a little bit better. There uh but multi score multi core score there for the eight cores 16 threads uh, thats good, so its decent youll see now onto cinebench, which is about to finish up. You can see the single core score. There is well very similar to the one i got with geekbench 5, which is just over 1200 points there, and this is just about to finish. It should be getting around ten thousand eleven thousand points, so lets take a look after the ten minutes, two as well. All right, eleven thousand so thats very good for a ryzen, nine, four thousand nine h and the boot ssd, which is that kingston that i showed you they had the heatsink on it. Well, these are the speeds using crystal dismark here you can see that its not the fastest nvme drive out there, pcie 3.0 spec, but still a lot faster than sata 3 and remember. We can add another. Two 2.5 inch drives you could put in some ssds, but of course they wont be as fast as this main boot drive here free available space with windows. We do have 433 gigabytes approximately on first boot.

Now. This is very obvious that performance general windows performance has excellent. This thing is very fast. Everything opens up quick, rapid and not a problem, so spreadsheets documents. I wont, really go into them in detail, just to point out that nothing lags. It is all very fast there. Now the vega 8 graphics on this can handle demanding clips here. So this is a hevc 10 bit 140 megabits per second file, and it plays it back without any issues. No problems with that, so anything you throw at vp9 hevc is going to run fine 4k demo here 60 frames per second sony swordsmith one, and that is running without any issues there, so great performance for general computing. This thing is very quick: okay, video editing now with adobe premiere pro the timeline i just have set to the half playback resolution and for my basic 4k video edits of my reviews, youll, probably actually its fine. It doesnt seem to be dropping any frames there at the moment. With the timeline, you occasionally see its a little bit laggy, so i would not be running this and the full playback resolution. Now, if you do complex edits with lots of layers and transitions and things you probably do need a dedicated gpu to get the best performance. It would start to then lag a little bit and then how long does it take to encode one minute of footage 4k to the youtube 4k preset? Well, ive got the clip right now encoding and it looks like its going to be just under a minute, which is very good, so excellent, encoding speeds here: adobe have improved things with the amd support.

Normally then, tails are a little bit faster, but still this is looking really good. Okay, once that disappears 100. So there we go about 47 seconds for one minute of footage to be encoded into that 4k. Youtube preset in adobe premiere pro gaming performance now cyberpunk 2077 lowest possible settings on 720p and were getting around 30 frames per second. This is really good for integrated graphics. Vega, 8 im impressed now the gpu clock will always hold 17.50 constantly. It does not throttle down. Thats, what we want and the thermals when gaming gaming will remain normally in about the 70s and even when youve got a bit of action going on screen. So i start blasting, some just random cars on the screen here getting popped out. It will normally still stay around a very playable frame rate and ive been wiped out already. Lets have a look at gta. 5 performance performance is looking great with the medium settings, so population density viewing distance set to medium and 1080p here. So around 50 frames per second. This is really good. I mean, of course, its an old title, an oldie but a goodie, and really quite pleased with this. So the only integrated graphics that i have seen that can do better than this, with gta 5 at least is intels new iris xc and thats probably able to get around eight frames per second more than this here. So overall, the performance, i still think really good.

Even going crazy with a shotgun, its not lagging out be safe. Lastly, counter strike, so i have it set at 1080p and the last possible settings now. This is just a bot match here not to annoy real people with my terrible gameplay on the server and its yeah over 100 frames per second normally, but right now, its down to about 70 there when there is a bit going on screen so still great performance From this older title, so im able to get a few kills here, because its just the easy box that makes it nice and easy for me here and where have they all gone off to the side? Oh im, the one with the bomb. So i should plant that now, but hey thats enough of my terrible gameplay, you can see that an older title like this a very light title great frame rate onto all thermals power, consumption and fan noise. So you can see it reached a peak of almost 90 degrees. Now this is a lot cooler than the rz box that i reviewed from chewy. With the same chipset fan. Noise is so good in this mini pc. Im really impressed its just like some of the others from minis forum that at idle, you can barely hear it its whisper quiet under full load, its audible. You do hear it, but its not what i would call loud at all its a very pleasant fan. Noise too, its not annoying so almost 90 degrees, peak power consumption, so 115 watts is what my wall meter is telling me that its pulled under full load and then at idle with just nothing running in the background, its using around seven watts.

So just sipping away at power there, its good so very good fan noise and the thermals are excellent. It all checks out now linux. I did a quick test here that it will run linux just fine, this particular mini pc. I dont think youre gon na run into too many issues just make sure you go for a more modern distro, so it will support wi fi 6, the ax 200 and the 2.5 gigabit lan port, that this has on board with it. So this is an impressive mini pc, theres, so much to like about it, its definitely better than the rz box that i reviewed from chewy that has the same apu in it, the ryzen 9 4900h. However, in the chuwi it had very bad fan noise. It would reach 99 in fact went over that it was about 103 degrees. I think it got up to this tops out at 90 degrees. The fan noise is so good in this mini pc, its excellent. You barely hear it when youre just doing something a little bit stressful, if you do stress it out with continual exporting videos, gaming or benchmarks, its just a minor whooshing noise that you hear the middle around the outside. So it is a middle frame around the outside. Here does get a little warm where the vents are either side, but theyve done an excellent job with the cooler. I really do, like it great performance and, most importantly, fan noise.

When you do nothing, you really cannot hear this unit, so performance, wise, very good. Getting cinebench r23 score of 11 000 points, thats what you kind of expect too out of the ryzen 9 that this has and then the vega 8 graphics does really well for older, lighter games. You can play even cyberpunk, which is a very heavy game. At 30 frames per second, yes, i know not amazing, but hey you can do it and at 720p, so really theres so much to like about this all the ports to additional storage. Now what are the things i dont like about it? Well, i have to really start nitpicking with this, because it really is that good. I would have liked to have seen micro, sd card slot or an sd card slot on this, and i would have preferred. I think a lot of people probably agree with me on this another m.2 slot in this instead of the 2.5 inch well, one 2.5 inch bay would be good. Weve got two of them, but i would have preferred to have seen another second more faster option there. For storage, i think, would have been great and for those that maybe in the future, wanted to hook up an external gpu, you can do that, of course, via a nvme m.2 slot, which uh well its going to be our boot drive now with this one. So really, this is a fantastic mini pc here from minis forum.

The hm90, i think, is one of the best i have seen so far from them.