They sent this out to me to review it’s their elite mini tl50. Now the tl50 has the core. I5. 1135, g7 and iris xe graphics, with its 80 executional cores, which is a big step up for integrated graphics performance, especially coming from intel and it’s a welcomed change. Now this model here has 12 gigabytes a ddr4 ram, 512 gigabyte ssd, which is mvme it. Ships with windows 10 pro has dual gigabit lan ports on here, wi fi, six, which is the ax200 card from intel with bluetooth five. It can also take two additional 2.5 inch drives on this inside the box. You will find a guide. We have a bracket here and two cables for our sata 3 drive, so it will take two 2.5 inch drives, which is really good. Not a lot of mini pcs can do that here. Is our visa bracket and some screws to mount that behind a tv or monitor? Then we have an hdmi cable, our power supply. This one is rated to 65 watts and it is using a type c connector, so a little different. Normally we have the dc round barrel plug, but not this time and then an eu power cable. So, depending on the model, you order, what region that will be a us uk or euro plug the back here is where we have the bulk of our connections. So two usb twos, two usb threes gen, one 2.5 gigabit lan and another 2.

5 gigabit lan, so very fast lan on this and two of them, which is great so you could use this say as a file server a server now i’ve got display port. This is 1.4 a and hdmi 2.0, so both of these are 4k 60. Our kingzington lock slot right there and then the 9 volts 65 watts total power in there for that with the type c power supply that is supplied and we have power, armor status led behind it, two microphones, so these are dual ray mics another two usb 3.0 Gen1 ports here – and this is type c usb 3.1 and that’s – display out 4k 60.. So in total we get three 4k 60 displays that this can run, which is great and then we’ve got our separate audio jacks in there and here on this side, there is an intake vent, a reset. This is for the bios. If you mess up any of the settings, you can simply reset it from there. You don’t have to open it up, disconnect the battery anything like that and another intake vent there. So this part around the outside that is made out of alloy and then the top of it here so there’s a gap around the outside, that is for ventilation. This is plastic and our wireless antennas. This is the wi fi. Six that it has. They are stuck to the top of this plastic lid here for maximum signal reception and then turning it over.

You can see here some more vents on it and where you slot in that visa mount. So you can mount this on the back of a tv and then removing the rear. Lid is where we can gain access to our mvme drive and if you remove it underneath is our wireless card. Now, if you’re wondering what about the 2.5 inch drives, so you can install two of them. That is possible, which is really good and you can put them both on here. Okay, there’s vents there and you plug them in just here for the sake of three drives, but what’s missing in my box at least is the screws, so the mounting bracket goes over. Them holds them into place and you’re supposed to screw it down here, but those screws are sadly missing and when it comes to further upgrades with this, so if you do remove the main motherboard, i believe on the other side, there is no sodium slot the ram This is configured with 12 gigabytes of ram that is soldered onto the motherboard and that’s it. Okay, that’s the way it is configured no upgrade, sadly, with this one when it comes to ram first up, our buyer, so there’s not a lot to show you. Unfortunately, there is no advanced settings tab which would have been perfect that we could go along and tweak some advanced settings. There increase power limits, but minis forum don’t want us doing that. Unfortunately, so you can see there that this is the tiger lag, so the core: i5 1135 g7 maximum turbo is 4.

2 gigahertz it’s a quad core. It has the iris, xc, graphics and it’s a 10 nanometer chip, and you can see the ram speeds there uh. They are quick, so this should definitely aid and benefit that integrated graphics, which i’ll be testing later on in this review. So, under security there are secure boot things we can change here, uh the storage security configuration and the boot menu here is the one that allows us to at least tweak a couple of things here. So just the wake settings network stack configuration and if you intend to run this as a server file server, you want to change this one. The ac power loss policy to make sure it’s always power on for you, so it’s going to power up now on. First boot, you will be greeted with the following: pre installed language packs, and this is good. That means we don’t have to waste time downloading any of these extra languages so i’ll skip ahead. I won’t go through that setup part. Of course everyone knows that and it’s. Incredibly boring so this mini pc, it does come with windows 10 pro and you can see. I ram the 12 gigabytes there, which runs at 3.7 gigahertz, which is rather fast. Now they have dedicated a little bit 300 megabytes to the iris, xe graphics, and i just bring this menu up here. Take a little performance here. You can see that the memory speed very high, but it does actually scale down it.

Clocks itself, down i’ve, been seeing it doing this quite a lot, and that would just be saving on energy is one of the reasons it’s doing that so it’s not actually sitting at that top speed the entirety of the time you’re using it. No, it actually does fluctuate a little bit there. So the drive on board this one is the kingston and it is nvme and you can see these speeds here. Then i mean they’re, not bad, definitely faster than sata3, so you can install an additional 2 sata. 3 drives, if you wanted to do so, you could even run a sata 3 as a boot drive and use the nvme slot to nvme to external gpu. If you wanted to do that now for a pcie drive, these are not the fastest it’s. Definitely no samsung pm 981 or a samsung evo drive. So if you wanted faster, that is definitely possible there for upgrades. If you wanted to install, say a terabyte drive there, so i wanted to point out as a couple of other things, a nice little pleasant surprise. Here that we can run uh with the display out, at least here with my lg cx, that i have i’m able to run 4k at 120 hertz. But it is 8 bit when it’s doing that. Okay, 120 hertz there and it looks very smooth – and i cannot really see the difference between the 8 and 10 bit there with it, and the main thing is getting that 120 hertz.

If your 4k display supports it, is really good to have now xtu. Can we under volt we can’t? Okay, i tried to install it. This is the latest version of xtu, maybe there’s a way around this. I know that there are some forums there’s, some shortcut or some sort of hack. You can do to try and get it to run, but it looks at this point anyway that uh no we’re not able to undervolt sandy with this particular processor, so benchmarks that i’ve run cinebench have just finished this one up and i mean it’s. Okay. This result. I did expect to be a little bit better, uh, just short of well just over 5 500. Now i was expecting this to be over 6 000. Now i noticed that it got very hot and i’ll get onto the thermals soon, and that is why this score is a little bit lower. So some thermal throttling took place. It was bouncing around the turbos between 2.9 and 3.7 across all of the four cores and that’s why that score could have been better there, and the same goes for geekbench five, that it did actually touch on thermal throttling for a little bit and that’s. Why this score, i believe, could be better here so slightly disappointing. I mean the single core score there for a 4.2 gigahertz turbo and the multi core for a quad core with the eight threads it isn’t bad. I mean don’t.

Get me wrong: it’s, not bad, but i was hoping for better there and the iris xc graphics. This is the opencl score, which is is a big step up from the intel, hd graphics, that we normally saw, at least on the previous generations, like the uh, the 10th gen and the 8th gen and things that’s a nice step up there too. With that one and then on thermal so so far, this is what i’m seeing here with the thermals 98 degrees is what it has peaked at, in fact, 99 degrees and that’s. Just after doing some stress testing, so yeah it’s it’s, not looking good. The fan is very good, the way it scales up when it’s hot and then it just disappears once it cools down the fan. Doesn’T remain on and then becomes very quiet, so it’s not a allowed machine when it’s not being pushed hard, but when it’s being pushed hard it’s reasonably loud. I wouldn’t call it actually loud compared to my gaming laptop it’s, nothing, but it does make a bit of noise and you will hear it but sad to see this. The thermal throttling is taking place hitting 99 degrees isn’t exactly good. I know it is a 28 watt processor. Maybe i’ve got a bad thermal pace job, but i just don’t think the cooler is really up to it. Maybe they need to put a beefier cooler in this one. So general performance of this particular mini pc is very, very good.

It feels very quick, very snappy everything loads up fast start menu that doesn’t lag. So there’s. No point me going over what i would do on the more low end machines like say: the jasper lake, that i’ve just reviewed or the previous gemini legs. Now the file playback very good. This is a super demanding file here and it plays it with absolute ease. This one is hevc 10 bit 4k, not a problem and even 4k 60 sony swordsmith file. This one very, very good again, no problems with this whatsoever, really quick and wherever i go it just doesn’t drop a frame there same with youtube performance, again, really good, not a problem now onto video editing. This is with adobe premiere pro 4k timeline here. That does have some 100 megabit files in there. So i noticed that with the preview. I want to keep it on a quarter because otherwise it seems sometimes to be not laggy, but it’s dropping frames just a little there. So what i’ll do now is an export and we’ll see how long it’s going to take for one minute of footage. Now. This is something that i normally always test out on. These particular mini pcs and it shouldn’t take long at all, for one minute of footage. Should just be over about one minute, especially now, we’ve got the 80 executional calls with the iris xc. So the preset i use here is the youtube one 4k and i’ll just adjust this now to one minute of footage and we’ll see how long it’s going to take okay.

So one minute right, there hit start and there’s a delay of about two seconds and export right here, and it should be able to power right through this, and that is actually looking like. Yes, definitely going to be under one minute. That is very quick. Thanks to the iris, xe graphics – and we just have a few seconds left so once the bar disappears completely 100 that’s gone i’ll hit pause, so you’re, looking at approximately about 48 seconds for one minute of footage, so we’re now under one minute in code times for A quad core – this is good, so this is where the 10 nanometers, and especially the iris xc, does pull ahead from the intel, uhd integrated graphics that we had on the previous generations, it’s just so much quicker at exporting video using that intel, quick sync! Now for gaming performance, so this is where we should see a really nice step up performance, because we’ve now got well the 80 execution, of course, iris pro graphics and the faster memory that should be helping out a lot. So this is 1080p on the medium sort of to normal low settings here and it’s. Looking good look at this 60 frames per second, so that is a huge step up. This is it’s, not quite double the performance of before i mean the uhd graphics would have been approximately 30 40 frames per second right now, so that is it’s. A nice bump up a very nice bump up here and performance.

In fact, it would have been lower than that. It would have really been about 30 frames per second 1080p because i used to test it out at 720p. So overall, i’m happy with this increase here, and it is quite quiet when gaming right now there’s a bit of tearing coming through on the screen there. So, ideally, you would put vsync on of course, and that would avoid that problem there, the witcher 3 now so this is running in the mid 40s average 1080p on the low settings preset. I think most people would run it on low settings because you put it on a medium setting, then it does get into the mid 30s late, 30s, so not ideal, but this frame rate is excellent. This is really good, so this is around the amd vega kind of performance and sometimes even a little bit better at times, and the thermals holding up well it’s only around 64 degrees here. So when gaming, the thermals are fine it’s. Just when you run things like cinebench and benchmarks and stress tests, it will hit 99 degrees, but for the normal kind of computing and the gaming. The thermals are fine, so great to see these big leaps now in the integrated graphics performance, it’s well overdue, with intel, especially and they’re, finding of course, on 10 nanometers away from 14 nanometers, which took them again like a lifetime to get on to the smaller process. Counter strike now, so this is 1080p lowest possible settings and the average frame rate here is well over a hundred and if you even have a high refresh monitor, you could take advantage of this, but of course i would keep it on the lowest setting.

So you don’t really want to go whoops grenade ouch. You do not really want to put it on the high settings here. You want to keep that frame rate really really high as possible. So the iris xc is a huge stair part with the 80 execution of cores with this model. Here this performance i’m really happy with, i think, for integrated graphics on such a small little mini pc. This is really good well, where he is he’s waiting around here somewhere hiding. Ah i got me where was he no idea? Ah hiding there? I completely missed him anyway, that’s enough of my terrible counter strike gameplay and lastly, our linux support. So i don’t have wireless for some reason. Now. Normally it’s detected this intel ax 200 card with this particular build here. I’Ve got of linux mint. The new version uh then recently released and it doesn’t seem to want to work with it. I don’t really know why. So i’ll probably have to try out another linux mint distro, but i do believe linux should be able to run on this. Just fine, considering i’ve gotten this far it’s, just a minor driver issue, that’s all okay. So all up, there are quite a few areas of improvements with this particular model here, so we’ve got the 2.5 gigabit lan that’s, really good to see and two of them, if you were going to be running, say a router file, server or server. This is a mini pc that you could do with that.

Those lan ports there definitely it’s something that a lot of people do actually look for to have the extra lan port. Now this one it does power on if it loses the power state. If you set it in the buyer’s setting, but unfortunately, the bias options are really locked down, no advanced settings, which is a shame there. Now the integrated graphics performance, very good thanks to the 80 execution of cores the faster ram it’s, definitely helping and, of course, the iris xc performance that architecture over say the 10th gen even iris. Xc is a big step up over the integrated uhd graphics that we previously saw, which was downright well terrible performance for integrated graphics. So games like counter strike, which are light engine titles, can run over 100 frames per second and the witcher 3 and gta 5 and most games out there on 1080p on low settings will be playable. Apart from maybe some of those super demanding new titles like cyberpunk, i think will still be around 30 frames per second you’ll probably want to run that one at 720p, but it will actually be well playable and probably better than the playstation 4, at least with that. So that then, brings me on to other things that are good about it. Well, 2.5. Inch drive support is good that we can add the two drives, but my unit has no screws for them for some reason: they’re not in the box, but that’s, not a massive thing.

I can easily source those, but still it should be there and then the cons. So thermals you knew i was going to say that right, the thermals it peaks at 99 degrees celsius celsius. There triggers thermal throttling and that’s not good to see at all. Now it only happens when stressing it out with benchmarks, really so cinebench geekbench. It would peak to about 95, but cinebench really pushed it hard and then it throttled and the cause dropped down across all of the four cores so instead of holding, i think it was 3.7 it was holding. Originally, it dropped right down to 2.9 affecting greatly the performance there, so the benchmarks could have been a little bit better. I believe now, if just mini’s forum, they adjust the fan profiles on this one. I think the fan profiles are good. I like the way that, as soon as the temperatures drop, that fan rpm just completely goes away and it’s quite a silent unit. You only hear it when you’re pushing it hard really, but i believe if they set a lower point, a trigger point for when it starts to get warm. So if it kicks in the fan at a higher rpm, a little sooner, it probably wouldn’t peak to the 99 degrees for short bursts at least anyway, but with the long continuous loads it will thermal throttle so that’s really the con. For me, the other one is upgradable, ram support, sadly non existent with this unit.

It is 12 gigabytes of some very fast ddr4 ram, but because of the size of the heatsink in this, you simply cannot have the two sodium slots that we’re used to seeing in these mini pcs from them. So they are missing. So you cannot just go and remove the ram or add another stick or i want to have 32 gigabytes in this. Unfortunately, not with this one. I would have liked to have seen definitely that upgradable ram and maybe an mvme slot, an additional one instead of having the two 2.5 inch drive base, but don’t get me wrong, it’s still great to have that option to add in just a huge capacity of storage. So that’s the full story there of the tl50 from mini’s forum. I think it’s good in some areas and it’s just really the major one, which is the the thermals on this. I do hope that they can somehow improve. Maybe the heat sink on this or the fan uh before it is released, because this is a pre production unit it’s currently on what they call our pre orders, pre sale at the moment there.