If you already have a reverling, you can just go directly from the referral link and tap on your browser, but this time or the uninstall tab browser i’m going to install again just for this demonstration and okay, so it’s installing. Let me pause while waiting. Okay, it is installed so now open, accept and continue, and then you will get a welcome and then this is our some tutorials. So, as you can see, you can refer other users it’s, like a multi level. Marketing you’ll get some reward based on how much you invite and how much your friends invite now open this one to go to the mat to the mining extension. Next, you need to login. I have all of this account and for this one i want to use a vk. Now let me pause the video and there you go. I have login to my yahoo vk account and then you can adjust your mining speed. You can mine here, i’m mining on around 15 20 hash per second, my j7 samsung phone, maybe up to 30., and then this is my balance: zero point Music, this much bitcoin around 0.1, us dollar – you can withdraw and one reverb, which is my own – and here It is so if you want to share this, if you want to invite other make sure you share this link, because the more people who install this app with this link, you, the more Music, the more reward you will get and basically that’s it, and this is Just like any other browser so i’m, using this, then to using a chrome browser.

So maybe here, for example, i want to open Music let’s, see google normal or maybe i want to open chess okay. So, while you’re browsing, you can mine and you can adjust the speed depending on your preference – and you should be careful about this because, based on my experience, it will consume much more of your battery.