This is danny and today i partnered with samsung to show you my brand new setup, probably seen some of this tech already on my channel like the galaxy tab, s8 ultra and the galaxy s 22 ultra. But i want to show you what the ultimate samsung setup looks like with the brand new smart monitor m8. This is definitely something you need to look into because its much more than just a monitor you dont even need a computer for productivity because it has microsoft. 365, built in you can connect the keyboard and mouse directly to the monitor so youre ready to go. You also have remote access capabilities, so this is perfect for a work from home setup and you dont even need wires. If you dont want them just use decks for a wireless desktop interface with samsung smartphones or tablets, wirelessly cast from a laptop or smartphone, including airplay support for macs. So we got a lot to talk about lets just jump right in last year i took a look at the smart monitor m7 and it was a great option for a clean budget setup and while it does share a lot of similarities, the smart monitor m8 takes Everything great about the m7 and just elevates it. This is a 32 inch, 4k monitor with a matte finish, and i love the updated and fresh design. It looks modern and minimal and im really digging the look its 11.4 millimeters at its thinnest point, so its noticeably thinner than the m7.

It has a nice herringbone texture on the back to give it that premium look and the overall aesthetic is so clean. It comes in four different colors, so it matches your home decor. This is the daylight blue model and its very subtle. So it matches up nicely with my setup, but it also comes in warm white sunset, pink or spring green, so you can choose which one that you like best ill leave a link down below, so you can check them out and also check current pricing. I think theyre even doing a hundred dollar samsung credit deal right now, so i would jump on that before its gone. The unboxing experience is a good one, because you get everything that you need in the box. You get the stand included, which comes with two pieces. All you need is a phillips head screwdriver to join them. You can raise the monitor up and down as well, which is really nice, and you can also tilt the monitor slightly to get that angle that you need. You get the power brick and its a pretty sizable one, and you also get the power cord. You get a few cables too a usb c cord and also a micro hdmi cord to hdmi, not sure why they chose this input. But you get that and 2 usb c inputs on the back of the monitor for connectivity. Also, you get this slim fit camera included. The installation is really cool, theres, a small usb adapter that comes in the box, and then you just magnetically attach it to the back of the monitor and thats it.

It even extends. So you can move the camera around to adjust the angle and it blends into the design. So i dont mind it at all. But if you dont need it, you can just take it right off or there is a magnetic cover, so you can ensure privacy. The camera also supports auto framing, like features like you saw on the tab. S8 ultra. This is a nice feature to have so it will follow you around while you move. I think this is a major win that a camera comes with the monitor in the box. It also comes with the remote as well, and maybe youre wondering why it comes with one and the best way to explain the smart monitor m8 is they did a genius thing and they combined the traditional monitor with their tv experience. So you dont have to choose you get the best of both worlds. So if this is your only display lets say in a college dorm room, then you have all of the streaming services that you need, like netflix, hulu, disney plus prime video and so much more. This monitor has wi fi built in and looks a lot like their tv interface. So if youve used the samsung tv in the past, then youll have no problem getting adjusted. The remote is nice because it has a few shortcuts for popular streaming services and also has a shortcut for samsung tv plus. This is cool because i personally dont have cable and there are a lot of free tv channels here.

So if you havent checked this out, then you definitely need to ive been checking out moon night and its looking great on here its kind of dangerous because it can mess up my productivity but whats great is there is a picture in picture feature and is customizable With sizing, so my favorite thing to do is catch up on some content or tv shows and scroll through my twitter timeline, thats wirelessly projected for my smartphone, so ive been thoroughly enjoying this, since you cant do this on a traditional monitor. There are so many reasons why the samsung smart, monitor m8 makes sense for a desk setup. If you have a laptop, then its really easy to connect the monitor via usbc or hdmi its plug and play, and i love the auto source switch plus feature where it detects the new source and applies the right settings. It works great as a 4k, 60hz monitor and at 32 inches its a perfect size. In my opinion, if you want to add some console gaming or pc gaming, you can definitely do that. This wasnt meant to be a gaming monitor, but you can definitely game on it. There is a game mode built in to reduce latency and increase responsiveness. So, as you can see, this is the swiss army knife of monitors. What i love about this monitor is you can keep your desk nice and clean, because you really dont need wires if you dont want them, the screen.

Sharing option is great and you can easily do this on a samsung laptop, like i have here just by hitting the connect button from the taskbar, its super easy. But if you have a mac, then its just as simple you just go here. You hit screen mirroring and its as easy as that. Also, you can do this with any smartphone, including the iphone as well the exact same way or if you have a samsung smartphone, then you can just tap the side of the monitor and it prompts you for tap view theres, so many options to choose from and Its awesome, but if you want to use your samsung smartphone to its full potential, then you can pair the smart monitor m8 wired via usbc or even easier wireless decks. This will wirelessly cast a desktop interface to your monitor and you can use the smartphone as a trackpad, but i would recommend a bluetooth mouse and a keyboard like i have here. This is the logitech mx master 3 that ive been using for a while. I love the ergonomics and shortcut buttons on the side, and this one here is an amazon find a compact white wireless mechanical keyboard with a sweet blue backlight. What do you think about this one? If you want a bigger dex experience, you can use it with the tab. S8 ultra. I still continue to believe that dex is so underrated. I love that dex has a file manager to keep track of everything, and even if you dont subscribe to microsoft office, you can totally be productive with googles offerings.

I use google docs a lot, so this monitor has a ton of potential if youre the samsung ecosystem, but even if you own, iphones and macbooks its still a great experience, because the smart monitor m8 is so versatile. It doesnt end there because, if youre a fan of smart home like i am then youll be very happy because there is a samsung smartthings hub built into this monitor. So if youre familiar with smartthings is compatible with a ton of smart home brands and you can add them right from the monitor and control them through the smartthings panel and as you can see, i have my smart home connected. So i can see everything from my tvs to my smart kitchen. I can even look inside my fridge from my garage apartment. If i wanted to, i can get notifications right on the monitor. If lets say, my fridge door is left open. When my dishwasher is done. You get the idea and i can even control my desk lighting setup. If i wanted to right from here. I have a light strip back here, so i can just hit it and you can see that it comes on or i can do it by voice assistant turn on office desk light strip boom. Whats awesome is, if you arent familiar with bixby, then you can change it to amazon alexa, so you do have choices. This actually gives you a ton of voice functions like on the fire tv, where you can open.

Prime video play music or control content with alexa like play, pause fast forward, and you can even use the smart monitor m8 as your primary smart home hub, because the monitor does not have to be on so you can wake it with the voice command. So if you want to control your entire smart home with this monitor, you totally can with the built in far field microphones and another thing: thats awesome is just like their tvs. If you want to add zigbee devices, then you can add the smartthings dongle, so you can definitely use this to build your ultimate smart, home or smart office so to wrap up. I want to talk about the quality of the display, its a matte display, and it does a good job of reducing glare. The 4k display looks good. It covers 99 of srgb and supports hdr 10 plus. The first thing that i noticed as soon as i turned it on is how much brighter it was than the m7. I think it has about 100 and its more brightness, so it definitely helps in bright conditions. Like this, and it also has better viewing angles – it also has adaptive picture available, so it will control the brightness and color temperature automatically. So you dont have to mess with it, but just like having a tv youre able to set the different picture modes and customize the picture. However, you want it and whats nice is as soon as you plug in your laptop or monitor.

It remembers your settings, so you have more accurate colors when you want them and then, when you want to just watch a movie, you can have a different picture profile for vibrant colors and deeper contrast. And since the monitor remembers the settings by input you dont really even have to think about it. There are built in speakers on the back its nice that theyre included and for regular day to day use. They are just fine. They dont have a ton of range because the monitor is so thin, but you do have quick options of adding bluetooth speakers and its right in the settings menu. So its easy to do, and one more thing just in case you misplace the remote. There is a knob on the lower side of the monitor, so you can navigate the interface. So i appreciate that because with my kids running around remotes disappear about once a month, so i want to know what do you think of the samsung smart monitor m8? Is it exactly what you were looking for in a monitor? Let me know in the comment section below because at 700 it is priced higher than last years m7, but you do get a better panel, a built in camera, a new design, smart home hub and so much more everything you need is included in the box. So youll be ready to go right away and it pairs so well with other samsung products and even apple products.