It has an intel i5 chip, which is very different than most of the others of these i’ve seen um, which have the celeron chips or the atom chips. This has a full i5 chip in it and it’s manufactured by a company called guzilla g? U z! I l a and amazingly enough those big um, tabletop or under the desk pcs, have now been reduced to a box. This size, it’s, incredible you’ve, got two physical one gig lamp ports, you’ve got a vga output. You’Ve got a um hdmi output, a display port. This is where the power line goes in. You’Ve got four 3.0 usb ports and two 2.0 usb ports, as well as an old style serial port, and this is for a headset, so it’s a full featured pc in a box and in this side box we have a power, cable, an hdmi cable. It looks like yeah, hdmi, cable, a couple of mounting screws for the v support a little mounting plate for a visa mounting system and the power brick, which is the other side of the power cord, so i’m, going to do a quick setup with this box. Just to see the process, it has windows 10 on it. If i turn the monitor on there’s, an on off switch here turn on the computer, rather so the monitor lights up, that’s the name of the of the computer, not the name of the monitor so it’s. Coming from the computer and that’s a windows prompt just a moment and i’m going to edit out these long waiting periods, because there’s no reason to make the tape too long, but so far i haven’t edited anything.

So we have the mouse working just plugged into the usb port, which is good, so we’re going to use english and we’re going to use united states and we’re going to use the us keyboard layout. And we are not going to use a separate number pad and i’m going to connect to one of my local network. That was a keyboard issue. Not a um computer issue hit next and i do want it to be discovered, so i’ll hit. Yes, so it’s setting up the networking – and we are now set up while that’s waiting, i’ll just scan over the setup, there’s, the mouse and keyboard and the computer, and there is the screen. Let me zoom in a little bit so there’s the windows, licensing agreement that pops up the typical windows 10 installation hit. I agree and again now, just in the moment, we’re going to set this up for personal use so put in the email from microsoft live and there it goes it’s checking with microsoft, live and it’s, bringing in all of whatever information it may need i’m going to Create a pin because going into windows 10 is easier, with a pin that way i type the pin, rather than have to uh, and there you go wow. That was quick for a small machine like this. That was incredibly fast and now just to show you it’s working, i can open up edge full screen and there you go we’re gon na download microsoft edge, the new version which is based on chrome and then we’re going to run it the new install.