This is the m1 mac mini and its quite small for what it is. However, could you get a pc? What is smaller and it still do your everyday needs well. Pantera think theyve got the solution with this pico pc that we have right here, its absolutely tiny compared to this mac mini. But how good really is it, and what can you actually use it for well lets explore., So the guys at pantera have sent me one of their prototype pico pc their new model. This dinky little thing that we have right here. Im gon na be leaving a link below what you can see right now. Im gon na be leaving some more links to their campaign. Also in my description of this video so do check that out after watching this video, of course, but lets have a look at what this pc is all about, so it is really really tiny. You can see it here, in my hand, its dead small, and i can just flip it around really easily also at the same time as well. It is super super light. I would recommend chucking it up in the air like i am doing here, but you can see it is a very, very small, little dinky pc. However, who is this for well? What this has been designed for is for people who basically have maybe got a games console or even say a smart phone or tablets, and things like this, but there are some tasks.

What you just cant, really do on a smartphone or a tablet. Unless you get yourself a really expensive tablet, like an ipad pro to do all your needs, but this is where this little pc steps in what it is its mobile and its small and, in fact, look at this unboxing video that i have right here. This is the actual pouch that i got with it. You can see its really really tiny and then, if i start to like unzip it here, look inside weve got some cards and everything and you know vip – passes and also a little instruction guide as well. You can see it all just fits in this nice little case here. Ive got my power. Cable and ive also got my pico pc and i can just zip it up again afterwards, just put it away and then i can just take it on the road with me. It is really small and it is really really dinky. It is great for this, so this little pc is for those people who just need something a little bit more better to run, say, windows or lets, say ubuntu or you know something what your tablet or your smartphone cant do it, but you need it in a Small factor form because at the end of the day, if you were to go into the shops and buy yourself say a computer desktop youre going to get a massive giant tower, and basically what this is is just a small little solution.

What you can just take around with you, you could even probably take yourself a small mini keyboard and mouse, but lets have a quick look at this actual picker pc and lets see what weve actually got on it. So lets start with the front. So, on the front, we have the actual power button, a little black square. We have there and we also have two usb 3.0 ports as well, and we also have a tf card reader for a micro sd card. What can also go in the very very front? So that is really really handy. Lets turn it around to the back now and get a closer look. So, on the back here we do have a usbc port, but what that actually is, that is actually the power that comes for this actual pico pc, because its so small just only requires usbc to power it on. However, also on the back, we do have another usb 3.0 port weve also got a usb 2.0 port. So if you just want to plug in your keyboard, for example, your mouse, i can go in that port instead, theres also a headphone port. So if you want to plug in your headphones or speakers, thats really good and then theres a hdmi port and that hdmi port on the back actually supports 4k. Video footage. What ill test in a moment and show you guys, because its really really amazing that this little pc can actually output at 4k on a big monitor or on a tv.

If you want to take this out and about with you other features inside, it include a wi fi card, so this allows you for 2.4 or 5 gigahertz wi fi. If you wanted to connect to that also at the same time as well, there is an option of different amounts of ram and storage. So inside this actual little pico pc that i have right here, ive got eight gigabytes of ram. It can be configured up to that, but the actual kind of base model what it comes with, what the starting price will start at comes with four gigabytes, but you can configure it up to eight also the same with storage. It starts at 64 gigabytes, but you can configure it all the way up to one terabyte of storage in this palace, theres also that micro sd card slots, you can add additional storage actually inside this. This model here ive got, is 256 gigabytes and then also. Finally, the actual processor inside this actual pico pc is actually an intel gemini lake j4125. What is a four times core processor running at two point: seven gigahertz. It is a seller one processor, but we will do a little benchmark on this in a mo. Also, at the same time as well, it does come pre loaded with windows 10 on it and ive been told by the guys that it can also run and is ready to run windows 11 when it does come out some point next year.

I believe was it this year i cant remember, but whenever it does come out it will be ready for windows 11., but you can also install other operating systems on it. If you wanted to do so, you could install ubuntu. If you want to, you could even do dual kind of hard drive sort of boot up if you want to do two partitions actually on the little hard drive insiders, if you really want to go on that route, so if youre liking the sound of this pico Pc already make sure to check out the kickstarter links im putting below again, and it will also also be in the description but lets cable this up now and lets do a bit of a test with it now im going to do a benchmark. First of all, then afterwards, im going to try a bit of office on it and then, after that, im also going to try doing a bit of xbox sort of a game cloud sort of streaming onto this and were also going to play some 4k footage. On a 4k monitor from youtube and see how good that is so, first of all, i ran a pc benchmark on this machine and to be deadly honest. If you look at the results here, theyre, not the strongest in the world. In fact, you can see actually to be honest, theyre a bit weak but remember what this machine is for. It is not designed to be a gaming rig.

What its designed for is actually to be able to just basically do your kind of word documents on it. Browse the web do those tasks that are a little bit more hard to do say on your tablet and on your smartphone and also just come in a great small size. So for that this has got enough power inside it. So next of all lets um boot up office, so ive installed office 365, already im just going to load up word, for example, and lets just see lets just type in hello here, im just going to type that in and lets just fiddle around with it. A little bit and change some colors and the font may be around and, as you can see here, i can click around some of the different sort of menus and that all works. Absolutely fine, so yeah word is working absolutely fine office 365.. So next of all lets move on to powerpoint and lets see how well powerpoint runs on this little pico, pc that we have right here so again, just opening it up here its going to have a blank slide and just type in something here. Theres a test and yeah thats a do a suggestion, sort of slides that weve got here and there we go thats applied that theme and again fiddling around with the menus. Everything just seems absolutely fine. So finally, lets just do a quick test now in excel and see if excel will work, fine im sure it will but lets just do a little test then.

So, as we can see here, excel opens up. Absolutely fine. Weve got a blank spreadsheet open lets. Do a little bit of maths here lets put five and five and lets just write a little sum out here and there we go thats working, absolutely fine and again im just filling around with the menus. Everything seems totally good with this pico pc. So, as you can see this little mini pc just for doing your standard sort of office, 365 sort of jobs is absolutely fine as well browsing. The web is something that is no problem. If we can basically open up word powerpoint in excel browsing, the web is going to be nothing on this. Basically, its going to be absolutely fine, just dont open up, say more than say 10 tabs, for example, because it might strain the cpu a little bit. But thats not what this is designed for its not designed to be a powerhouse. Its designed, like i said, to be a pc to take out on the road with you. So next of all lets do a test of doing a bit of gaming on this. So i actually have got an xbox controller and ive connected it up to this uh pico pc here im just going to play a bit of halo 3. lets see how good i am on this. I cut its been a long time, driving a warthog and, as you can see, im not the best player in the world, but it works and it works absolutely fine.

This is like, i said this is on the xbox gaming cloud, so this is streaming straight to the pico pc right now, so you can play those kind of games and just in case you just didnt notice guys. This is my portable little screen that ive got a little um 15 inch screen, and this is perfect for the pico pc, so yeah. I can take this on the go with my pico pc at the same time, so its absolutely fantastic. So finally, with the pico pc lets now do a test of 4k footage. So what im going to do is im going to connect this up to my 4k 32 inch monitor and then also crank up the speakers and try and find like a 4k video on youtube and see how well that plays on this piko pc. So i found this sample so lets have a listen to see what happens so, as you can see guys, this is a great mini pc and, like i said, for something just to take out an about with you to do a bit of casual gaming on and Also, at the same time as well to maybe write up a word document or, for example, just browsing the internet with multiple tabs open on a kind of traditional kind of windows setup. This is absolutely fantastic, the other great thing what you could do with this, i guess, is that you could connect this up say to your tv and have this as a little media sort of server to stream to if you wanted to do that, a lot of Smart tvs out there they are great and they are smart, but theyre a bit slow.

If you get what i mean so one of these sort of processes in it, even though its just a celeron processor can handle that job really well and as you can see, it can push out 4k with no problems on one of these but, like i said Guys, if you want more information about this, pico pc, make sure to check out the links that im putting down below and also ill be putting them in the description, but do check out this kickstarter, because i do think this is a really really cool pc. So yeah go and have a look well guys its time to leave now. But if you have enjoyed watching this video, please do press the like button and at the same time as well. If you want to hear the latest technology news, reviews and comparisons, please make sure to subscribe to this channel and also hit that notification bell until next time. Guys.