It comes with pre installed windows, 10 professional 6 gb of ram 120 gb. Ms sata ssd intel celeron apollo lake j3 455 processor, and you can plug a 2.5 hard drive into the built in compartment to have plenty of built in storage. It has 4 usb ports for external drives and device and a micro sd slot. It also has two 4k hdmi output, and that works great with the tv. The pc seems fast and able to open up multiple windows at once to move files around and browse the internet. While that runs in the background Music, Music Music before you get started, make sure you regularly delete the software distribution folder in windows directory to keep up the size use tab. This folder is used for updates for windows, uninstall any program or apps that isn’t needed or used once done. There was enough space to update windows pre installed with windows 10 64 bit and will activate itself once you connect to the internet, make sure that new disk you added has had the partition added. Otherwise, windows will not recognize the test: Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, the hpc ak2 supports 2.4 g and 5g dual band wifi and 1000m ethernet lan. If you like, using 5g, it exactly matches your needs stable, fast and high quality. Wi fi signal the hpc ak2 has built, including functions quickly, connect your bluetooth device such as phone tablet, wireless keyboard, mouse gamepad, earphone, speaker and so on easily enjoy our new moto smart, Music, Music.

There was a fan in such a small machine, and this way the temperature of the machine will not be too high under long term operations. Good design award is crafted for the home. It can easily be mounted behind the monitor or hdb, including a faster mount is ideal for hiding the pc behind your tv set, reduce the amount of device visible in your room and enjoy comfortable entertainment, environment, Music, Music, Music, Music, the intel celeron processor, quad, core intel, Celeron j3 455 processor and it based operating frequency 1.5 gigahertz, rising to 2.3 gigahertz in first load. Storage expansion options supports 2.