Do you also type with another keyboard? It layout like a full windows: 10 version now let’s get you connected to a network that way you can get updates, apps and cat videos as soon as possible, now type your credentials. I just typed in the credentials for the network now type your credentials type, your credentials. Oh it didn’t type, okay, so it’s verifying and connecting to my local network accomplished you’re all linked up. Now we have some important setup to do the legal stuff. It shows you, the licensing agreement i’m, going to set this up for personal use, type your email address or phone number then, and once you set up for once you set up for microsoft, live you can set up a pin very standard windows, 10 setup, nice speed To it doing what you were doing, even when you switch devices just choose yes to sync, your activity, i’m, not saying this to my other devices, now let’s link your phone and pc using a microsoft, app and i’m. Not linking my phone to this particular machine want to automatically save files. These are all standard windows. 10 setups, your pc, comes with a free one month trial. I don’t want microsoft, 365., very, very quick, snappy setup for a micro computer. Like this hey look, that’s me cortana don’t want cortana running right now. These are the settings.